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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This file is part of
# "Hacking HTML 5" training materials
# @author Krzysztof Kotowicz <kkotowicz at gmail dot com>
# @copyright Krzysztof Kotowicz <kkotowicz at gmail dot com>
# @see
import socket
import select
import sys
class WebSocketsClient:
"""WebSockets client"""
PREFIX = "\x00"
def __init__(self, handshake_file='handshake.bin', **kwargs):
"""Connects to socket and performs the handshake"""
self.socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
self.buf = ''
self.handshake(handshake_file, kwargs)
def __del__(self):
def close(self):
def handshake(self, handshake_file, kw):
"""Sends the handshake from the file"""
self.socket.connect((kw['host'], kw['port']))
handshake = open(handshake_file,'rb').read()
handshake = handshake.replace('%HOST%',kw['host'])\
def send_raw(self, s):
"""Send the message through websocket"""
return s
def ws_encode(self, s):
"""Encode the message in WebSockets frame"""
return self.PREFIX + s + self.SUFFIX
def heartbeat(self,bytes=4096):
"""Sends last heartbeat in buffer back to the server"""
msgs = self.buf.split(self.PREFIX)
for msg in msgs:
if self.is_heartbeat(msg):
self.send_raw(msg[:-1]) # strip trailing \xFF
self.buf = self.buf.replace(msg + self.SUFFIX, '') #remove from buffer
def recv_raw(self, bytes = 4096):
"""Read bytes from socket into the buffer"""
read = self.socket.recv(bytes)
self.buf += read
def recv(self, bytes = 4096):
"""Return new message from the server (also resends but ignores heartbeats)"""
start = self.buf.find(self.PREFIX)
if start == -1:
return ''
end = self.buf.find(self.SUFFIX, start)
if end == -1:
return ''
# we have a full message in buffer now
msg = self.buf[start+1:end]
if start > 0 :
sys.stdout.write(self.buf[:start]) # something before the message, probably part of handshake
if len(self.buf) == end:
self.buf = ''
self.buf = self.buf[end+1:]
if self.is_heartbeat(msg): # heartbeat, resend & ignore
msg = ''
return msg
def has_msg_in_buffer(self):
"""Check if there is a complete message in the buffer"""
begin = self.buf.find(self.PREFIX)
if begin == -1:
return False
end = self.buf.find(self.SUFFIX, begin)
if end == -1:
return False
return True
def is_heartbeat(self, s):
return False #to be defined in child class
def json_encode(self,s):
return s #to be defined in child class
def encode(self, s):
return s #to be defined in child class
def send(self, send):
"""Encode and send the message trough socket"""
if send.startswith('~j'):
send = send[2:] # strip ~j
send = self.encode(self.json_encode(send))
elif send.startswith('~r'): # raw message, not neccessarily compatible
send = send[2:]
send = self.encode(send)
return self.send_raw(send)
def can_recv(self):
"""Check if we're ready for recv()"""
if self.has_msg_in_buffer():
return True
inputready, outputready,exceptrdy =[self.socket],[],[], 0)
return len(inputready) > 0
class SocketIoClient(WebSocketsClient):
"""Socket.Io compatible client"""
def is_heartbeat(self, s):
return s.startswith('~m~4~m~~h~')
def json_encode(self,s):
return '~j~' + s
def encode(self, s):
return '~m~%d~m~%s' % (len(s), s)