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Various command-line utilities for Subversion users
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Author: Krzysztof Kotowicz
License: MIT

In this repository there are various small command-line (Linux) scripts made to facilitate working with Subversion Following tools are currently present:


Script used to grep subversion repository for a given string in all log messages and fetch related revisions' log messages and diffs.


  • Subversion client (command line)
  • xmlstarlet (I use xmlstarlet package for Ubuntu)


svn-grep <string to search for> [output-dir] [working copy dir]

output-dir defaults to ./report-SEARCH_TERM
working copy dir defaults to .

Grepping the repository could take some time as all repository history must be transferred to client.



This will fetch all logs/diffs for all revisions having CUSTOM_FEATURE in log message and put it into ./report-CUSTOM_FEATURE


Script used to upgrade a working copy and export it to a zip file with name containing last revision or a given version string. Useful if you need to supply your customers with versioned releases of your software.

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