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Monorepo with useful Android constructs (available/reusable as separated modules).

More about Monorepo idea is here

More about my code conventions is here

0. Steps to build (run) any app here

Practical guide first:

  • Use the latest beta Android Studio version
  • In proper mobile-appname directory, copy files from folder extras/appname_sample to folder extras/appname
  • In proper mobile-appname directory, rename files in extras/appname folder to have names just as this: / appname.jks

1. Content

app or module name description
core The most core code to be available across all other modules/apps
core-databinding The most core code to be available across all other modules/apps extension for databinding
core-analytics Core module with analytics tracking feature
core-arch-mvvm-databinding-nav Core module to be used when using MVVM architecture with databinging and navigation component
core-dsp Core module wrapping TarsoDSP library and offering functional API outside
core-ffmpeg Core module wrapping Tenersener library and offering functional API outside
core-media-opengl Core openGL module
core-media-image Core image loading module (using Glide)
core-media-image-databinding Core image loading module extension for databinding
core-media-video Core Audio/Video (ExoPlayer) module
core-rest Core module when handling REST API's (currently based on RETROFIT)
core-view Core module with custom views
core-webview-databinding Core module with generic webView to be used anywhere in any app (databinding variant)
mobile-dsp-mvvm-databinding Sample application showcase of digital sound processing without JNI requirement

2. Structure

This project contains apps and modules.
It does not matter which architecture (MVVM/MVI/...) is used for it.
Modules should be reusable across any available app.
Every app/module should have it's own README.MD to describes detailed info about it (and it's usage).

2.1 Extras

Is a set of supporting directories for every app


Simple graphics (prepared by Gimp) to be used as base for launcher icon or banner for playstore.


Sample keystore with sample keystore content to be quickly used as development keystore for the project.

3. Licence

Feel free to use this code, add star if you like it or find it useful.
Create an ISSUE when there will be something wrong!
Thus licence is set as MIT .
Enjoy! MJ


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