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Change log:

Jul 12th, 2009: Added gallery 13.
Jul 02nd, 2009: Added gallery 12.
Jun 28th, 2009: Added a Paul's tip for gallery 11.
Jun 27th, 2009: Added a new chapter 001130 and gallery 11.
Jun 17th, 2009: Added gallery 2-1.
Jun 07th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00541
Jun 06th, 2009: Added two more small snippets to 00540
Jun 04th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00540
May 25th, 2009: Added gallery 10.
May 24th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00611
May 17th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00610
May 09th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00609
Apr 30th, 2009: Added gallery1-1.rb
Apr 19th, 2009: Added a note to chapter 00410
Apr 18th, 2009: Added gallery 9.
Apr 16th, 2009: Added gallery 8.
Apr 15th, 2009: Added gallery 7.
Apr 12th, 2009: Added the link to Shoes Manual for printing
Apr 10th, 2009: Added an information 00608.
Apr 02nd, 2009: Divided Fancy Gallery and added gallery 6.
Mar 15th, 2009: Added a link to Shoes Tutorial Note PDF file.
Mar 13th, 2009: Added new tips 00606 and 00607.
Mar 11th, 2009: Added an information about Kate to 00300.
Mar 06th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00539.
Mar 01st, 2009: Added Assignment 6.
Feb 28th, 2009: Added Assignment 5.
Feb 25th, 2009: Added a new chapter 00538.
Feb 25th, 2009: Updated mkbightml.rb to add a separate green line between chapters.
Feb 22th, 2009: Merged kotp's pull requests to improve mkpdf.rb.
Feb 21th, 2009: Added gallery 5.
Feb 18th, 2009: Added sample 30-2 to correct a misunderstanding about the class Symbol at 00516.
Feb 17th, 2009: citizen428: edited chapters 00506 to 00515.
Feb 16th, 2009: Merged citizen428's pull requests edited 00501 to 00505 and added sample 30-1, a tip of COLORS, into 00516.
Feb 12th, 2009: Merged citizen428's pull requests edited 00300 to 00410.
Feb 10th, 2009: Clarified link to installation instructions in chapter 00200.
Feb 10th, 2009: Minor additions and corrections to chapter 00100.
Feb 08th, 2009: Added an attention, sample 65.
Feb 06th, 2009: Added chapter 00537.
Feb 05th, 2009: Added a link to Michael's blog site and a comment into gallery4.rb for BlueCloth.
Feb 04th, 2009: Added gallery 4.
Feb 01st, 2009: Added chapter 00536.
Jan 25th, 2009: Added 01203 simple-menu.
Jan 24th, 2009: Revised sample 62 (added a cursor and a bit refactoring)
Jan 20th, 2009: Added sample 62 and a link to shoes_demonstration_apps.
Jan 17th, 2009: Added mini-footracer-1st and mini-footracer-2nd.
Jan 15th, 2009: Added 01202 simple-calc and sample 61.
Jan 10th, 2009: Added new chapter Built-in Samples and the link to Shoes_(GUI_toolkit) in Wikipedia.
Jan 03rd, 2009: Added sample 60 and chapter 00535.
Dec 28th, 2008: Added sample 59 and chapter 00534.
Dec 25th, 2008: Edited Assignment 3 and added Assignment 4.
Dec 17th, 2008: Added gallery 3 and a hot topic.
Dec 13th, 2008: Added gallery 2.
Dec 12th, 2008: Added sample 55, 56, 57 and chapter Fancy Gallery.
Dec 08th, 2008: Added sample 54 and chapter 00533. Refactored mkmdown.rb
Dec 07th, 2008: Deleted patches and patch.rb
Dec 06th, 2008: Reviewed shoes -p with Shoes 2 (Raisins, 0.r1134)
Dec 06th, 2008: Replace image files for Shoes-0.r1123. Edited sample 42. Updated mkpdf.rb to the latest version. Added the link to RecentBuild page.
Dec 03rd, 2008: Added sample 53 and chapter 00532.
Dec 01st, 2008: Added '\' in front of '_' for githb spec change or bug.
Nov 29th, 2008: Modified file name '_' to '-' for github spec change or bug. Added assignment 3.
Nov 24th, 2008: Added a new tool, patch.rb, which replace image-file-path-on-github. This is a temporary patch. Because I'm not sure about a github spec change or a bug.
Nov 23th, 2008: Improved mkmdown.rb to add sample program names in the table of contents. Added a new tool, mkpdf.rb.
Nov 22th, 2008: Added a new chapter 00531. Added a link to the Shoes adventurer's list into chapter 00900.
Nov 20th, 2008: Added sample 49 into chapter 00508 and sample 50 into chapter 00513.
Nov 18th, 2008: Excuted all samples with Shoes-0.r1091 and updated some .png files and edited some .mdown files.
Nov 17th, 2008: Added a new tool, mkbightml.rb, which make one big html file included whole contents of Shoes Tutorial Note. Now, just a trial revision.
Nov 16th, 2008: Merge a 'browser' feature (side list of contents) provided by George.
Nov 15th, 2008: Added four tips into chapter 00300. Improved mkmdown.rb and mkhtml.rb to treat .jpg files and to treat page-links. Added more explanation into chapter 00504
Nov 14th, 2008: Fixed a bug in mkhtml.rb. Added a note into chapter 00528 and 00530 about BlueCloth's and Code Highlighter's bug.
Nov 13th, 2008: Added a new sample 48 into chapter 00530.
Nov 08th, 2008: Added Code Highlighter for html files.
Nov 07th, 2008: Added a new sample 47.
Nov 02st, 2008: Totally corrected English. Added acknowledgments, sample 46. Modified built-in constants
Nov 01st, 2008: Corrected typo of sample 31
Oct 30th, 2008: Added a hot topic.
Oct 29th, 2008: Added a new sample 45.
Oct 28th, 2008: Modified the page of 'Shoes.setup'
Oct 27th, 2008: Added a new sample 44.
Oct 26th, 2008: Modified sample 8, changed the path of image.
Oct 24th, 2008: Revised tools and modified .mdown files for the easy eBook maker.
Oct 23th, 2008: Added a new sample 43.