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Kottans-Frontend MIT Licensed Awesome       

Front-End Course

This repository contains materials for frontend course. Here you can find tasks for qualification phase (required to join the main course) and main course (comes later).

You can use these materials for self-education as well.

Dates & Deadlines

For the 2020-2021 course, the preparatory stage starts 12.10.2020 and ends in December. The main course starts in December (exact dates to be announced)


To join the main course track, the applicants are required to finish tasks listed in Stage 0. Self-Study part of the course and to pass successfully the interview with mentors. We highly encourage you to be active in your study process and help other students: answer questions in chants, review pull-requests, report possible errors and suggest solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and let mentors know if you are stuck and need help. Your progress is in your hands.

What you will learn

  1. Git, GitHub, git flow
  2. Linux, command line, network basics
  3. HTML, CSS
  4. JS basics
  5. Frontend framework basics (React)
  6. TypeScript basics


  1. English knowledge: a lot of the materials will be in English. If you do not feel confident enough in your technical English, take a look at 📚 Словари по фронтенду

  2. An account on GitHub you will need a repository on GitHub to save your progress. More about repositories in Task 0.

  3. Markdown basics: text formatting and readability matter. It's up to you to choose a particular style, but remember to make it readable. Using markdown in your repo is a good idea.

Material-specific Requirements

The course includes links to different learning materials - video courses, tutorials, articles etc. We suggest the following approach to those materials:

  1. Reading: for each article, you are required to read please post the answers to the following questions in your respective repo. Don't worry, your answers will not be graded. It's just a way to reflect on what you have learned.

    • name (at least) one thing that was new to you
    • name (at least) one thing that surprised you
    • name (at least) one thing you intend to use in the future
  2. Online courses: finish all tasks, add your reflection about them into README.

  3. Videos: same as for the reading; watch the video, answer three questions.

Progress Reports

We would like to know the progress of students along the way. We kindly ask you to post about your progress (finished tasks) in students chat.


For your comfort we have created several telegram-chats:

  1. FE Students | Kottans - chat for students, where you can discuss anything related to the current course
  2. FE Questionarium | Kottans - if you need help of one of the mentors, or maybe from all of them, you can ask there
  3. Kottans Radio - our channel with useful links and awesome articles ;)


Please see our FAQ. If you have more questions - we will be happy to answer in our chats.


➡️ Let's begin! Go forward to Git and GitHub Intro

➡️ Read course plan in Contents

P.S. You Should Know

If you are willing to participate in the course, you need to understand that you’ll spend a lot of time building something big together — a new way of learning and collaborating. You’ll become part of a small family and should prepare yourself to find new friends and to invest a lot in this friendship (as you should in any friendship).

The final task of this course will be to split into groups and create new courses like that (and we’ll never stop).

Our Basic Rules

  • Respect for each other.
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • Each person learns with their own speed, has different background and personality, please respect this.
  • Communicating and understanding people that are different from you can be beneficial to both parties, provided mutual respect.
  • We are against any discriminations by gender, age, the color of skin, disabilities or any other.
  • We respect intellectual property - there is hard work of an author or a group of authors behind all materials that we use.