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== Name
== What is it?
M17N CMS is a contents management system for static HTML
site. (i.e. no CGI site) It provides the following features:
* Generate static HTML.
* Upload static HTML to FTP server.
* WYSIWYG HTML edit interface.
== Author
Kouhei Sutou <>
== Copyright
ClearCode Inc.
== License
GPLv3 or AGPLv3 excepted the following softwares:
* public_html/tiny_mce/: LGPL 2.1. See public_html/tiny_mce/license.txt.
* public_html/extjs/: GPL 3.0. See public_html/extjs/license.txt.
* public_html/javascripts/ except aplication.js (i.e. Prototype Javascript framework): MIT license. See
* vendor/plugins/rails-i18n/: MIT license?
* vendor/plugins/fleximage/: MIT license
* vendor/plugins/active_form/: MIT license
* vendor/plugins/exception_notification/: MIT license