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Dump C level backtrace by GDB on SEGV
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segv-handler-gdb is a gem for debugging C extension that causes SEGV. It dumps C level backtrace by GDB on SEGV. If your C extension is built with gcc -O0 -g3, the backtrace includes useful information for debug.

Supported platform

segv-handler-gdb works on Linux. It may also work on other POSIX systems such as FreeBSD and OS X but it is not tested yet.

Here is a list of supported platform:

  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • (If you confirm that segv-handler-gdb works on your platform, please report it.)


Here is a list of required programs:

  • gdb


% gem install segv-handler-gdb


You just require segv-handler-gdb library like the following:

require "segv-handler-gdb"

You can use segv-handler-gdb without changing your Ruby script:

% ruby -rsegv-handler-gdb YOUR-RUBY-SCRIPT.rb

If your Ruby script crashes, you find C level backtrace at /tmp/segv-handler-gdb.#{}.log.


You can customize segv-handler-gdb behavior by some environment variables.

Backtrace dump path

Backtrace is dumped to /tmp/segv-handler-gdb.#{}.log by default. You can customize the path by SEGV_HANDLER_GDB_PATH environment variable.

There are some special values for the environment variable:

  • -: Backtrace is dumped to the standard output.
  • +: Backtrace is dumped to the standard error output.

Here is a sample command line to dump backtrace to the standard output:

% SEGV_HANDLER_GDB_PATH=- ruby -rsegv-handlder-gdb YOUR-RUBY-SCRIPT.rb

Temporary directory path

segv-handler-gdb creates a temporary file to temporary directory. /tmp directory is used as the temporary directory by default. You can customize the temporary directory by the following environment variables:

  • TMP
  • TEMP

The order of the above list shows priority. If TMPDIR is specified, TMP is not used.

If all of these environment variables aren't specified, /tmp is used as the temporary directory.



LGPLv3 or later. See doc/text/lgpl-3.txt for details.

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