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Dynamic message sequence charts for d3.
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Message Sequence Charting for D3

A simple dynamic/static message sequence chart for d3.


Dynamic Demo Image


Static Demo Image

Quick Start

Check out the example.

If you just want to generate a static chart, set the fade property to 0.

Less Quick Start

Set up a message sequence chart:

var msg_seq = d3.messageSequence().fade(5000); // fade time is in msecs

then call the chart on your svg element selection.'#container')
  .attr("width", "100%")
  .attr("height", "100%")

You can then add messages to your chart like so:

var msg = {from: "customer", to: "barrista1", msg: "place order"};

You'll also need to set up some styles, so the chart appears properly, for example: line {
  stroke: lightgray;
  stroke-width: 1px;

g.message text {
  font-family: monospace;

g.message line {
  stroke: black;
  stroke-width: 2px;

g.message path {
  stroke: black;
  stroke-width: 2px;


I didn't include default styles, since I believe you'd need to use !important to override them, which seems janky.

A declarative data method might be a better approach than the imperative addMessage function.

This is a first stab, it's pretty rough. PR's are gladly accepted! 💕.

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