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Platform License MIT

MavlinkPrimaryFlightDisplay is a Mac + iOS app which demonstrates how to integrate the PrimaryFlightDisplay framework for a MAVLink speaking autopilot.

The demo app is useful as a learning tool in several other ways as it also demonstrates how to:

  • connect to Pixhawk over USB, Bluetooth, and 3DR radio telemetry
  • decode MAVLink attitude, heading, airspeed, and altitude messages
  • send decoded data to the primary flight display for real time updates
  • customize the display style of the primary flight display

Screenshot Screenshot

Getting Started

Follow these steps after cloning the repository to get the Mac app running.

Initialize and update git submodules.

git submodule update --init

Build the framework dependencies.

carthage bootstrap --platform Mac

If you don't have the Carthage dependency manager it can be installed with Homebrew.

brew install carthage

Using Xcode 7.3+ select either the Mac or iOS target then build and run.

Mac App

Use the Mavlink menu in the running Mac application to choose which serial port to connect to.

iOS App

Use the scan button to connect to the Readbear BLE mini. Please read my article MAVLink Radio Telemetry for iOS to configure a ground-based radio station for use with iOS devices.

Notes when using application with Pixhawk

The sample project is only tested with an authentic 3DR Pixhawk running PX4 firmware.

Communication with 3DR bluetooth and radio telemetry requires a connection to telemetry port 1.


Pull requests are welcome on the master branch.


SpriteKit Primary Flight Display for Mavlink




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