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Development environment

This project uses the following stack : Mongo, ElasticSearch, NodeJS, Express, VueJS, NUXT and Docker. The primary language used is javascript with the ES7 syntax.

We use eslint both as a linter an a formatter (thanks to its fix mode). It also works on .vue files thanks to vue-eslint-plugin. We strongly suggest integrating these tools in your editor, this article can be useful to configure vue-eslint-plugin in your editor.

Install dependencies, run bundler and launch service dependencies with docker-compose:

npm install
npm run build
docker-compose up -d

Run the 2 development servers with these commands et separate shells:

npm run dev-server
npm run dev-client

When both servers are ready, go to http://localhost:5600 and chose an account in test/resources/users.json to login with its email.

Embedded documentation

Documentation is maintained in ./doc as a small separate nuxt project. Its content is built and pushed on gitlab-pages by the Travis build.

The pages are also linked to the main nuxt project, so that any Simple Directory instance embeds its full documentation.

Run the documentation development server:

npm install
npm run doc

Then open http://localhost:3000/data-fair/