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OpenAPI 3 viewer

This service is designed to easily browse and test a REST API described with the OpenAPI 3.0 Specification (fka Swagger Specification). This service mainly uses vue-openapi component. It also provides a simple nodeJS backend for proxy purpose.

See it in action :


Clone this project and install dependencies with npm install or yarn then :

npm run dev

Launch the service with Docker

A Docker image is publicly available on dockerhub.

Run the following command :

docker run -p 8080:8080 koumoul/openapi-viewer

and go to this page

Query parameters

You can use the followings query parameters to prefill viewer

  • url : The location of the API documentation file to load, in OpenAPI v3 JSON format.
  • proxy : true or false if you want to fetch API documentation file using this service backend as a proxy. Defaults to false. Can be usefull if the API description can't be reached with CORS headers. Do not use the proxy if you want to access an API description located on localhost.
  • headers : URI encoded JSON dictionnary of headers that will be used to prefill parameters if they match. Can be usefull to prefill x-api-key or authorization headers.
  • query-params : URI encoded JSON dictionnary of query parameters that will be used to prefill parameters if they match. Can be usefull to prefill an organizationId parameter in a multi-tenant application.
  • hide-toolbar : true or false of you want to hide toolbar. This can be usefull for iframe integration. Defaults to false.