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commit a53891e6940f374763b29b6312339c6ac65029de 1 parent e530e87
@kouno authored
2  lib/activefacts/api.rb
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
require 'activefacts/api/support' # General support code and core patches
require 'activefacts/api/vocabulary' # A Ruby module may become a Vocabulary
require 'activefacts/api/instance_index' # The index used by a constellation to record every instance
-require 'activefacts/api/instance_index_key' # The keys for instance index which are comparable
+require 'activefacts/api/comparable_hash_key' # The keys used by RoleValues and InstanceIndex
require 'activefacts/api/constellation' # A Constellation is a query result or fact population
require 'activefacts/api/object_type' # A Ruby class may become a ObjectType in a Vocabulary
require 'activefacts/api/role' # A ObjectType has a collection of Roles
0  lib/activefacts/api/instance_index_key.rb → lib/activefacts/api/comparable_hash_key.rb
File renamed without changes
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