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Create JSON API documentation files from Sanic
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Generate a Postman JSON file from a Sanic app. The JSON file can directly uploaded into the Postman client or through their API.

Using the postman schema we can build Postman Collections using python endpoints from Sanic (Flask apps need testing). The script parses the Sanic app. It searches for blueprints. The blueprints, through routes, provide docs strings data. The doc string data is used to populate a Postman formatted JSON file. The JSON file can then be uploaded to Postman as a collection.

Once we have Postman formatted JSON we can create API documentation through the Postman API

How to use

  • to execute an example run python -m examples.example_script which executes
from sanic_to_json import generate_sanic_json
from import app

generate_sanic_json("Test API", app, filename="postman_collection.json")

The above code formats the Postman collection with 'Test API' and doc strings from Sanic app, app, and yields postman_collection.json

To add body and header elements to Postman JSON

Placing INI in doc string will cause the text below to be loaded into a python config object, which then get converted to the appropiate headers and JSON body in Posttman.

For example, as found in endpoint-three

    header = {"Content-Type": "application/json"}
    body = {"username": "{{username}}", "password": "{{password}}"}

To add query parameters

Similar to above placing sections under INI that are prefixed will start a example request. For example, as found in endpoint-one

    """Return text from request.
    header = {"Content-Type": "application/json","x-amz-sns-message-type": "Notification"}
    query = ?day=1&temp=F

How to document Sanic app and Blueprints

  • As the example shows, the Sanic app should have a .doc attribute. This doc string will serve as the introduction to the API in Postman docs, e.g., app.__doc__ = "This API does stuff."

  • Blueprints should also include a doc string, this will serve as the description to each collection folder in Postman. Again see examples folder bp1.__doc__ = "This is the doc string for blueprint1."

  • Note: You can't send a JSON body with GET method.

How to install

pip install sanic-to-json


See the GitHub contributor page


sanic-to-json is open source software licensed as MIT.

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