An XML library for MacRuby that is built on top of Cocoa NSXML classes.
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Ayril is an XML library in MacRuby that uses Cocoa NSXML classes. It thus has a 
very specific audience; for now, Cocoa developers on Mac OS X Leopard. This may
change in the future as MacRuby expands its targeted platforms.

Ayril subclasses all NSXML classes (with the exception of NSXMLParser) and 
enhances them with useful methods and paradigms inspired by the Prototype 
JavaScript framework and other Ruby XML libraries such as Hpricot and REXML.

MacRuby developers have had numerous options when it comes to processing XML. 
One could use REXML, the pure Ruby core library; Hpricot, the mostly-C library; 
LibXML, a Ruby binding for the libxml2 toolkit written in C; or the Cocoa NSXML 
classes, written in pure Objective-C and accessible directly through MacRuby. 
Now, developers have yet another option: Ayril, which takes advantage of the 
speed of NSXML classes and employs more Ruby-isms than the NSXML classes do.