ClockworkMod Recovery Kernel for the Epic 4G, rfs and ext4 compatible
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Clean Kernel EC05 for the Samsung Epic 4G

The purpose of this kernel is to provide root and busybox, with minimal system changes. Designed to flash back stock kernel, to allow OTA updates.

How to compile: 
If you do not have the toolchain then get it from and install/extract.  Since I am compiling on an Ubuntu VM I use:

Browse to Kernel/arch/arm/configs/ and edit victory_03_defconfig and change the path for CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE=
to the absolute path of the initramfs.

Then refer to the README.txt on what else you need to change.

Features as of version 1.02:

* Root in tmpfs folder, and busybox 1.18.0, symlinks in /bin
* reboot recovery to ClockworkMod, if RFS only
* CIFS, TUN, TMCPSS Clamping, and ext4 built in
* Voodoo Sound v7 by supercurio
* sysfs keyboard patch by mkasick
* keytimer script for user setting of sysfs keyboard patch
* market app malware patch
* custom scripts in /sbin: remount, bmlflash, bclean, & rclean

Please see commit history for further changes.