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{{{ "title" : "Hacking V8 Redux: 'await' in node.js", "date": "7-20-2013" }}}

A few months ago, I blogged about hacking V8 to add support for await. Since then, V8 has finally gotten around to adding native support for generators/yield.

Rewriting await on top of yield has proven to be extremely easy. Roughly 130 lines of code over the course of a couple hours. Whereas, the original implementation I did over a year ago took 1600 lines of code over the course of several weeks.

The "await" keyword works with legacy synchronous functions that take a final callback argument:

function callback(cb) {
  process.nexttick(function() {

function* asyncfunction() {
  await value = callback();

// this is a generator, so invoke it as such

// previous async function is equivalent to:
function syncfunction() {
  callback(function(value) {


// prints:
// 3
// 3

And the "await*" keyword works with new generator functions:

function wait(time, cb) {
  setTimeout(function() {
    cb(time, 'epic meal time');
  }, time);

function* asyncwait(time) {
  await f, str = wait(time);
  return str + f;

function* run() {
  await f, str = wait(1);
  // await* will wait for the generator function to complete
  // in entirety.
  await* str = asyncwait(2);


// prints:
// 1 'epic meal time'
// epic meal time2
// done

The code is up on my fork on Github for anyone to grab. Enjoy!