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{{{ "title" : "Loading and Animating an Android ImageView from a URL", "date": "4-22-2013" }}}

UrlImageViewHelper will fill an ImageView with an image that is found at a URL. Loading image from a url into and showing it in a ImageView is nearly ubiquitous amongst Android apps. For example, most social media clients have this functionality for profile pictures, photos, etc. This library makes the download and display easy.

How you normally load a url into an ImageView with the library:

UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(imageView, "");

More polished apps will show a simple animation, generally a scale or pop in, as the image finishes loading. It's a nice touch and users will appreciate it. Here's how you can do that with the UrlImageViewHelper project.

The Code

UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(iv, getItem(position), R.drawable.transparent, new UrlImageViewCallback() {
    public void onLoaded(ImageView imageView, Bitmap loadedBitmap,
                          String url, boolean loadedFromCache) {
        // only show the animation if it was loaded from network or disk...
        if (!loadedFromCache) {
            ScaleAnimation scale = new ScaleAnimation(0, 1, 0, 1,
                ScaleAnimation.RELATIVE_TO_SELF, .5f,
                ScaleAnimation.RELATIVE_TO_SELF, .5f);

The Result

The Library

Head on over to the download page to grab the library. The included sample has been updated to demonstrate the scale in animation.