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Node.js community wiki


Node.js is a server-side JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous event-driven model. This allows Node.js to get excellent performance based on the architectures of many Internet applications.


The installation guide explains how to get started installing Node.js and the Node Package Manager (NPM) on your system.


The FAQ answers common questions people have about Node.js.


Come talk to us in the #node.js IRC channel on freenode.net or on the nodejs google group

Projects, Applications, and Companies using Node


Most modules can be found by searching the npm registry (Alternatively, use eirikb’s search)
There is also a list of modules on this wiki: Modules page.


Besides the documentation on the official site here are links to other resources.

Project Organization

Information about who runs the project


Node releases a new version every one or two weeks. The official ChangeLog can always be found here

The ChangeLog is also mirrored on this wiki so that users can make notes about bugs or changes that didn’t make it into the official notes: wiki changelog


See the Contributing page

API Documents

see the API Doc

Quick Success Guide


Official and Community Logos