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Avengers Assemble

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Avenger Discord Bot

Avenger is an Discord Bot with all Multi Functional Commands. Which is having a Beautiful Website and Dashboard which is under development.

Avenger Commands

Avenger Bot have 200+ Commands which includes Music, Moderation, Reaction Roles, Giveaway, Images, Level, Ticket, Fun, Games, Etc.., To Get Full List of Commands Check Here


License MIT License (X11 License) is used in the Code

Developers (OR) Contributors

Contact Me on Discord

At Present I am only the Developer For this Bot.
If You Wat to Help me You Can Join my Server and Contact me.
If you want to help in Translation you can Fork the Repo and Add Translated Language and make a Pull Request.
I will Check and add you as Contributes


  • Have to reach 200+ Commands.
  • Have to reach 75+ Servers.
  • Should make a beautiful website.
  • Should make a nice dashboard with all features and commands.

Avengers Assemble Support Server

If You want to Support me. So, you can Join my Server