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Demonstrates the features of the Spring MVC web framework with Twitter Bootstrap 2.1

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SpringMVC Twitter Bootstrap Showcase


Spring MVC Showcase built with JQuery-UI is a great start. It demonstrates the capabilities of the Spring MVC web framework through small, simple examples. After reviewing this showcase, you should have a good understanding of what Spring MVC can do and get a feel for how easy it is to use.

However Bootstrap is awesome.

This fork brings them together, along with other goals:

  • Use only embedded servers (jetty, h2, etc.,)
  • Decorate Layouts with Sitemesh
  • Move page-specific js into a commmon js
  • Incorporate Themes from Bootswatch
  • Build the tutorial into the app?
  • Extend showcase with more features, gotchas, best practices?
  • Integrate Spring Social and Spring Data?

Live Demo

Run locally with Maven

  1. Build > $ mvn clean install
  2. Run > $ mvn jetty:run
  3. Access the deployed web application at: http://localhost:8080/spring-mvc-showcase/


  • The original blog
  • A screencast showing the showcase in action
  • The presentation is located in this directory (MasteringSpringMVC3.pdf)
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