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- version: 0.9.44
date: 2013-08-16
new features:
- title: "Add an option to display all virtual libraries as tabs above the book list."
description: "Convenient to quickly switch between virtual libraries. To enable, click the Virtual library button and select 'Show virtual libraries as tabs'. You can re-arrange the tabs by drag and drop and close tabs you do not want. Right click on the tabs to restore closed tabs."
- title: "An improved cover trimming algorithm to automatically detect and remove borders and extra space from the edge of cover images. To try it use the 'Trim' button in the edit metadata dialog. This can sometimes remove too much so if you dont like the result, just click cancel. You can make the algorithm more or less aggressive via Preferences->Tweaks"
- title: "Allow customizing the comic metadata reader plugin via Preferences->Plugins to read the series index from either the volume or the issue number of the comic."
tickets: [1211433]
- title: "Linux MTP driver: Add ids for some newer devices."
tickets: [1212458]
- title: "Add a trim cover option to the bulk metadata edit dialog"
- title: "Make the book information dialog user resizable, with a splitter between the cover and the info panel. Also change the background of the cover panel for books that have been marked using the Temp marker plugin."
tickets: [1209057]
- title: "Driver for Samsung Galaxy Young Android phone"
tickets: [1212918]
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Do not abort conversion if the document being converted has an HTML cover (found in some broken EPUB files)."
- title: "RTF Input: When converting RTF files with no codepage, use the input encoding setting as the codepage."
tickets: [1163572]
improved recipes:
- The Independent
- El Periodica de Aragon
- El Correo
new recipes:
- title: Daily Express
author: Dave Asbury
- version: 0.9.43
date: 2013-08-09
new features:
- title: "TXT Input: Allow using various markdown extensions for more features when converting markdown formatted txt files. See for details."
- title: "Sending by email: Allow sending by email to an arbitrary combination of email address. Access it via the 'Select recipients' menu entry in the Email To menu."
tickets: [1207818]
- title: "A new 'Sort By' action for the right click menu. This allows sorting on all columns in the library, not just the visible columns. To use it go to Preferences->Toolbars and add it to 'The context menu for books in the calibre library'"
- title: "Allow adding images into the comments field, by clicking on the insert link button in the comments editor in the edit metadata dialog."
- title: "Allow skipping the confirm bulk reconvert dialog"
- title: "EPUB Input: If the EPUB file identifies an actual cover image in addition to the titlepage html file, use the cover image instead of rendering the titlepage. This is faster and has the advantage that an EPUB to EPUB conversion preserves internal cover structure."
- title: "Get Books: Improve searching by removing punctuation from title/authors before matching."
bug fixes:
- title: "Conversion: Fix empty inline tags that are the second child of a paragraph causing text change location."
tickets: [1207735]
- title: "Fix book count in tooltip of choose library button not updating"
ticket: [1208217]
- title: "Kobo driver: When deleting shelves that have been synced, the Activity entry for the shelf was not being deleted. This left a tile for the shelf on the home screen of the Glo and AuraHD."
tickets: [1208159]
- title: "Comments editor: The Insert Link button has no effect until the user clicks inside the comments box, therefore disable it until it is ready, to prevent confusion."
tickets: [1208073]
- title: "Get Books: Update various Polish store plugins"
improved recipes:
- The Sunday Times UK and The Times Online
- Telegraph UK
- "Le Monde: Edition abonnés"
- The Scotsman
new recipes:
- title: Various French news sources
author: Malah
- title: La Capital de Rosario
author: Darko Miletic
- title: Jot Down
author: desUbiKado
- title: Private Eye
author: Martyn Pritchard
- version: 0.9.42
date: 2013-08-02
new features:
- title: "When downloading metadata from Amazon, convert the amazon categories into tags. You can turn this off by going to Preferences->Metadata download and configuring the Amazon source."
tickets: [1206763]
- title: "Kobo driver: Add an option to modify the styling in books being sent to the device, based on a template on the device."
tickets: [1207151]
- title: "Get Books: Add support for two more Polish ebook stores: and"
- title: "calibredb: Add a new clone command to create clones of libraries with the same custom columns, virtual libraries, etc. as the current library."
bug fixes:
- title: "MOBI metadata: Do not fail to set metadata in MOBI files if they have EXTH fields with NULL pointers to a cover or thumbnail."
tickets: [1205757]
- title: "Fix editing of book metadata failing when its timestamp is out of range for the system."
tickets: [1191599]
- title: "Fix renaming a user category to the same name it already has erases the user category."
tickets: [1207131]
- title: "Fix drag 'n drop of cover onto conversion dialog not working"
- title: "Device drivers: Explicitly fsync() all files when writing to devices, to reduce chances of file corruption if the device is disconnected while jobs are running"
- title: "Fix calibre not appearing in Ubuntu's 'Open with..' menu"
tickets: [1207518]
improved recipes:
- PC World
- version: 0.9.41
date: 2013-07-27
new features:
- title: "Add a button to clear the current virtual library easily"
- title: "Driver for Surftab Ventos"
tickets: [1204885]
- title: "Ebook-viewer: Allow re-ordering bookmarks in the bookmarks manager by drag and drop."
bug fixes:
- title: "DOCX Input: Fix conversion breaking for files that use heading style paragraphs to insert line rules"
- title: "Content server: Fix last search query not being fully sanitized in results page"
tickets: [1205385]
- title: "Book polishing: Fix page margins being removed if an unused font was found during subsetting of embedded fonts."
- title: "PDF Output: Do not error out when the input document uses a font that cannot be subset, such as the Symbol font. Instead print a warning and embed the full font."
tickets: [1203449]
- title: "Conversion: Fix a regression in the last release that broke conversion of a few files with comments just before a chapter start."
tickets: [1188635]
improved recipes:
- Something Awful
- Spektrum der Wissenschaft
- Dilbert
- Antyweb
- Scientific American
- (RSS)
new recipes:
- title: Blindbuch and No names, No jackets
author: Armin Geller
- title: El Tribuno Salta and Jujuy
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.9.40
date: 2013-07-19
new features:
- title: "EPUB Output: Add an option to insert an inline Table of Contents into the main text."
tickets: [1201006]
- title: "Driver for LG Android phone"
tickets: [1202013]
- title: "When matching books in the library against the device manually, pre-fill the search field with the book title"
tickets: [1200826]
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Input: Fix a regression that caused some images to be flipped when converting PDF files that use image rotation operators."
tickets: [1201083]
- title: "Fix regression that caused incorrect font size in dropcaps generated by the DOCX input plugin"
- title: "Get Books: Fix searching for title and author returning some extra matches, if the title starts with an article like the, a or an."
tickets: [1200012]
- title: "PDF Output: Fix extra blank page being inserted at the start of the chapter when converting some epub files from feedbooks"
- title: "PDF Output: Workaround bug in WebKit's getBoundingClientRect() method that could cause links to occasionally point to incorrect locations."
tickets: [1202390]
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix a bug that could cause the reported position to be incorrect immediately after opening a previously opened book. This also fixes the Back button not working if a link is clicked on the page immediately after opening the book."
- title: "Fix memory card not being detected for Elonex 621 on Windows"
- title: "Fix regression in last release that broke auto-conversion of ebooks when sending to device/sending by email."
tickets: [1200864]
- title: "Get Books: Update amazon plugins for website changes"
- title: "Allow using non-ascii chars in email passwords."
tickets: [1202825]
improved recipes:
- Galaxy's Edge
new recipes:
- title: Il Foglio
author: faber1971
- title: Le Monde Diplomatique and Acrimed
author: Gaetan Lehmann
- version: 0.9.39
date: 2013-07-12
new features:
- title: "Bulk metadata edit: Add a checkbox to prevent the refreshing of the book list after the bulk edit. This means that the book list will not be resorted and any existing search/virtual library will not be refreshed. Useful if you have a large library as the refresh can be slow."
- title: "Allow manually marking a book in the calibre library as being on the device. To do so click the device icon in calibre, then right click on the book you want marked and choose 'Match book to library'. Once you are done marking all the books, right click the device icon and choose 'Update cached metadata'"
- title: "Driver for Coby Kyros MID1126"
tickets: [1199410]
- title: "When adding formats to an existing book, by right clicking the add books button, ask for confirmation if some formats will be overwritten."
- title: "Add a tweak to restrict the list of output formats available in the conversion dialog. Go to Preferences->Tweaks to change it."
bug fixes:
- title: "Amazon metadata download: Update plugin to deal with the new website"
- title: "Edelweiss metadata download plugin: Workaround for advanced search being broken at the Edelweiss website."
- title: "Invalid data in the device database on sony readers could cause errors when sorting device collections, ignore those errors."
- title: "DOCX Input: Fix no page break being inserted before the last section."
tickets: [1198414]
- title: "Metadata download dialog: Have the OK button enabled in the results screen as well."
tickets: [1198288]
- title: "Get Books: Update empik store plugin"
improved recipes:
- Houston Chronicle
new recipes:
- title: Glenn Brenwald and Ludwig von Mises Institute
author: anywho
- version: 0.9.38
date: 2013-07-05
new features:
- title: "Book polishing: Add option to embed all referenced fonts when polishing books using the 'Polish Books' tool."
tickets: [1196038]
- title: "DOCX Input: Add support for clickable (hyperlinked) images"
tickets: [1196728]
- title: "DOCX Input: Insert page breaks at the start of every new section"
tickets: [1196728]
- title: "Drivers for Trekstor Pyrus Maxi and PocketBook Surfpad 2"
tickets: [1196931, 1182850]
- title: "DOCX Input: Add support for horizontal rules created by typing three hyphens and pressing enter."
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix detection of SD Card in some PRS-T2N devices"
tickets: [1197970]
- title: "MOBI Input: Fix a regression that broke parsing of MOBI files with malformed markup that also used entities for apostrophes."
ticket: [1197585]
- title: "Get Books: Update Woblink store plugin"
- title: "Metadata download dialog: Prevent the buttons from being re-ordered when the Next button is clicked."
- title: "PDF Output: Fix links that point to URLs with query parameters being mangled by the conversion process."
tickets: [1197006]
- title: "DOCX Input: Fix links pointing to locations in the same document that contain multiple, redundant bookmarks not working."
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix splitting on page-break-after with plain text immediately following the split point causing the text to be added before rather than after the split point."
tickets: [1196728]
- title: "DOCX Input: handle bookmarks defined at the paragraph level"
tickets: [1196728]
- title: "DOCX Input: Handle hyperlinks created as fields"
tickets: [1196728]
improved recipes:
- iprofessional
new recipes:
- title: Democracy Now
author: Antoine Beaupre
- version: 0.9.37
date: 2013-06-28
new features:
- title: "Conversion: Add option to embed all referenced fonts"
type: major
description: "Add an option to embed all fonts that are referenced in the input document but are not already embedded. This will search your system for the referenced font, and if found, the font will be embedded. Only works if the output format supports font embedding (for example: EPUB or AZW3). The option is under the Look & Feel section of the conversion dialog."
- title: "ToC Editor: When generating a ToC from files, if the file has no text, do not skip it. Instead create an entry using the filename of the file."
- title: "AZW3 Input: Add support for the page-progression-direction that is used to indicate page turns should happen from right to left. The attribute is passed into EPUB when converting."
tickets: [1194766]
- title: "ebook-convert: Add a --from-opf option to read metadata from OPF files directly, instead of having to run ebook-meta --from-opf after conversion"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Fix Table of Contents being added to the end of the PDF even without the Add Table of Contents option being enabled."
tickets: [1194836]
- title: "When auto-merging books on add, also merge identifiers."
- title: "Fix an error when using the Template Editor to create a template that uses custom columns."
tickets: [1193763]
- title: "LRF Output: Fix " entities in attribute values causing problems"
- title: "News download: Apply the default page margin conversion settings. Also, when converting to PDF, apply the pdf conversion defaults."
tickets: [1193912]
- title: "Fix a regression that broke scanning for books on all devices that used the Aluratek Color driver."
tickets: [1192940]
- title: "fetch-ebbok-metadata: Fix --opf argument erroneously requiring a value"
- title: "When waiting before sending email, log the wait."
tickets: [1195173]
improved recipes:
- (RSS)
- Miradas al sur
- Frontline
- La Nacion (Costa Rica)
- version: 0.9.36
date: 2013-06-21
new features:
- title: "DOCX Input: Support for Table of Contents created using the Word Table of Contents tool. calibre now first looks for such a Table of Contents and only if one is not found does it generate a ToC from headings."
- title: "DOCX Input: Add support for images used as bullets in lists"
- title: "DOCX Input: If a large image that looks like a cover is present at the start of the document, remove it and use it as the cover of the output ebook. This can be turned off under the DOCX Input section of the conversion dialog."
- title: "When dropping files onto the Book Details panel, ask for confirmation before adding the files to the book. The confirmation can be disabled."
- title: "News download: Add the 'downloaded from' link at the bottom of every article when using a touchscreen output profile (like the Tablet profile)."
- title: "E-book viewer: Change the bookmark button to always popup a menu when clicked, makes accessing existing bookmarks easier."
- title: "After a bulk metadata download, focus the review button on the popup notification, instead of the OK button."
tickets: [1190931]
bug fixes:
- title: "DOCX Input: Hide text that has been marked as not being visible in the web view in Word."
- title: "DOCX Input: When converting docx files with large numbers of unnamed images, do not crash on windows."
tickets: [1191354]
- title: "DOCX Input: Add support for the Word setting 'No space between paragraphs with the same style'."
tickets: [119100]
- title: "MOBI Output: Fix rendering of SVG images that embed large raster images in 64bit calibre installs."
tickets: [1191020]
- title: "HTMLZ Output: Fix handling of images with URL unsafe filenames."
tickets: [1192687]
- title: "Fix unable to change the case of a previously used search because of the search history."
- title: "When searching allow use of uppercase location names, such as AUTHOR instead of author, automatically lowercasing them."
tickets: [1192785]
- title: "DOCX metadata: When reading covers from DOCX files use the first image as specified in the actual markup instead of just the first image in the container."
- title: "Kobo driver: Fix a regression when deleting empty shelves on Kobo devices with older firmware."
tickets: [1192441]
- title: "Do not show builtin plugins in the get new plugins dialog If a builtin plugin with the same name as a third party plugin exists, then the builtin plagin was displayed in the get new plugins dialog as installed (happened with the new DOCX Input plugin)."
- title: "Apple driver: When in synchronous mode (direct to iBooks), disable PDF transfers, as we can't update metadata in iTunes. Not sure when this started, but as of iTunes 11.0.4 it's broken."
- title: "Get Books: Fix error when using internal browser on some systems"
tickets: [1191199]
improved recipes:
- The Walrus Mag
- Various Polish news sources
new recipes:
- title: Various Polish news sources
author: fenuks
- version: 0.9.35
date: 2013-06-14
new features:
- title: "News download: Add a framework for scraping javascript heavy sites using a full WebKit browser. Used by the new recipe for"
- title: "DOCX Input: Add a markup analyzer that identifies and removes redundant markup generated by Word. This can result in much cleaner HTML and reductions in markup size of up to 50%"
- title: "DOCX Input: Add support for theme fonts"
- title: "calibredb list: Add an option to limit the number of results"
- title: "Get Books: Allow stopping an in progress search. While doing a search, the Search button becomes a Stop button, and clicking on it stops the current search."
- title: "When viewing the list of jobs in calibre, display the time at which the job was started."
tickets: [1188906]
- title: "Conversion settings: When selecting the input/output profiles, show the profile screen size along with its description."
bug fixes:
- title: "Get Books: Fix searching using the title/author being case-sensitive and therefore sometimes not returning results if uppercase characters were used in the query."
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: When splitting HTML on page breaks, preserve tag structure in the split files. This fixes splitting losing some styling information for HTML files that define page breaks on deeply nested tags."
tickets: [1188768]
- title: "DOCX Input: Fix some manual page breaks being ignored"
- title: "DOCX Input: Fix empty paragraphs not being rendered"
- title: "DOCX Input: Fix some text being underlined incorrectly. The 'none' underline style was being translated incorrectly."
tickets: [1189311]
- title: "E-book viewer: When viewing EPUB files, ignore any encoding declarations in the HTML and assume that the HTML is encoded in UTF-8, unless decoding with UTF-8 fails. This is what the EPUB specification specifies."
tickets: [1188843]
- title: "AZW3 Output: Fix a typo that could prevent conversion of some files"
- title: "calibredb list: When outputting data in columns, handle multibyte and east asian characters correctly."
tickets: [1190476]
- title: "Get Books: Fix unable to change case of words in the title/author/keywords boxes because of completion."
- title: "Fix unable to clear custom date columns using the bulk metadata edit dialog"
tickets: [1190463]
- title: "MOBI Output: Fix regression that breaks conversion of some documents"
tickets: [1188635]
improved recipes:
- La Nacion
- Frontline
- New York Time Sports Beat
- Time
- Times of India
- Las Vegas Review Journal
- Folha de Sao Paolo
new recipes:
- title: Neu Osnabrucker Zeitung
author: Krittika Goyal
- version: 0.9.34
date: 2013-06-07
new features:
- title: "Conversion of Microsoft Word documents (.docx files generated by Word 2007 or newer)"
type: major
description: "DOCX files created with Microsoft Word 2007 or newer can now be converted by calibre. The converter has support for lists, tables, images, all types of text formatting, footnotes, endnotes and even dropcaps. A sample docx file showing the capabilities of the converter is available: Note that this code is still very new, so there are more than likely a few bugs waiting to be squashed."
- title: "Kobo driver: Support for the newly released firmware 2.6.1. Also remove empty shelves from the Aura HD home page when deleting books."
tickets: [1187791]
- title: "E-book viewer: Add Keyboard shortcuts for Back and Forward (Alt+Left, Alt+Right)"
tickets: [1186928]
- title: "Allow right clicking on an author in Book Details to manage that author, i.e. change the author name, sort value or link."
tickets: [1186192]
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix regression that broke FB2 input in the previous release."
tickets: [1186213]
- title: "Catalog generation on OS X: Fix handling of some unicode characters"
tickets: [1066922]
- title: "HTML Input: Avoid spurious log warnings about unspecified language/creator when these are actually specified on the command line."
tickets: [1186899]
- title: "MOBI Output: Fix regression in 0.9.31 that caused vertical margins specified on some block level elements to be ignored."
tickets: [1186533]
- title: "ToC Editor: Handle ebooks that have <p> tags inside the <head> tags. Instead of erroring out, the <p> tags are automatically moved into <body>."
tickets: [1186298]
- title: "Linux build: Include the ffi libs from both gcc and libffi."
tickets: [1186148]
- title: "When deleting custom recipes, use recycle bin."
tickets: [1186142]
improved recipes:
- Folha de Sao Paolo
- Metro News NL
new recipes:
- title: Seventh Guard
author: koliberek
- version: 0.9.33
date: 2013-05-31
new features:
- title: "PDF Output: Add an option to generate a printable Table of Contents (that lists page numbers). Useful if you intend to print out the PDF."
- title: "Replace the book counts in the choose library button and next to the virtual library button with the names of the current library and virtual library. The count information is now displayed in the status bar at the bottom."
- title: "When reviewing downloaded metadata, add a button to view the book being reviewed."
tickets: [1184546]
- title: "Get Books: Add SONY Reader Store (Australia)."
tickets: [1184524]
- title: "For users running calibre from source, note that calibre has moved to using git for source control. See for details"
bug fixes:
- title: "Windows build: Update the version of Qt calibre uses to fix crashes on some Windows 8 64 bit machines with touchscreens"
- title: "Fix error when using _daysago in search queries."
tickets: [1185398]
- title: "Kobo driver: When deleting books from the Kobo Aura, do not leave empty entries on the home screen. Also show downloaded books stored in the SD card as on the card, not the main memory."
tickets: [1185294]
- title: "Get Books: Fix price information for Sony store incorrect, also fix store plugin"
- title: "Fix error generated when changing libraries with the quickview window open"
- title: "Fix regression that broke clicking on column headers in the device views"
improved recipes:
- Folha de Sao Paolo
- Various Polish news sources
- Melbourne Herald Sun
- Hindu Business Line
- .net magazine
- Pocket
new recipes:
- title: "Various Polish News sources"
author: Tomasz Dlugoz
- version: 0.9.32
date: 2013-05-24
new features:
- title: "Show the number of currently selected books in the status bar at the bottom of the book list"
- title: "Driver for PocketBook Touch 623 and Yarvik tablet Xenta 13c"
tickets: [1182850, 1181669]
- title: "When editing dates such as published, allow pressing the minus key to clear the date and the = key to set the date to today."
tickets: [1181449]
bug fixes:
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix regression that caused erros when trying to convert documents that have URLs with invalid (non-utf-8) quoting."
tickets: [1181049]
- title: "When backing up metadata automatically remove XML invalid chars, instead of erroring out"
- title: "ebook-viewer: Fix --debug-javascript option causing an error when running from a binary build on os x and linux"
- title: "Fix switch library dialog and menu both popping up when clicking the library button in some window managers"
- title: "Apple driver: Fix a regression in 0.9.31 that could cause sending books to the device to hang"
- title: "When setting metadata using the edit metadata dialog, convert newlines, tabs etc. to normal spaces"
tickets: [1182268]
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix pages that contain only an svg image being regarded as empty and removed during splitting"
- title: "AZW3 Input: Handle files that use unnecessary svg: prefixes."
tickets: [1182257]
- title: "EPUB Input: Handle EPUB files that have no <metadata> section in their OPF."
tickets: [1181546]
- title: "Get Books: Fix Foyles UK store plugin."
tickets: [1181494]
improved recipes:
- Wall Street Journal
- Various Polish news sources
- Handelsblatt
- The Australian
- Las Vegas Review
new recipes:
- title: WirtschaftsWoche Online
author: Hegi
- version: 0.9.31
date: 2013-05-17
new features:
- title: "Book list: Highlight the current cell in the book list, particularly convenient for usage with the keyboard."
- title: "Allow creation of advanced rules for column icons."
- title: "Driver for the limited edition SONY PRS-T2N"
- title: "MOBI Input: Add support for MOBI/KF8 files generated with the to be released kindlegen 2.9."
tickets: [1179144]
bug fixes:
- title: "ToC Editor: Fix incorrect playOrders in the generated toc.ncx when editing the toc in an epub file. This apparently affects FBReader."
- title: "PDF Input: Fix crashes on some malformed files, by updating the PDF library calibre uses (poppler 0.22.4)"
- title: "PDF Output: Ignore invalid links instead of erroring out on them."
tickets: [1179314]
- title: "MOBI Output: Fix space errorneously being removed when the input document contains a tag with leading space and sub-tags."
tickets: [1179216]
- title: "Search and replace wizard: Fix generated html being slightly different from the actual html in the conversion pipeline for some input formats (mainly HTML, CHM, LIT)."
improved recipes:
- Weblogs SL
- .net magazine
new recipes:
- title: nrc-next
author: Niels Giesen
- version: 0.9.30
date: 2013-05-10
new features:
- title: "Kobo driver: Add support for showing 'Archived' books on the device. Also up the supported firmware version to 2.5.3."
tickets: [1177677]
- title: "Driver for Blackberry 9790"
tickets: [1176607]
- title: "Add a tweak to turn off the highlighting of the book count when using a virtual library (Preferences->Tweaks)"
- title: "Add a button to clear the viewer search history in the viewer Preferences, under Miscellaneous"
- title: "Add keyboard shortcuts to clear the virtual Library and the additional restriction (Ctrl+Esc and Alt+Esc). Also use Shift+Esc to bring keyboard focus back tot he book list. Can be changed under Preferences->Keyboard"
- title: "Docx metadata: Read the language of the file, if present"
bug fixes:
- title: "Kobo driver: Fix unable to read SD card on OS X/Linux"
tickets: [1174815]
- title: "Content server: Fix unable to download ORIGINAL_* formats"
tickets: [1177158]
- title: "Fix regression that broke searching for terms containing a quote mark"
tickets: [1177114]
- title: "Fix regression that broke conversion of txt files when no input encoding is specified"
tickets: [1176622]
- title: "When changing to a virtual library, refresh the Book Details panel."
tickets: [1176296]
- title: "Fix regression that caused searching for user categories to break."
tickets: [1176187]
- title: "Fix error when downloading only covers and reviewing downloaded metadata."
tickets: [1176253]
- title: "MOBI metadata: Strip XML unsafe unicode codepoints when reading metadata from MOBI files."
tickets: [1175965]
- title: "Txt Input: Use the gbk encoding for txt files with detected encoding of gb2312."
tickets: [1175974]
- title: "When pressing Ctrl+Home/End preserve the horizontal scroll position in the book list"
improved recipes:
- Go Comics
- Various Polish news sources
- The Sun
- version: 0.9.29
date: 2013-05-03
new features:
- title: "Bulk metadata download: Allow reviewing of the downloaded metadata before it is applied"
- title: "FB2 Output: Write ISBN, pubdate, tags and publisher metadata when creating fb2 files"
tickets: [1174047]
bug fixes:
- title: "When reading metadata from EPUB 3 files, use the first <dc:title> element rather than the last."
tickets: [1175184]
- title: "Fix regression causing the search query parser to not parse search string containing newlines/tabs instead of spaces correctly"
tickets: [1174629]
- title: "Kobo driver: Fix covers written to wrong place on OS X/linux when books sent to SD card. Fix covers not sent to SD card is images directory missing."
tickets: [1174147,1174126]
- title: "Fix 'Preferences->Behavior->Virtual library to use when this library is opened' being applied only on calibre startup and not when switching to the library"
- title: "PDF metadata: When rendering the first page as the cover, respect the PDF CropBox."
tickets: [1173795]
- title: "PDF Output: Fix link generation broken on windows when converting epubs if the filenames contained uppercase letters."
tickets: [1169795]
- title: "Tolino driver: Fix card and main memory swapped on windows"
tickets: [1173544]
- title: "FB2 Output: Fix images being ignored when converting a EPUB with image filenames that contain URL unsafe characters."
tickets: [1173351]
- title: "EPUB Input: Fix page margins specified in Adobe page template files with incorrect mime-types not being removed."
improved recipes:
- The New Republic
- io9
- What if
- Orlando Sentinel
- Read It Later recipe
- Smithsonian
- Business Week Magazine
new recipes:
- title: Diario Extra
author: Douglas Delgado
- version: 0.9.28
date: 2013-04-26
new features:
- title: "Virtual Libraries: Easily partition your large calibre library into smaller 'virtual' libraries"
type: major
description: "A virtual library is a way to tell calibre to open only a subset of a normal library. For example, you might want to only work with books by a certain author, or books having only a certain tag. To use this feature, click the button labeled 'Virtual Library' to the left of the search bar. For details, see This feature used to be called 'Search restriction', the new virtual libraries are easier to use, but otherwise fulfil the same function."
- title: "Book details panel: Allow copying of links in the book details panel by right clicking on them."
tickets: [1171963]
- title: "Kobo driver: Add support for the new Kobo Aura HD and firmware version 2.5.0"
tickets: [1169571,1169968]
- title: "Metadata download: When showing downloaded covers, allow right clicking on a cover to view a full size version."
tickets: [1170544]
- title: "Driver for Easy player cyber book e touch and Droid 4"
tickets: [1171633,1170763]
- title: "Edit ToC: Allow the size of the panels in the location view to be adjusted"
- title: "When copying to a library by path, make it more efficient to choose between moving and copying"
tickets: [1168231]
- title: "When checking if a zip/rar file is a comic or contains a single ebook to be auto-extracted, ignore thumbs.db files inside the archive"
bug fixes:
- title: "EPUB Input: Fix handling of EPUB files that contain images with non-ascii filenames."
tickets: [1171186]
- title: "Device driver: Detect Laser EB720 with newer firmware."
tickets: [1171341]
- title: "Fix bug in Danish translation causing books with language Ingush being incorrectly translated as Engelsk"
- title: "PDF Output: Fix hyperlinks not working when converting an EPUB whose individual files have names with URL unsafe characters."
tickets: [1169795]
- title: "Book polishing: Fix inserting cover into an epub with no cover could lead to incorrect guide entry if the opf is not at the root of the epub."
tickets: [1167941]
- title: "ZIP Output: Fix links containing backslashes on windows"
tickets: [1169910]
- title: "Fix polishing of AZW3 files not working on OS X."
tickets: [1168789]
- title: "Polishing books: Fix polishing erroring out if the book being polished has no cover"
- title: "RTF Input: Add partial support for hyperlinks to web resources."
tickets: [1167562]
- title: "Fix book details panel showing incorrect info after deleting books from a connected device"
tickets: [1172839]
improved recipes:
- NZZ Online
- Baltimore Sun
- Metro NL
- Financial Times
- EcoGeek
- Psychology Today
- Science News
new recipes:
- title: Voice of America
author: Krittika Goyal
- title: Lightspeed Magazine
author: Jose Pinto
- title: The Feature
author: Jose Pinto
- version: 0.9.27
date: 2013-04-12
new features:
- title: "Metadata download: Add two new sources for covers: Google Image Search and"
description: "To enable them go to Preferences->Metadata download and enable the 'Google Image' and 'Big Book Search' sources. Google Images is useful for finding larger covers as well as alternate versions of the cover. Big Book Search searches for alternate covers from It can occasionally find nicer covers than the direct Amazon source. Note that both these sources download multiple covers for a single book. Some of these covers can be wrong (i.e. they may be of a different book or not covers at all, so you should inspect the results and manually pick the best match). When bulk downloading, these sources are only used if the other sources find no covers."
type: major
- title: "Content server: Allow specifying a restriction to use for the server when embedding it as a WSGI app."
tickets: [1167951]
- title: "Get Books: Add a plugin for the Koobe Polish book store"
- title: "calibredb add_format: Add an option to not replace existing formats. Also pep8 compliance."
- title: "Allow restoring of the ORIGINAL_XXX format by right-clicking it in the book details panel"
bug fixes:
- title: "AZW3 Input: Do not fail to identify JPEG images with 8BIM headers created with Adobe Photoshop."
tickets: [1167985]
- title: "Amazon metadata download: Ignore Spanish edition entries when searching for a book on"
- title: "TXT Input: When converting a txt file with a Byte Order Mark, remove the Byte Order Mark before further processing as it can cause the first line of the text to be mis-interpreted."
- title: "Get Books: Fix searching for current book/title/author by right clicking the get books icon"
- title: "Get Books: Update nexto, gutenberg, and virtualo store plugins for website changes"
- title: "Amazon metadata download: When downloading from handle the 'Black curtain redirect' for adult titles."
tickets: [1165628]
- title: "When extracting zip files do not allow maliciously created zip files to overwrite other files on the system"
- title: "RTF Input: Handle RTF files with invalid border style specifications"
tickets: [1021270]
improved recipes:
- The Escapist
- San Francisco Chronicle
- The Onion
- Fronda
- Tom's Hardware
- New Yorker
- Financial Times UK
- Business Week Magazine
- Victoria Times
- tvxs
- The Independent
new recipes:
- title: Economia
author: Manish Bhattarai
- title: Universe Today
author: seird
- title: The Galaxy's Edge
author: Krittika Goyal
- version: 0.9.26
date: 2013-04-05
new features:
- title: "PDF Output: Allow using templates to create arbitrary headers and footers. Look under PDF Output in the conversion dialog for this feature."
- title: "ToC Editor: Allow generating the ToC directly from individual files inside the ebook. Useful for EPUBs that have individual chapters in single files."
tickets: [1163520]
- title: "ToC Editor: Add buttons to indent/unindent the current entry"
- title: "ToC Editor: Right-click menu to perform various useful actions on entries in the ToC"
- title: "Column icons: Allow use of wide images as column icons"
- title: "Add USB ids for the Palm Pre2 and Samsung Galaxy phone to the device drivers"
tickets: [1162293,1163115]
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Fix generating page numbers causing links to not work."
tickets: [1162573]
- title: "Wrong filename output in error message when 'Guide reference not found'"
tickets: [1163659]
- title: "Get Books: Update Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and Gutenberg store plugins for website change"
- title: "PDF Output: Fix 1 pixel wide left and top margins on the cover page for some PDF conversions due to incorrect rounding."
tickets: [1162054]
- title: "ToC Editor: Fix drag and drop of multiple items resulting in the dropped items being in random order sometimes."
tickets: [1161999]
improved recipes:
- Financial Times UK
- Sing Tao Daily
- Apple Daily
- A List Apart
- Business Week
- Harpers printed edition
- Harvard Business Review
new recipes:
- title: AM730
author: Eddie Lau
- title: Arret sur images
author: Francois D
- title: Diario de Noticias
author: Jose Pinto
- version: 0.9.25
date: 2013-03-29
new features:
- title: "Automatic adding: When checking for duplicates is enabled, use the same duplicates found dialog as is used during manual adding."
tickets: [1160914]
- title: "ToC Editor: Allow searching to find a location quickly when browsing through the book to select a location for a ToC item"
- title: "ToC Editor: Add a button to quickly flatten the entire table of contents"
- title: "Conversion: When converting a single book to EPUB or AZW3, add an option to automatically launch the Table of Contents editor after the conversion completes. Found under the Table of Contents section of the conversion dialog."
bug fixes:
- title: "calibredb: Nicer error messages when user provides invalid input"
tickets: [1160452,1160631]
- title: "News download: Always use the .jpg extension for jpeg images as apparently Moon+ Reader cannot handle .jpeg"
- title: "Fix Book Details popup keyboard navigation doesn't work on a Mac"
tickets: [1159610]
- title: "Fix a regression that caused the case of the book files to not be changed when changing the case of the title/author on case insensitive filesystems"
improved recipes:
- RTE news
- Various Polish news sources
- Psychology Today
- Foreign Affairs
- History Today
- Harpers Magazine (printed edition)
- Business Week Magazine
- The Hindu
- Irish Times
- Le Devoir
new recipes:
- title: Fortune Magazine
author: Rick Shang
- title: Eclipse Online
author: Jim DeVona
- version: 0.9.24
date: 2013-03-22
new features:
- title: "ToC Editor: Allow auto-generation of Table of Contents entries from headings and/or links in the book"
- title: "EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Allow saving used settings as presets which can be loaded easily later."
tickets: [1155587]
- title: "Indicate which columns are custom columns when selecting columns in the Preferences"
tickets: [1158066]
- title: "News download: Add an option recipe authors can set to have calibre automatically reduce the size of downloaded images by lowering their quality"
bug fixes:
- title: "News download: Fix a regression in 0.9.23 that prevented oldest_article from working with some RSS feeds."
- title: "Conversion: handle the :before and :after pseudo CSS selectors correctly"
- title: "AZW3 Output: Handle the case of the <guide> reference to a ToC containing an anchor correctly."
tickets: [1158413]
- title: "BiBTeX catalogs: Fix ISBN not being output and the library_name field causing catalog generation to fail"
tickets: [1156432, 1158127]
- title: "Conversion: Add support for CSS stylesheets that wrap their rules inside a @media rule."
tickets: [1157345]
- title: "Cover browser: Fix scrolling not working for books after the 32678'th book in a large library."
tickets: [1153204]
- title: "Linux: Update bundled libmtp version"
- title: "Clear the Book details panel when the current search returns no matches."
tickets: [1153026]
- title: "Fix a regression that broke creation of advanced column coloring rules"
tickets: [1156291]
- title: "Amazon metadata download: Handle cover images loaded via javascript on the site"
- title: "Nicer error message when exporting a generated csv catalog to a file open in another program on windows."
tickets: [1155539]
- title: "Fix ebook-convert -h showing ANSI escape codes in the windows command prompt"
tickets: [1158499]
improved recipes:
- Various Polish news sources
- Il Giornale
- Kellog Insight
new recipes:
- title:
- version: 0.9.23
date: 2013-03-15
new features:
- title: "New tool: \"Edit ToC\" that allows you to edit or create a Table of Contents easily in EPUB or AZW3 ebooks."
type: major
description: "Using the Edit ToC tool, you can easily re-arrange the entries in an existing Table of Contents, change their text and even change the location they point to by simply clicking the new location in the book. To use this tool, go to Preferences->Toolbar and add the Edit ToC tool to the main toolbar. Then simply select the books you want to be polished and click the Edit ToC button. This tool is based on a new codebase, so there may be bugs."
- title: "Content server: Enable use of plugboards for mobi and azw3 formats"
- title: "Windows driver for Tolino Shine"
tickets: [1153536]
- title: "When copying books to another library, show the name of the destination library in the copy dialog"
tickets: [1153407]
- title: "Allow running plugins from the command line with calibre-debug easily"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Fix bug causing left and right margins to be applied to the cover page. Also fix the preserve cover aspect ratio option not working correctly"
- title: "PDF Output: Fix javascript dialog box popping up in the middle on converting very long documents."
tickets: [1154948]
- title: "MOBI metadata: When setting the language in a MOBI file also update the language field in the EXTH header."
tickets: [1154351]
- title: "MOBI metadata: Support writing of book producer field into MOBI files."
tickets: [1154353]
- title: "Fix job progress and status not always updated"
tickets: [1154137]
- title: "Fix conversion of zip.rar archives with very long title/author on windows"
tickets: [1153859]
- title: "News download: Update the library used to parse RSS feeds."
tickets: [1152852]
- title: "Fix Irex Illiad not recognized on OS X computers"
tickets: [824713]
- title: "Fix entering a very long search in the find item in tag browser box causes the tag browser to no longer be shrinkable."
tickets: [1152870]
- title: "Fix a bug in the zsh completion when converting for ebook-convert with PDF output"
improved recipes:
- Various Polish news sources
- Harpers Full
- Smithsonian
new recipes:
- title: Deccan Herald
author: Muruli Shamanna
- title: What If
author: kisnick
- title: The Friday Times
tickets: Krittika Goyal
- title: Computer Woche
author: Maria Seliger
- title: Lamebook
author: atordo
- version: 0.9.22
date: 2013-03-08
new features:
- title: "Linux driver for the Tolino ebook reader."
tickets: [1151901]
- title: "Kobo driver: Add support for the new 'Archived' collections in Kobo firmware 2.4.0 and improve handling recommendations and previews."
tickets: [1150852]
- title: "Metadata search and replace: Allow replacing the entire set of identifiers instead of only a specific identifier when doing a search and replace. To do this, choose a source field other than identifiers and set the destination identifier type to: *"
- title: "Show a brief description of every action when customizing toolbars in Preferences->Toolbars"
- title: "Allow drag and drop of books from the calibre book list onto the button for Convert book, Edit metadata, Remove Book, Tweak Book, Polish books, etc."
bug fixes:
- title: "CHM Input: Fix incorrect decoding for CHM files whose hhc file is also a content file."
tickets: [1151721]
- title: "Conversion: Add the double low quote to list of characters that are converted to ascii."
tickets: [1152207]
- title: "Amazon metadata download: Update plugin to handle changes to Amazon site that could cause some covers to not be downloaded. Also fix finding metadata for books with + in their titles."
- title: "Content server: Fix a bug that prevented the cover being updated when files are downloaded from the content server"
- title: "Conversion: Handle the use of @import CSS rules inside <style> tags in HTML files"
- title: "Book polishing: Do not error out when polishing epub files that have XML comments in their OPF metadata section."
- title: "Book polishing: Do not error out when updating covers in EPUB files that have entries int heir manifest that point to missing files"
- title: "Book polishing: Fix a bug that could cause updating covers to error out in some books"
- title: "Fix updating the calibre application id in EPUBs that also use the application id as the package id."
- title: "Apple driver: Fix bug preventing sending books to iBooks if no books have been previously added to iBooks."
tickets: [1141078]
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix splitting on page breaks ignored if the page breaks are inside an element which itself has a page-break-after style applied."
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix incorrect splitting of html at page-break-after page breaks in certain circumstances (The split element being the first child of a parent that contains other split elements)."
tickets: [1139317]
improved recipes:
- Le Devoir
- New York Times Book Review
- Various Polish news sources
new recipes:
- title: Various new Polish news sources
- version: 0.9.21
date: 2013-03-01
new features:
- title: "Content server: When browsing random books, add a button to the book page to get another random book."
tickets: [1134958]
- title: "Kobo driver: Update cover uploading for Kobo firmware 2.3.1 and later."
tickets: [1135649]
- title: "Add a tweak under Preferences->Tweaks to try to recoginze numbers inside text fields like title when sorting. This will cause Book 2 to sort before Book 100. However, it is slower and can have trouble when the text starts with a number. If you want numeric sorting you should use the series field for it."
tickets: [1132025]
- title: "Get Books: Update the Amazon and Foyles store plugins"
- title: "Add a setting in Preferences->Tweaks that controls the sorting of the Copy to Library and Quick Switch menus. If the number of libraries is larger than the set value, the lists are sorted alphabetically instead of by frequency of use."
tickets: [1133691]
- title: "Driver for Iriver Story EB12."
tickets: [1132583]
- title: "Edit metadata dialog: When pasting in copied text into the comments area, you can now choose to discard all formatting. Right click on the comments area and select 'Paste and Match style' which will paste the copied text as plain text formatted in the current style."
- title: "Book polishing: Make updating cover a separate option, so you can now update metadata without updating the cover."
- title: "Linux build: Install zsh completion for the calibre command line utilities"
bug fixes:
- title: "Conversion: Do not rescale fonts sizes/adjust line heights for text based drop caps defined using a separate <span> tag (drop caps defined using :first-letter were already handled correctly)"
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix clicking links going to slightly incorrect locations in some books."
tickets: [1132641]
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix rendering of pages for right-to-left text in paged mode is reversed."
tickets: [1132626]
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix bug in rendering prefixed svg tags in the cover pages of some EPUB files."
- title: "PDF Output: Do not error out when embedding a font that calibre cannot subset, instead embed the full font"
- title: "Book polishing: Fix bug that caused the ORIGINAL_EPUB format to be replaced by the EPUB format when polishing a book with both ORIGINA_EPUB and EPUB"
- title: "Polishing books: Ignore unsupported fonts instead of erroring out on them."
tickets: [1132085]
- title: 'Make bulk edit of custom columns respect the "apply changes" checkbox even if the value to set has not changed'
improved recipes:
- Science News
- Die Zeit (subscription version)
new recipes:
- title: Financial Times (US subscription version) and Nezavisne Novine
author: Darko Miletic
- title: Geopolityka
author: chemik111
- title: Democracy Journal
author: David Nye
- title: HNOnline
author: Ladislav Lencucha
- title: Various Colombian news sources
author: Ismael Mejia
- version: 0.9.20
date: 2013-02-22
new features:
- title: "Book polishing: Add an option to smarten punctuation in the book when polishing"
- title: "Book polishing: Add an option to delete all saved settings to the load saved settings button"
- title: "Book polishing: Remember the last used settings"
- title: "Book polishing: Add a checkbox to enable/disable the detailed polishing report"
- title: "Add a separate tweak in Preferences-Tweaks for saving backups of files when polishing. That way you can have calibre save backups while converting EPUB->EPUB and not while polishing, if you so desire."
- title: "Content server: Allow clicking on the book cover to download it. Useful on small screen devices where clicking the Get button may be difficult"
- title: "Driver for Energy Systems C4 Touch."
tickets: [1127477]
bug fixes:
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix a bug that could cause the back button in the viewer to skip a location"
- title: "When tweaking/polishing an azw3 file that does not have an identified content ToC, do not auto-generate one."
tickets: [1130729]
- title: "Book polishing: Use the actual cover image dimensions when creating the svg wrapper for the cover image."
tickets: [1127273]
- title: "Book polishing: Do not error out on epub files containing an iTunesMetadata.plist file."
tickets: [1127308]
- title: "Book polishing: Fix trying to polish more than 5 books at a time not working"
- title: "Content server: Add workaround for bug in latest release of Google Chrome that causes it to not work with book lists containing some utf-8 characters"
tickets: [1130478]
- title: "E-book viewer: When viewing EPUB files, do not parse html as xhtml even if it has svg tags embedded. This allows malformed XHTML files to still be viewed."
- title: "Bulk metadata edit Search & recplace: Update the sample values when changing the type of identifier to search on"
- title: "Fix recipes with the / character in their names not useable from the command line"
tickets: [1127666]
- title: "News download: Fix regression that broke downloading of images in gif format"
- title: "EPUB/AZW3 Output: When splitting the output html on page breaks, handle page-break-after rules correctly, the pre split point html should contain the full element"
- title: "Fix stdout/stderr redirection temp files not being deleted when restarting calibre from within calibre on windows"
- title: "E-book viewer: When viewing epub files that have their cover marked as non-linear, show the cover at the start of the book instead of the end."
tickets: [1126030]
- title: "EPUB Input: Fix handling of cover references with fragments in the urls"
improved recipes:
- Fronda
- Various Polish news sources
new recipes:
- title: Pravda
author: Darko Miletic
- title: PNN
author: n.kucklaender
- title: Various Polish news sources
author: fenuks
- version: 0.9.19
date: 2013-02-15
new features:
- title: "New tool: \"Polish books\" that allows you to perform various automated cleanup actions on EPUB and AZW3 files without doing a full conversion."
type: major
description: "Polishing books is all about putting the shine of perfection on your ebook files. You can use it to subset embedded fonts, update the metadata in the book files from the metadata in the calibre library, manipulate the book jacket, etc. More features will be added in the future. To use this tool, go to Preferences->Toolbar and add the Polish books tool to the main toolbar. Then simply select the books you want to be polished and click the Polish books button. Polishing, unlike conversion, does not change the internal structure/markup of your book, it performs only the minimal set of actions needed to achieve its goals. Note that polish books is a completely new codebase, so there may well be bugs, polishing a book backs up the original as ORIGINAL_EPUB or ORIGINAL_AZW3, unless you have turned off this feature in Preferences->Tweaks, in which case you should backup your files manually. You can also use this tool from the command line with ebook-polish.exe."
- title: "Driver for the Trekstor Pyrus Mini."
tickets: [1124120]
- title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to change the minimum font size."
tickets: [1122333]
- title: "PDF Output: Add support for converting documents with math typesetting, as described here:"
- title: "Column coloring/icons: Add more conditions when using date based columns with reference to 'today'."
bug fixes:
- title: "Transforming to titlecase - handle typographic hyphens in all caps phrases"
- title: "Dont ignore file open events that occur before the GUI is initialized on OS X"
tickets: [1122713]
- title: "News download: Handle feeds that have entries with empty ids"
- title: "Fix a regression that broke using the template editor"
- title: "Do not block startup while scanning the computer for available network interfaces. Speeds up startup time on some windows computers with lots of spurious network interfaces."
improved recipes:
- New Yorker
- Kommersant
- Le Monde (Subscription version)
- NZ Herald
new recipes:
- title: Navegalo
author: Douglas Delgado
- title: El Guardian and More Intelligent Life
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.9.18
date: 2013-02-08
new features:
- title: "New metadata source: Edelweiss, a catalog of books that is updated directly by publishers. To enable it, go to Preferences->Metadata download and enable the Edelweiss plugin."
tickets: [1091073]
- title: "Add an option to add extra spacing between rows in the book list. (Preferences->Look & Feel)"
tickets: [1117907]
- title: "Column coloring/icons: Add a 'days ago' condition, useable with columns that store dates to set colors/icons based on the number of days before today"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add shortcuts Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- to increase/decrease text size."
tickets: [ 1117524 ]
- title: "When showing possible duplicates after adding books, also show the file formats."
- title: "Driver for Trekstor Ventos Tablet"
bug fixes:
- title: "Conversion: When transliterating unicode characters, handle « and » correctly."
tickets: [1117270]
- title: "Fix adding books from multiple directories with multiple books per directory treating opf files as an ebook"
- title: "Fix download metadata window not resizable on smaller screens"
tickets: [1116849]
- title: "Tweak Book: When rebuilding azw3 files handle <a> tags that have name but not id attribute, these are apparently produced by kindlegen."
tickets: [ 1112934 ]
- title: "Fix regression in advanced column color rules."
tickets: [1118678]
improved recipes:
- El Mundo today
- Birmingham Post
- Japan Times
- The Toronto Star
- Le Monde (subscription version)
- Globe and Mail
new recipes:
- title: VICE Magazine Deutschland
author: Alex
- title: Libertad Digital
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.9.17
date: 2013-02-01
new features:
- title: "Allow adding user specified icons to the main book list for books whose metadata matches specific criteria. Go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Column icons to setup these icons. They work in the same way as the column coloring rules."
type: major
- title: "Allow choosing which page of a PDF to use as the cover."
description: "To access this functionality add the PDF to calibre then click the edit metadata button. In the top right area of the edit metadata dialog there is a button to get the cover from the ebook file, this will now allow you to choose which page (from the first ten pages) of the pdf to use as the cover."
tickets: [1110019]
- title: "Add option to turn off reflections in the cover browser (Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Browser)"
- title: "PDF Output: Add an option to add page numbers to the bottom of every page in the generated PDF file (look in the PDF Output section of the conversion dialog)"
- title: "Add the full item name to the tool tip of a leaf item displayed in the tag browser."
tickets: [1106231]
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix out-of-bounds data causing errors in the Tag Browser"
tickets: [1108017]
- title: "Conversion: Handle input documents that use multiple prefixes referring to the XHTML namespace correctly."
tickets: [1107220]
- title: "PDF Output: Fix regression that caused some svg images to be rendered as black rectangles."
tickets: [1105294]
- title: "Metadata download: Only normalize title case if the result has no language set or its language is English"
improved recipes:
- Baltimore Sun
- Harvard Business Review
- Victoria Times
- South China Morning Post
- Volksrant
- Seattle Times
new recipes:
- title: Dob NeviNosti
author: Darko Miletic
- title: La Nacion (CR)
author: Douglas Delgado
- version: 0.9.16
date: 2013-01-25
new features:
- title: "News download: Add support for logging in to sites that require javascript for their logins."
tickets: [1101809]
- title: "News download: Do not convert all downloaded images to JPG format. This fixes the problem of PNG images with transparent backgrounds being rendered with black backgrounds"
- title: "CHM Input: Support hierarchical table of contents. Do not generate an inline table of contents when a metadata table of contents is present. Also correctly decode the text in the table of contents"
- title: "Get Books: Add the store"
- title: "Make custom yes/no columns using icons put text values under the icons."
- title: "Driver for LG E400 and SayCoolA710"
tickets: [1103741,1104528]
- title: "Speed up device connection when there are lots of books on the device by not generating cover thumbnails unless they are actually needed."
- title: "Have the metadata download dialog remember its last used size."
tickets: [1101150]
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix deleting a custom column that was used in a column coloring rule makes the column coloring preferences panel unusable"
tickets: [1103504]
- title: "Store caches outside the config directory for non-portable calibre installs"
- title: "PDF Output: Dont crash if the user has a font on his system that is missing the OS/2 table"
tickets: [1102403]
- title: "Conversion: Do not error out because of an error in user supplied search replace rules."
tickets: [1102647]
- title: "Conversion: Replace all non-ascii characters in CSS class names, as they cause problems with some broken EPUB renderers."
tickets: [1102587]
- title: "Do not choke when reading metadata from MOBI files with incorrectly encoded metadata fields"
- title: "Conversion: Preserve ToC entries that point nowhere instead of causing them to point to a non-existent file"
- title: "E-book viewer: Allow entries in the Table of Contents that do not point anywhere, instead of just ignoring them."
- title: "Content server: Fix the 'Previous' link in the mobile version of the content server webpage skipping an entry"
tickets: [1101124]
improved recipes:
- St. Louis Post Dispatch
- Metro UK
- Michelle Malkin
- Barrons
new recipes:
- title: Contemporary Argentine Writers
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.9.15
date: 2013-01-18
new features:
- title: "Linux MTP driver: Detect devices that have MTP interfaces even if their USB ids are not known"
- title: "Content server: Allow picking a random book by clicking the 'Random book' link on the start page. You can also refresh the random book page to get a new random book"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to hide the toolbars in the viewer window (Preferences->Miscellaneous->Show controls in the viewr preferences). You can unhide them by right clicking in the viewer window."
- title: "Kobo driver: Speedup initial connect by avoiding unnecessary update of series metadata in some situations."
tickets: [1099190]
- title: "Get Books: Allow the store plugins to be dynamically loaded so that future website changes of a store dont require a calibre update to fix Get Books."
- title: "Wireless driver: Always replace file when resending a previously sent book to the device, even if the title/author have changed."
- title: "Add PocketBook Pro 912 driver."
tickets: [1099571]
- title: "When creating/exporting epub and mobi files, add the calibre book identifier as a special field in the book's metadata. This allows third party tools to identify the book record in calibre to which the file belongs."
- title: "Wireless driver: Add support for using the book uuid as the filename"
- title: "Remove the experimental tag from the subset fonts feature, since there has been only one reported problem (now fixed) with it in the two months since it was released"
bug fixes:
- title: "Get Books: Update the amazon, waterstones and plugins to account for website changes"
- title: "MOBI Input: Do not choke on MOBI files with incorrectly encoded titles."
tickets: [1100601]
- title: "Font subsetting: Fix a bug in the parsing of the GSUB table that could cause some ligatures to not be included in the subset font"
- title: "E-book-viewer: Fix TOC links without anchors not scrolling to the top of the current flow"
- title: "LIT Input: Handle lit files that set an incorrect XML mimetype for their text."
tickets: [1099621]
- title: "Catalogs: Fix 'X' being droppen from isbns on export"
tickets: [1098325]
- title: "Fix an error when editing date in the main book list and all visible dates are blank."
tickets: [1098675]
- title: "Fix calibre-smtp using incorrect escaping for non-ascii attachment filenames"
tickets: [1098478]
- title: "Conversion: When subsetting fonts, handle multiple @font-face rules referring to the same physical font"
- title: "Content server: Update metadata when serving azw3 files"
- title: "CHM Input: Handle chm files that contain files with url unsafe filenames."
tickets: [1100610]
- title: "Content server: Fix custom icons for top level categories incorrect."
tickets: [1095016]
- title: "Kobo driver: When resending a file to the device, update the filesize in the Kobo db to prevent the device from deleting the file."
tickets: [1100607]
improved recipes:
- The Chronicle of Higher Education
- Smithsonian Magazine
- Philosophy Now
- The Economist
- Business Week Magazine
new recipes:
- title: Asco de Vida
author: Krittika Goyal
- title: Schattenblick
author: ThB
- version: 0.9.14
date: 2013-01-11
new features:
- title: "When adding multiple books and duplicates are found, allow the user to select which of the duplicate books will be added anyway."
tickets: [1095256]
- title: "Device drivers for Kobo Arc on linux, Polaroid Android tablet"
tickets: [1098049]
- title: "When sorting by series, use the language of the book to decide what leading articles to remove, just as is done for sorting by title"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Do not error out when the input document contains links with anchors not present in the document."
tickets: [1096428]
- title: "Add support for upgraded db on newest Kobo firmware"
tickets: [1095617]
- title: "PDF Output: Fix typo that broke use of custom paper sizes."
tickets: [1097563]
- title: "PDF Output: Handle empty anchors present at the end of a page"
- title: "PDF Output: Fix side margins of last page in a flow being incorrect when large side margins are used."
tickets: [1096290]
- title: "Edit metadata dialog: Allow setting the series number for custom series type columns to zero"
- title: "When bulk editing custom series-type columns and not provding a series number use 1 as the default, instead of None"
- title: "Catalogs: Fix issue with catalog generation using Hungarian UI and author_sort beginning with multiple letter groups."
tickets: [1091581]
- title: "PDF Output: Dont error out on files that have invalid font-family declarations."
tickets: [1096279]
- title: "Do not load QRawFont at global level, to allow calibre installation on systems with missing dependencies"
tickets: [1096170]
- title: "PDF Output: Fix cover not present in generated PDF files"
tickets: [1096098]
improved recipes:
- Sueddeutsche Zeitung mobil
- Boerse Online
- TidBits
- New York Review of Books
- Fleshbot
- Il Messaggero
- Libero
new recipes:
- title: Spectator Magazine, Oxford Mail and Outside Magazine
author: Krittika Goyal
- title: Libartes
author: Darko Miletic
- title: El Diplo
author: Tomas De Domenico
- version: 0.9.13
date: 2013-01-04
new features:
- title: "Complete rewrite of the PDF Output engine, to support links and fix various bugs"
type: major
description: "calibre now has a new PDF output engine that supports links in the text. It also fixes various bugs, detailed below. In order to implement support for links and fix these bugs, the engine had to be completely rewritten, so there may be some regressions."
- title: "Show disabled device plugins in Preferences->Ignored Devices"
- title: "Get Books: Fix Smashwords, Google books and B&N stores. Add Nook UK store"
- title: "Allow series numbers lower than -100 for custom series columns."
tickets: [1094475]
- title: "Add mass storage driver for rockhip based android smart phones"
tickets: [1087809]
- title: "Add a clear ratings button to the edit metadata dialog"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Fix custom page sizes not working on OS X"
- title: "PDF Output: Fix embedding of many fonts not supported (note that embedding of OpenType fonts with Postscript outlines is still not supported on windows, though it is supported on other operating systems)"
- title: "PDF Output: Fix crashes converting some books to PDF on OS X"
tickets: [1087688]
- title: "HTML Input: Handle entities inside href attributes when following the links in an HTML file."
tickets: [1094203]
- title: "Content server: Fix custom icons not used for sub categories"
tickets: [1095016]
- title: "Force use of non-unicode constants in compiled templates. Fixes a problem with regular expression character classes and probably other things."
- title: "Kobo driver: Do not error out if there are invalid dates in the device database"
tickets: [1094597]
- title: "Content server: Fix for non-unicode hostnames when using mDNS"
tickets: [1094063]
improved recipes:
- Today's Zaman
- The Economist
- Foreign Affairs
- New York Times
- Alternet
- Harper's Magazine
- La Stampa
- version: 0.9.12
date: 2012-12-28
new features:
- title: "Drivers for Kibano e-reader and Slick ER-700-2"
tickets: [1093570, 1093732]
- title: "Add support for downloading metadata from Amazon Brazil."
tickets: [1092594]
- title: "Copy to library: Allow specifying the destination library by path."
tickets: [1093231]
- title: "When adding empty books, allow setting of the series for the new books. Also select the newly added book records after adding."
- title: "PDF Output: Add a checkbox to override the page size defined by the output profile. This allows you to specify a custom page size even if the output profile is not set to default."
- title: "Add usb ids for newer kindle fire to the linux mtp driver"
bug fixes:
- title: "Linux: Temporarily redirect stdout to get rid of the annoying and pointless message about mtpz during libmtp initialization"
- title: "Fix multiple 'All column' coloring rules not being applied"
tickets: [1093574]
- title: "Use custom icons in the content server as well."
tickets: [1092098]
improved recipes:
- La Voce
- Harpers Magazine (printed edition)
- Pajamas Media
- NSFW corp
- The Hindu
- Nikkei News
new recipes:
- title: Various Ukranian news sources
author: rpalyvoda
- version: 0.9.11
date: 2012-12-21
new features:
- title: "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ☺"
- title: "When connecting to MTP devices such as the Kindle Fire HD or the Nook HD, speed up the process by ignoring some folders."
description: "calibre will now ignore folders for music, video, pictures, etc. when scanning the device. This can substantially speed up the connection process if you have thousands of non-ebook files on the device. The list of folders to be ignored can be customized by right clicking on the device icon in calibre and selecting 'Configure this device'."
- title: "Allow changing the icons for categories in the Tag Browser. Right click on a category and choose 'Change category icon'."
tickets: [1092098]
- title: "Allow setting the color of all columns with a single rule in Preferences->Look & Feel->Column Coloring"
- title: "MOBI: When reading metadata from mobi files, put the contents of the ASIN field into an identifier named mobi-asin. Note that this value is not used when downloading metadata as it is not possible to know which (country specific) amazon website the ASIN comes from."
tickets: [1090394]
bug fixes:
- title: "Windows build: Fix a regression in 0.9.9 that caused calibre to not start on some windows system that were missing the VC.90 dlls (some older XP systems)"
- title: "Kobo driver: Workaround for invalid shelves created by bugs in the Kobo server"
tickets: [1091932]
- title: "Metadata download: Fix cover downloading from non-US amazon sites broken by a website change."
tickets: [1090765]
improved recipes:
- Le Devoir
- Nin online
- countryfile
- Birmingham Post
- The Independent
- Various Polish news sources
new recipes:
- title: MobileBulgaria
author: Martin Tsanchev
- title: Various Polish news sources
author: fenuks
- version: 0.9.10
date: 2012-12-14
new features:
- title: "Drivers for Nextbook Premium 8 se, HTC Desire X and Emerson EM 543"
tickets: [1088149, 1088112, 1087978]
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix rich text delegate not working with Qt compiled in debug mode."
tickets: [1089011]
- title: "When deleting all books in the library, blank the book details panel"
- title: "Conversion: Fix malformed values in the bgcolor attribute causing conversion to abort"
- title: "Conversion: Fix heuristics applying incorrect style in some circumstances"
tickets: [1066507]
- title: "Possible fix for 64bit calibre not starting up on some Windows systems"
tickets: [1087816]
improved recipes:
- Sivil Dusunce
- Anchorage Daily News
- Le Monde
- Harpers
new recipes:
- title: Titanic
author: Krittika Goyal
- version: 0.9.9
date: 2012-12-07
new features:
- title: "64 bit build for windows"
type: major
description: "calibre now has a 64 bit version for windows, available at: The 64bit build is not limited to using only 3GB of RAM when converting large/complex documents. It may also be slightly faster for some tasks. You can have both the 32 bit and the 64 bit build installed at the same time, they will use the same libraries, plugins and settings."
- title: "Content server: Make the identifiers in each books metadata clickable."
tickets: [1085726]
bug fixes:
- title: "EPUB Input: Fix an infinite loop while trying to recover a damaged EPUB file."
tickets: [1086917]
- title: "KF8 Input: Fix handling of links in files that link to the obsolete <a name> tags instead of tags with an id attribute."
tickets: [1086705]
- title: "Conversion: Fix a bug in removal of invalid entries from the spine, where not all invalid entries were removed, causing conversion to fail."
tickets: [1086054]
- title: "KF8 Input: Ignore invalid flow references in the KF8 document instead of erroring out on them."
tickets: [1085306]
- title: "Fix command line output on linux systems with incorrect LANG/LC_TYPE env vars."
tickets: [1085103]
- title: "KF8 Input: Fix page breaks specified using the data-AmznPageBreak attribute being ignored by calibre."
- title: "PDF Output: Fix custom size field not accepting fractional numbers as sizes"
- title: "Get Books: Update and publio for website changes"
- title: "Wireless driver: Increase timeout interval, and when allocating a random port try 9090 first"
improved recipes:
- New York Times
- Weblogs SL
- Zaman Gazetesi
- Aksiyon Dergisi
- Endgadget
- Metro UK
- Heise Online
- version: 0.9.8
date: 2012-11-30
new features:
- title: "Add an option to show the cover size in the book details panel on the right. Option is in Preferences->Look & Feel->Book Details"
- title: "Kobo driver: Add support for firmware 2.2. Also add an option to send series information to the device."
description: "The newest Kobo firmware can display series information. Unfortunately, the Kobo does not read this information from the ebook file itself. It has to be sent separately after the Kobo has finished processing the new files. So you might have to connect - send books - disconnect and then re-connect for the series infor to show up. Fixes #1084388 (Add support for series on Kobo devices)"
- title: "Catalogs: Allow using custom columns as the source for Genres when generating catalogs"
- title: "When the user asks calibre to convert a book, show a small animation to highlight that the convert job has been queued to run in the background"
- title: "Add support for the notification center in OS X 10.8"
- title: "calibredb: Add an option to specify the cover to use when adding books with calibredb add."
tickets: [1083932]
- title: "EPUB Input: Add support for EPUB files with broken central directory records *and* data descriptors"
- title: "Comic metadata: Support reading metadata from cbr files. Also read the comments and published date info from the metadata."
tickets: [1082340]
- title: "Speed up processing of RAR and CBR files by avoiding an extra file copy"
- title: "Add driver for Nexus 10 on linux."
tickets: [1082563]
bug fixes:
- title: "KF8 Input: Handle invalid KF8 files with links pointing to non-existent locations and incorrect values in the div table."
tickets: [1082669]
- title: "Viewer: Fix handling of empty self closing tags."
tickets: [1083278]
- title: "Fix use of {formats} in save to disk templates. Fix some formatter functions causing plugboards to not validate."
- title: "Fix calibre quitting when minimized to system tray and an update available message is shown and then closed."
tickets: [1082630]
- title: "Viewer: Fix vertical margin at the top of the first page of a chapter incorrect in a certain rare circumstance (first child of body being an empty paragraph)."
tickets: [1082640]
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix bug that caused the default language for hyphenation to be ignored for books that do not specify a language"
improved recipes:
- Pro Physik
- Aachener Nachrichten
- Science News
- version: 0.9.7
date: 2012-11-23
new features:
- title: "Edit metadata dialog: Show the size of the current book cover in the edit metadata dialog."
tickets: [1079781]
- title: "Get Books: Allow easy searching by title and author in addition to any keyword, to prevent large numbers of spurious matches."
- title: "An option to automatically convert any added book to the current output format, found under Preferences->Adding books"
- title: "E-book viewer: Allow viewing tables in a separate popup window by right clicking on the table and selecting 'View table'. Useful for reference books that have lots of large tables."
tickets: [1080710]
- title: "Catalogs: Add the current library name as an available field when generating catalogs in csv/xml format."
tickets: [1078422]
- title: "Enable colored text in the output from the command line tools on windows"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to hide the help message when entering full screen mode"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to always start the viewer in full screen mode"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add many more controls to the context menu, particularly useful in full screen mode"
- title: "E-book viewer: Allow easy searching of the selected word or phrase in google via the context menu"
- title: "Add a new type of FileType plugin, postimport, that runs after a book has been added to the database."
- title: "Get Books: Remove Gandalf store, add Publio store. Update the Legimi store plugin for website changes"
bug fixes:
- title: "Conversion: Correctly handle values of left and right for the deprecated align attribute of images, mapping them to the CSS float property instead of to text-align."
tickets: [1081094]
- title: "MOBI Output: When generating joint MOBI6/KF8 files do not set incorrect display CSS values for tables in the KF8 part"
- title: "Connect to iTunes: Ignore AAC audio files."
tickets: [1081096]
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix restoring from fullscreen not respecting maximized window state"
- title: "Fix rows in the device books view sometimes being too high"
- title: "Catalogs: Fixed a problem occurring when merging comments with a custom field whose type is a list."
- title: "Linux binary: Use exec in the wrapper shell scripts that are used to set env vars and launch calibre utilities."
tickets: [1077884]
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix blank pages after every page when viewing some comic files in paged mode"
- title: "E-book viewer: When printing, respect the specified page range."
tickets: [1074220]
- title: "Font subsetting: Parse the GSUB table for glyph substitution rules and do not remove any glyphs that could act as substitutes. Keep zero length glyphs like the glyphs for non printable characters when subsetting TrueType outlines."
- title: "Smarten punctuation: Fix self closing script tags causing smarten punctuation to fail"
improved recipes:
- Arguments and facts
- Business Standard
- The New Yorker
new recipes:
- title: Various Czech and Hungarian news sources
author: bubak
- title: Various Polish recipes
author: Artur Stachecki
- title: Buchreport
author: a.peter
- title: Red Voltaire
author: atordo
- title: Autosport
author: Mr Stefan
- title: House News
author: Eddie Lau
- version: 0.9.6
date: 2012-11-10
new features:
- title: "Experimental support for subsetting fonts"
description: "Subsetting a font means reducing the font to contain only the glyphs for the text actually present in the book. This can easily halve the size of the font. calibre can now do this for all embedded fonts during a conversion. Turn it on via the 'Subset all embedded fonts' option under the Look & Feel section of the conversion dialog. calibre can subset both TrueType and OpenType fonts. Note that this code is very new and likely has bugs, so please check the output if you turn on subsetting. The conversion log will have info about the subsetting operations."
type: major
- title: "EPUB Input: Try to workaround EPUBs that have missing or damaged ZIP central directories. calibre should now be able to read/convert such an EPUB file, provided it does not suffer from further corruption."
- title: "Allow using identifiers in save to disk templates."
tickets: [1074623]
- title: "calibredb: Add an option to not notify the GUI"
- title: "Catalogs: Fix long tags causing catalog generation to fail on windows. Add the ability to cross-reference authors, i.e. to relist the authors for a book with multiple authors separately."
tickets: [1074931]
- title: "Edit metadata dialog: Add a clear tags button to remove all tags with a single click"
- title: "Add search to the font family chooser dialog"
bug fixes:
- title: "Windows: Fix a long standing bug in the device eject code that for some reason only manifested in 0.9.5."
tickets: [1075782]
- title: "Get Books: Fix Amazon stores, Google Books store and"
- title: "Kobo driver: More fixes for on device book matching, and list books as being on device even if the Kobo has not yet indexed them. Also some performance improvements."
tickets: [1069617]
- title: "EPUB Output: Remove duplicate id and name attributes to eliminate pointless noise from the various epub check utilities"
- title: "Ask for confirmation before removing plugins"
- title: "Fix bulk convert queueing dialog becoming very long if any of the books have a very long title."
tickets: [1076191]
- title: "Fix deleting custom column tags like data from the Tag browser not updating the last modified timestamp for affected books"
tickets: [1075476]
- title: "When updating a previously broken plugin, do not show an error message because the previous version of the plugin cannot be loaded"
- title: "Fix regression that broke the Template Editor"
improved recipes:
- Various updated Polish recipes
- London Review of Books
- Yemen Times
new recipes:
- title: "Various Polish news sources"
author: Artur Stachecki
- version: 0.9.5
date: 2012-11-02
new features:
- title: "Font embedding: Add support for the CSS 3 Fonts module, which means you can embed font families that have more that the usual four faces, with the full set of font-stretch and font-weight variations. Of course, whether the fonts actually show up on a reader will depend on the readers' support for CSS 3."
- title: "Sharing by email: Allow specifying an 'alias' or friendly name by which to identify each email recipient."
tickets: [1069076]
- title: "Embedding fonts: Allow adding ttf/otf font files to calibre directly to be used for embedding. That way the fonts do not have to be installed system wide. You can add a font to calibre via the 'Add fonts' button in the font chooser dialog for embedding fonts."
- title: "E-book viewer: Add the ability to rotate images to the popup image viewer."
tickets: [1073513]
- title: "Generate cover: Speedup searching the system for a font that can render special characters"
- title: "A new custom font scanner to locate all fonts on the system. Faster and less crash prone that fontconfig/freetype"
- title: "Font family chooser: Show the faces available for a family when clicking on the family"
bug fixes:
- title: "Get Books: Fix eHarlequin and Kobo stores."
tickets: [1072702]
- title: "Kobo driver: Fix a bug that could cause the on device book matching to fail in certain circumstances."
tickets: [1072437]
- title: "Kobo driver: When using a SD card do not delete shelves that contain on books on the card (there might be books in the shelf in the main memory)."
tickets: [1073792]
- title: "Workaround for bug in the windows API CreateHardLink function that breaks using calibre libraries on some networked filesystems."
- title: "Template editor: Use dummy metadata instead of blank/unknown values"
- title: "Windows: abort setting of title/author if any of the books' files are in use. Results in less surprising behavior than before, when the title/author would be changed, but the on disk location would not."
improved recipes:
- Financial Times UK
- Science AAAS
- The Atlantic
new recipes:
- title: "Pravda in english, italian and portuguese"
author: Darko Miletic
- title: "Delco Times"
author: Krittika Goyal
- version: 0.9.4
date: 2012-10-26
new features:
- title: "Conversion: Add an option to embed a font family into the book."
description: "The embedded font is used as the base font for all text that does not specify its own font family in the input document. Works only with output formats that support font embedding, principally EPUB/AZW3. Option is found under Look & Feel in the conversion dialog. You can ensure that the font is used for all text, regardless of the input document's styles by filtering out font family styles via the Filter Style Information option in the Conversion dialog."
type: major
- title: "When changing the title/author of a book, use hard links instead of copying the books' files, for a large speedup. Only works on filesystems that support hardlinks."
- title: "Linux installer: Resume interrupted downloads and verify the SHA-512 signature of the downloaded file before installing it."
bug fixes:
- title: "Windows: Check if any of the files of a book are in use before changing the title/author, this prevents the creation of duplicate files if one of the files is open in another program"
- title: "Kobo driver: Fix the ondevice status for some books getting lost."
tickets: [1069403]
- title: "Catalogs: Fix regression that broke use of prefix rules."
tickets: [1070086]
- title: "Tag Browser: Fix sorting incorrect for accented letters"
tickets: [1069835]
- title: "Make the bundled Liberation fonts available on all platforms for embedding"
- title: "Use mimetype for fonts from the EPUB 3 specification"
- title: "Get Books: Handle website change that broke the SONY Store plugin"
- title: "Generate cover: If the default font cannot render characters in the metadata (for example for east asian languages) try to automatically find a font on the system that is capable of rendering the characters"
- title: "Fix regression that broke certain types of CSS selectors."
tickets: [1068937]
- title: "Use font-weight:bold instead of font-weight:bolder for the <b> and <strong> tags as ADE cant handle bolder when embedded fonts are used"
improved recipes:
- New York Post
- PC World
- TIME Magazine
- Associated Press
new recipes:
- title: Yazihane
author: A Erdogan
- version: 0.9.3
date: 2012-10-19
new features:
- title: "Conversion: Add support for CSS 3 selectors by switching to the new cssselect module"
- title: "Drivers for the WayteQ xBook and the Topwise Android tablet"
tickets: [1066083,1067105]
- title: "Add an output profile for the Kindle PaperWhite"
- title: "Kobo driver: Improve performance when a large number of shelves are created on the device."
tickets: [1066633]
- title: "Catalogs: Put catalog sections at top level of ToC for EPUB/AZW3 catalogs."
- title: "Adding books: When duplicates are found, show the list of possible duplicates in calibre with title and author."
bug fixes:
- title: "KF8 Input: Fix conversion/viewing of KF8 files generated with the unreleased? kindlegen 2.7."
tickets: [1067310]
- title: "Kindle driver: Increase the size of the cover thumbnails sent by calibre to the device. This fixes the problem of cover thumbnails not showing up on the PaperWhite"
- title: "MTP driver: Fix sorting on the title column of the device view."
tickets: [1067562]
- title: "Catalogs: Fix regression that caused authors and titles to be be incorrectly listed under symbols on OSX < 10.8."
- title: "Catalogs: Fix error when generating catalog in non English locale and the user has specified a prefix rule using a Yes/no column."
tickets: [1065452]
- title: "E-book viewer: Remove the reload entry from the context menu as it is not supported in paged mode."
tickets: [1065615]
improved recipes:
- Richmond Times Dispatch
- Various Polish news sources
- Aksiyon dergisi
- Spektrum der Wissenschaft
- Zeit Online
- Baltimore Sun
- LWN Weekly
- The Sun
new recipes:
- title: Various Polish news sources
author: fenuks
- version: 0.9.2
date: 2012-10-11
new features:
- title: "Wireless driver: Speed up deleting of multiple books"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add options to hide the scrollbar and show reading position in full screen mode."
tickets: [1047450]
- title: "News download: Add a field to allow recipe authors to tell calibre to remove duplicate articles that a re present in more than one section from the download."
- title: "Metadata download: Turn off the use of the published date for the earliest edition a book as the published date. The earliest edition was identified via, which has rather poor data, leading to the occasional incorrect result. If you want this feature back, you can turn it on again via Preferences->Metadata download."
bug fixes:
- title: "ODT Input: More workarounds for the image positioning markup produced by newer versions of LibreOffice."
tickets: [1063207]
- title: "Metadata download dialog: Fix selected cover being changed when covers are re-sorted after download completes"
- title: "MTP driver: Ignore errors when getting the driveinfo.calibre file from the device and simply regenerate it"
- title: "E-book viewer: Use the system locale settings to display the 24/12 hour clock in full screen mode"
tickets: [1063209]
- title: "Content Server: Make OPDS initial page respect the fields to display tweak"
- title: "Fix regression that caused calibre to not use OPF files when adding books recursively from directories with multiple books per directory"
- title: "KF8 Output: Fix handling of input documents that have URL unsafe characters in the file names of their images."
tickets: [1062477]
- title: "Fix enumeration type custom column not being merged."
tickets: [1061602]
improved recipes:
- Pubblico Giornale
- Der Spiegel
- Shortlist
- Countryfile
- Cosmo UK
- The Sun UK
new recipes:
- title: PVP Online, Mobile Nations, The Verge and Television Without Pity
author: Krittika Goyal
- version: 0.9.1
date: 2012-10-05
new features:
- title: "New driver for the Kobo Touch version 2.0+ firmware and Kobo Glo and Mini. See for details"
tickets: [1024983,1059585]
- title: "Driver for Motorola Defy XT"
tickets: [1061903]
- title: "Wireless driver: Always use automatic metadata management, regardless of the setting in Preferences->Devices"
- title: "Sending books by email: Allow sending to multiple email addresses at once separated by commas."
tickets: [1052332]
- title: "KF8 Output: Add the css passed in through the extra css conversion option to the generated inline ToC."
tickets: [1052343]
- title: "Windows: No longer use fontconfig to scan the system for available fonts. Instead use the Windows API. Should fix crashes/instability caused by fonts that fontconfig cannot handle"
- title: "When editing a blank (undefined) published date in the edit metadata dialog, have the calendar popup jump to the current date instead of the date 1-1-101"
tickets: [1058531]
- title: "FB2 Input: Add support for th, code and strikethrough tags and also rowspan, colspan and align attributes."
tickets: [1059351,1058591]
bug fixes:
- title: "Get Books: Update Woblink"
- title: "Position the next selected book better after deleting multiple books from the library view"
tickets: [1051135]
- title: "Allow using the Enter key to select the cover in the metadata download dialog"
tickets: [1060472]
- title: "PDF Output: Handle embedded fonts better on linux"
- title: "HTML Input: Guess mimetype correctly for references to image files without file extensions."
tickets: [1059349]
- title: "Catalog generation: Workaround for bug in the ICU library on older OS X systems that caused catalog generation to fail when certain non-ascii characters are present in the metadata."
tickets: [1057862]
- title: "Wireless driver: Do not abort if BonJour registration fails, as we can still use broadcast to connect"
- title: "KF8 Output: Fix invalid output being generated for some files with very large blocks of contiguous non-ascii text"
improved recipes:
- FC Knudde
- Stamgaten
- Foreign Policy
- Washington Post
- Twitch Films
- Nature News
new recipes:
- title: IOL News and The New Age
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.9.0
date: 2012-09-28
new features:
- title: "For a summary of the major changes in calibre between 0.8 and 0.9, see"
type: major
bug fixes:
- title: "KF8 Output: Fix handling of &amp; &lt; and &gt; entities in the text. They were sometimes being incorrectly unescaped."
- title: "Calibre portable: Add a manifest to the portable installer exe to prevent the application compatibility wizard from warning about a possible failed installation on windows 7. Also fixes installer requiring admin privileges on some computers"
tickets: [1057042]
- title: "EPUB metadata: Fix book producer not being set when updating EPUB metadata"
- title: "EPUB metadata: Fix incorrect namespace on the role attribute of <dc:creator> tags when updating the metadata in EPUB"
- title: "Get Books: Fix incorrect price retrieval from"
tickets: [1055785]
- title: "MTP windows driver: Fix main memory and storage card sometimes swapped"
tickets: [1055129]
- title: "PDF Output: On windows, remove any embedded fonts before generating the PDF as on windows, Qt generates image based PDFs when embedded fonts are present."
tickets: [1053906]
- title: "MTP windows driver: Do not try to connect to unsuitable devices such as the iPhone."
tickets: [1054562]
- title: "KF8 Input: Handle files that use non ascii paths/anchor names in the guide entries."
tickets: [1053751]
new recipes:
- title: Pubblico Giornale
author: iusvar
improved recipes:
- Monitor Online
- El Pais
- Chronicle of Higher Education
- Baltimore Sun
- Mac World
- Maximum PC
- Financial Times UK
- version: 0.8.70
date: 2012-09-21
new features:
- title: "Support for connecting MTP (non disk based) devices via USB, such as the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD (Windows Vista and newer and Linux only)"
type: major
description: "calibre can now detect and connect to devices that do not present themselves as USB disks to the operating system. Newer Android devices all use the 'MTP' protocol when connected via USB. calibre now supports devices using this protocol on both Windows (Vista and newer) and Linux."
- title: "Calibre Portable: Create a new installer that does not require manually unzipping the Calibre Portable folder. Instead just run the installer and point it to the location you want to install to."
- title: "Calibre Portable: Add support for multiple libraries created inside the 'Calibre Portable' folder."
- title: "In the main book list when editing a blank published date, use a default value of Jan 2000 so that changing the date it easier"
- title: "Template language: Add function approximate_formats() to get list of formats saved in the db for a book as opposed to the formats that actually exist on disk"
- title: "Template language: Add a couple of new functions to get the path to individual book formats and the calibre library as a whole"
- title: "Drivers for HTC Flyer and Trekstor 4ink"
bug fixes:
- title: "Conversion: Do not error out when tags have unparseable color attributes."
tickets: [1053583]
- title: "AZW3 Output: Do not error out if the input document contains embedded fonts of less than 1040 bytes."
tickets: [1052892]
- title: "Catalogs: Fix AZW3 output not properly indexed"
- title: "Get Books: Remove Beam Books due to lack of response to issues with the store."
- title: "Windows: Ignore drives A: and B: when scanning for the drives belonging to a device"
- title: "Kindle driver: Fix generation of apnx files for newer kindle firmware."
- title: "News download: If the output format is set to azw3, generate periodicals in mobi format as amazon does not support azw3 periodicals."
improved recipes:
- Indian Express
- Anadtech
- London Review of Books (subscrption version)
- Livemint
- xkcd
- Doghouse Diaries
new recipes:
- title: Various Hungarian recipes
author: laca
- title: NSFW Corp
author: Darko Miletic.
- title: FC Knudde and Stamgasten
author: drMerry
- version: 0.8.69
date: 2012-09-14
new features:
- title: "E-book viewer: Add a button to the toolbar to switch themes easily"
tickets: [1047992]
- title: "When downloading metadata for many books, if some of them fail, add an option to the downloaded message to show the failed books in the main book list, so that they can be individually processed easily"
- title: "Remember last used window size of the conversion dialogs."
tickets: [1049265]
- title: "Kindle driver: Turn on sending of azw3 files to kindles by default, since the KK now has azw3 support"
- title: "Conversion: Add support for CSS pseudo classes :hover, :link, :visited, :first-line, :focus, :active, :first-letter"
- title: "Wireless device driver: Make the default save template not use folders"
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix a regression in th previous release that broke sending of books to the second SD card in SONY readers"
tickets: [1047992]
- title: "Fix a memory leak when scanning for devices in windows"
- title: "Ebook-viewer: When displaying mathematics, reflow equations that dont fit on a single line"
- title: "Catalogs: Do not mark the AZW3 catalog as a periodical, as most Kindle devices cannot handle AZW3 periodicals"
- title: "Content server: When using a custom IP address to listen on via Preferences->Tweaks advertise that IP address via BonJour."
- title: "Fix ebook catalog generation on linux systems where the encoding is not UTF-8."
tickets: [1048404]
improved recipes:
- De Volksrant
- Metro UK
- Countryfile
- Die Zeit (subscription)
- Birmingham post
new recipes:
- title: History Today
author: Rick Shang
- version: 0.8.68
date: 2012-09-07
new features:
- title: "Drivers for the Nokia N9, Viewsonic 7e, Prestigio PER3274B and Coby Kyros 7035 "
tickets: [1046794,1046544]
- title: "Add a tutorial on creating catalogs to the User Manual and a link to it in the create catalogs dialog"
- title: "Wireless device connections: Add an option to force calibre to listen on a particular IP address. Access it by customizing the plugin in Preferences->Plugins"
- title: "Android driver: Add an extra customization option to configure the directory to which ebooks are sent on the storage cards."
tickets: [1045045]
- title: "Add an option under Preferences->Look & Feel->Book Details to hide the cover in the book details panel"
- title: "The Calibre Companion Android app that allows wireless connection of Android device to calibre is out of beta. See"
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix sorting by author not working in the device view in calibre when connected to iTunes"
tickets: [1044619]
- title: "Fix using the 'configure this device' menu action not validating settings"
- title: "Device drivers: Ignore corrupted entries in metadata.calibre, instead of raising an error"
- title: "PDF Output: Do not error out when generating an outline which points to pages that have been removed."
tickets: [1044799]
- title: "PDF Output: Fix incorrect page numbers being generated in the outline when converting some books"
- title: "PDF Output: Reduce memory consumption when writing out the PDF file, by using a stream"
- title: "EPUB metadata: When there are multiple <dc:date> tags use the one with the earliest date as the published date"
improved recipes:
- Wall Street journal (subscription version)
- Houston Chronicle
- Various Romanian news sources
- Business Week Magazine
- Arcamax
- version: 0.8.67
date: 2012-08-31
new features:
- title: "PDF Output: Generate a PDF Outline based on the Table of Contents of the input document"
- title: "Conversion: Add an option under Structure Detection to set the 'Start reading at' metadata with an XPath expression."
tickets: [1043233]
- title: "Speed up changing the title and author of files with books larger than 3MB by avoiding an unnecessary extra copy."
- title: "Wireless device driver: Make detecting and connecting to devices easier on networks where mdns is disabled"
- title: "PDF Output: Allow choosing the default font family and size when generating PDF files (under PDF Options) in the conversion dialog"
- title: "Metadata dialog: Comments editor: Allow specifying the name of a link when using the insert link button."
tickets: [1042683]
- title: "Remove the unmaintained pdfmanipulate command line utility. There are many other tools that provide similar functionality, for example, pdftk and podofo"
bug fixes:
- title: "Catalogs: Fix regression that broke sorting of non series titles before series titles"
- title: "PDF Output: Do not create duplicate embedded fonts in the PDF for every individual HTML file in the input document"
- title: "Fix regression that broke DnD of files having a # character in their names to the book details panel"
- title: "PDF Output: Allow generating PDF files with more than 512 pages on windows."
tickets: [1041614]
- title: "Fix minor bug in handling of the completion popups when using the next/previous buttons in the edit metadata dialog"
ticket: [1041389]
improved recipes:
- Coding Horror
- TIME Magazine
new recipes:
- title: Cumhuriyet Yzarlar
author: Sethi Eksi
- title: Arcadia
author: Masahiro Hasegawa
- title: Business Week Magazine and Chronicle of Higher Education
author: Rick Shang
- title: CIPER Chile
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.8.66
date: 2012-08-24
new features:
- title: "E-book viewer: Support the display of mathematics in e-books. Supports both embedded TeX and MathML"
description: "The calibre ebook viewer can now display embedded mathematics (symbols, equations, fractions, matrices, etc.) in EPUB and HTML ebooks. For details, see:"
type: major
- title: "Drivers for SONY PRS-T2, Freelander PD10 and Coolreader Tablet"
tickets: [1039103]
- title: "Wireless device connections: Use a streamed mode for improved networking performance leading to much less time spent sending metadata to/from the device. Also make it easier to specify a fixed port directly in the dialog used to start the connection."
- title: "Get books: Add"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Handle input epub documents with filenames starting with a dot. Also do not hang if there is an unhandled error."
tickets: [1040603]
- title: "Get Books: Update B&N plugin to handle changes to the B&N website"
- title: "Content server: Fix regression that caused the port being advertised via BonJour to be incorrect if the user changed the port for the server."
tickets: [1037912]
improved recipes:
- Variety
- The Times UK
new recipes:
- title: Le Monde subscription version
author: Remi Vanicat
- title: Brecha Digital
author: Darko Miletic
- version: 0.8.65
date: 2012-08-17
new features:
- title: "A new wireless device driver. This allows connecting wirelessly to a device running a 'smart' calibre client"
description: "The wireless connection functions just as if the device was plugged into the computer by USB cable. Currently, Android devices are supported. See"
type: major
- title: "MOBI Output: Add an option to control the type of MOBI file produced, to the MOBI Output conversion options. You can now generate an old MOBI6, a new KF8 or a joint MOBI6/KF8 file. By default, MOBI6 files are generated. This replaces the previous use of a tweak."
- title: "E-book viewer: Make paged mode the default. You can go back to the old flow mode by clicking the button with the yellow scroll in the top right corner of the viewer."
- title: "Driver for COBY kYROS MID7042 and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5839i"
bug fixes:
- title: "Update version of poppler bundled with calibre to fix reading covers from some PDF files"
- title: "Get Books: Fix clicking of results from Diesel books when there is only a single result not working"
- title: "Improve detection of system language on first run of calibre"
tickets: [1036354]
- title: "When finding the next series index and the last series index is a fractional number, use the next largest integer, instead of just adding 1"
- title: "Fix exception when saving a search/replace when no saved search/replace had been opened previously in the bulk search/replace dialog"
tickets: [1036464]
- title: "Fix restore database not restoring entries for the original_* formats"
- title: "Fix first run wizard not allowing empty email sending settings"
tickets: [1036358]
- title: "Do not error out when setting the cover for a book that has no folders in the library."
tickets: [1035935]
- title: "Conversion pipeline: Ignore unparseable values in the color attribute of font tags, instead of erroring out on them."
tickets: [1035633]
- title: "Catalogs: Fix regression that broke creation of catalogs while a device is connected"
- title: "Fix --with-library=/whatever not working for calibredb list"
improved recipes:
- Slashdot
- Various Canadian newspapers
- Business Spectator
- version: 0.8.64
date: 2012-08-09
new features:
- title: "E-book viewer: Allow viewing images in the book in a separate pop-up window by right clicking on the image. Useful if you want to keep some image, like a map to the side while reading the book."
- title: "Catalogs: Allow generation of catalogs in AZW3 format. Also add more powerful configuration options to exclude books and set prefixes. See for details."
- title: "Generate a PDF version of the User Manual"
bug fixes:
- title: "News download: Fix broken handling of nesting for HTML 5 tags when parsing with BeautifulSoup"
- title: "EPUB: Handle files in the EPUB that have semi-colons in their file names. This means in particular using URL escaping when creating the NCX as ADE cannot handle unescaped semi-colons in the NCX."
tickets: [1033665]
- title: "Conversion pipeline: Ignore unparseable CSS instead of erroring out on it."
tickets: [1034074]
- title: "When setting up a column coloring rule based on the languages column, allow entry of localized language names instead of only ISO codes"
- title: "Catalogs: Generate cover for mobi/azw3 catalogs"
- title: "Update the last modified column record of a book, whenever a format is added to the book."
- title: "E-book viewer: Fix line scrolling stops at breaks option not working in paged mode"
tickets: [1033430]
- title: "MOBI Output: Fix ToC at start option having no effect when converting some input documents that have an out-of-spine ToC."
tickets: [1033656]
- title: "Catalog Generation: When generating EPUB/MOBI catalogs add more flexible rules for excluding books. Also add rules to customize the prefix characters used."
- title: "Make setting published date using metadata search/replace more robust."
- title: "Tag Browser: Flatten the display of sub-groups when sort by is not set to 'name'."
tickets: [1032746]
- title: "Fix isbn:false not matching if other identifiers are attached to the book."
improved recipes:
- The New Republic
- ZDNet
- Metro UK
new recipes:
- title:
author: Artur Stachecki
- title: Sueddeutsche Mobil
author: Andreas Zeiser
- version: 0.8.63
date: 2012-08-02
new features:
- title: "E-book viewer: Allow quick saving and loading of viewer settings as 'themes'."
tickets: [1024611]
- title: "Ebook-viewer: Add a restore defaults button to the viewer preferences dialog"
- title: "E-book viewer: Add simple settings for text and background colors"
- title: "Add an entry to save to disk when right clicking a format in the book details panel"
- title: "ODT metadata: Read first image as the metadata cover from ODT files. Also allow ODT authors to set custom properties for extended metadata."
- title: "E-book viewer and PDF Output: Resize images that are longer than the page to fit onto a single page"
bug fixes:
- title: "KF8 Output: Fix bug where some calibre generated KF8 files would cause the Amazon KF8 viewer on the Touch to go to into an infinite loop when using the next page function"
tickets: [1026421]
- title: "News download: Add support for <img> tags that link to SVG images."
tickets: [1031553]
- title: "Update podofo to 0.9.1 in all binary builds, to fix corruption of some PDFs when updating metadata."
tickets: [1031086]
- title: "Catalog generation: Handle authors whose last name is a number."
- title: "KF8 Input: Handle html entities in the NCX toc entries correctly"
- title: "Fix a calibre crash that affected some windows installs"
tickets: [1030234]
- title: "MOBI Output: Normalize unicode strings before writing to file, to workaround lack of support for non-normal unicode in Amazon's MOBI renderer."
tickets: [1029825]
- title: "EPUB Input: Handle files that have duplicate entries in the spine"
- title: "Fix regression in Kobo driver that caused the on device column to not be updated after deleting books"
new recipes:
- title: Dziennik Polski
author: Gregorz Maj
- title: High Country Blogs
author: Armin Geller
- title: Philosophy Now
author: Rick Shang
- version: 0.8.62
date: 2012-07-27
new features:
- title: "Book details panel: Allow right clicking on a format to delete it."
- title: "When errors occur in lots of background jobs, add an option to the error message to temporarily suppress subsequent error messages."
tickets: [886904]
- title: "E-book viewer full screen mode: Allow clicking in the left and right page margins to turn pages."
tickets: [1024819]
- title: "Drivers for various Android devices"
tickets: [1028690,1027431]
- title: "Advanced search dialog: When starting on the title/author/etc. tab, restore the previously used search kind as well."
tickets: [1029745]
- title: "When presenting the calibre must be restarted warning after installing a new plugin, add a restart now button so that the user can conveniently restart calibre. Currently only works when going vie Preferences->Plugins->Get new plugins"
bug fixes:
- title: "Fix main window layout state being saved incorrectly if calibre is killed without a proper shutdown"
- title: "Fix boolean and date searching in non english calibre installs."
- title: "Conversion: Ignore invalid chapter detection and level n ToC expressions instead of erroring out"
improved recipes:
- Psychology Today
- The Smithsonian
- The New Republic
- Various updated Polish news sources
- The Sun
- San Francisco Bay Guardian
- AnandTech
- Smashing Magazine
new recipes:
- title: Linux Journal and
author: fenuks
- title: A list apart and .net magazine
author: Marc Busque
- version: 0.8.61
date: 2012-07-20
new features:
- title: "E-book viewer: Add a paged mode that splits up the text into pages, like in a paper book instead of presenting it as a single column. To activate click the button with the yellow scroll icon in the top right corner."
type: major
description: "In paged mode, the ebook viewer no longer cuts off the last line of text at the bottom of the screen, and it respects CSS page-break directives. You can also set page margins and control the number of pages displayed on screen by clicking the Preferences button in the viewer and going to 'Text layout in paged mode'."
- title: "Digitally sign the calibre OS X and windows builds"
- title: "Get Books: Add Mills and Boon UK"
- title: "Various minor improvements to the Bulk metadata edit dialog"
tickets: [1025825, 1025838, 1025628]
- title: "Fix various regression in the auto-complete functionality for authors/series/tags etc introduced in 0.8.60"
- title: "Drivers for various new Android devices"
tickets: [1024934]
- title: "MOBI: Add support for the new language EXTH header field in MOBI files generated by kindlegen 2.5"
bug fixes:
- title: "KF8 Output: Fix calibre produced KF8 files not showing the 'Use publisher font' option on the Kindle Touch when they have embedded fonts"
- title: "Txt/fb2/rtf/pml/rb output: Fix non-visibile element's tail text (which should be visible) is being ignored when it shouldn't."
tickets: [1026541]
- title: "Book details panel: When displaying a link to amazon, use a country specific name like instead of using for all countries"
- title: "Conversion: When splitting on page breaks, ignore page-breaks with values of auto and inherit. "
tickets: [1018875]
- title: "Metadata jacket: Specify foreground in addition to the background color for the title banner so that it remain readable if the user tries to monkey with the CSS in the viewer."
- title: "PDF Output: Fix rendering of cover as first age of PDF (ignore margins so that the image covers the entire page)"
- title: "Linux binaries: Bundle libglib to avoid incompatibilities with glib on various distros."
tickets: [1022019]
- title: "Fix find_identical_books() choking on books with too many authors"
improved recipes:
- Toronto Star
- American Prospect
- version: 0.8.60
date: 2012-07-13
new features:
- title: "When searching, allow use of un-accented characters to match accented characters in all fields and all languages (not just authors and English as before)"
description: "The rules for matching un-accented characters are done in a language dependent way. So if your calibre interface language is set to English, n will match both n and ñ, but if it is set to Spanish, it will match only n, as in Spanish ñ is a separate alphabet in Spanish. This makes searching a little slower, so if you have a very large library you can turn it off via Preferences->Searching."
type: major
- title: "Content server: Show a best guess for the IP address the content server is currently listening at in the connect/share menu."
tickets: [1024128]
- title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to show a clock in full screen mode."
tickets: [1022086]
- title: "Drivers for Paquito Imaginarium and a few Android phones"
tickets: [1024021,1023613,1023461,1022401]
- title: "HTMLZ Output: Add option to use the book title as the filename for the html file inside the archive"
- title: "Make the list of displayed fields in the book details panel a per library setting"
- title: "Have autocomplete on authors/series/tags/etc. ignore accented characters when finding matches (similar to the changes to search above)"
- title: "Support for retina displays in OS X (I hope)"
tickets: [1022191]
- title: "Remove the dependency on the zip command line tool when developing plugins"
bug fixes:
- title: "Kobo driver: Do not perform write operations on the Kobo database if its version is newer than the latest version the driver supports, for safety"
- title: "KF8 Input: Ignore encoding declarations inside the html markup, as they are sometimes incorrect."
tickets: [1022933]
- title: "Force refresh of cached composite column values when values in the cache are changed"
- title: "Fix a regression that broke calibre --shutdown-running-calibre on windows."
tickets: [1022504]
- title: "Possible workaround for Qt 4.8.2 open file dialog failing on some linux distros."
tickets: [1022019]
- title: "Catalogs: Fix some epubcheck errors when generating catalogs in EPUB format"
- title: "Linux installer: When calling the xdg utilities use system libraries rather than the libraries bundled with calibre"
- title: "Fix numeric sort for composite custom columns that use custom separators"
tickets: [1021814]
- title: "Tag browser: When grouping by first letter, handle languages that have 'letters' made of more than one character. This can be turned off via Preferences->Tweaks"
improved recipes:
- Hola magazine
- Adventure Gamers
- Cosmopolitan UK
- Onda Rock
new recipes:
- title: Empire Magazine
author: Dave Asbury
- title: NZZ Folio
author: Bernd Leinfelder
- title: Warentest
author: asdfdsfksd
- version: 0.8.59
date: 2012-07-06
new features:
- title: "Drivers for Samsung SGH-T989 and Sony Ericsson Sola"
tickets: [1021365]
- title: "Conversion pipeline: When removing the first image, also remove the html file the image is found in, if that file has no other content. Allows this option to be used to remove covers from EPUB files without leaving behind a blank page."
- title: "Content server: Add a navigation panel at the bottom of each page."
tickets: [1020225]
- title: "calibredb: Add a backup_metadata command to manually run the backup to opf from the command line"
- title: "User defined driver: Add option to swap main memory and card a."
tickets: [1020056]
- title: "Add new option to the series_index_auto_increment tweak, no_change, that causes calibre not to change the series_index when the series is changed"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Resize large images so that they do not get off at the right edge of the page."
- title: "On linux ensure that WM_CLASS for the main calibre GUI is set to 'calibre-gui' to match the name of the calibre-gui.desktop file. This is apparently required by the GNOME 3 shell."
tickets: [1020297]
- title: "Update ICU in all builds to version 49.1"
- title: "Tag browser: Fix regression that broke drag and drop between user categories in the tag browser"
- title: "When copying to library and deleting after copy, do not place deleted files in recycle bin, as this is redundant and slow (they have already been copied into another library)"
- title: "Fix yes/no fields with value of No not showing up in the book details panel"
- title: "Catalogs: Better sorting for non English languages"
tickets: [930882]
- title: "Get Books: Fix Foyles UK, Weightless books, and"
- title: "CHM Input: Fix handling of chm files that split their html into multiple sub-directories."
tickets: [1018792]
improved recipes:
- The Age
- weblogs_ssl
new recipes:
- title: CATO Institute and Heritage Foundation
author: _reader
- version: 0.8.58
date: 2012-06-29
new features:
- title: "Add some texture to calibre generated covers"
- title: "Drivers for Sogo SS-4370, HTC G2 and Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet"
tickets: [1019050, 1017010]
- title: "Add search to the Manage tags/series/etc. dialogs"
- title: "News download: Add support for images embedded in the HTML"
- title: "calibre -s now waits for calibre to shutdown"
bug fixes:
- title: "Workaround for iTunes breaking scripting with version 10.6.3 on OS X."
tickets: [1012243]
- title: "EPUB Input: When there are multiple elements of the same type in the OPF guide, use the first rather than the last element."
- title: "Windows: Disable the new UI style if the color depth of the desktop is less than 32 bits per pixel"
- title: "ISBNDB metadata plugin: Return results even though they have no comments"
- title: "More robust handling of EINTR during IPC"
- title: "Metadata download: Support for amazon's new results page markup"
- title: "EPUB Output: Fix a bug that could cause corrupted output when doing an EPUB/OEB to EPUB conversion if the input EPUB had multiple files with the same name"
- title: "KF8 Output: Fix a couple of bugs that could lead to generation of invalid KF8 files."
tickets: [1016672]
improved recipes:
- ABC Digital
- O Globo
new recipes:
- title: Sign of the Times and New Statesman
author: TerminalVeracity
- title: CT24
author: zoidozoido
- title: SmileZilla
author: Will
- title: Marketing Sensoriale
author: NotTaken
- version: 0.8.57
date: 2012-06-22
new features:
- title: "PDF Output: Full pagination support. No more cutoff bottom line."
type: major
description: "Fixes a long standing bug in calibre's PDF Output that caused the bottom line of some pages to be partially cut off and prevented top and bottom margins from working."
- title: "calibredb add now prints out the ids of added books"
tickets: [1014303]
- title: "Kobo Vox driver: Add support for new Google Play firmware"
tickets: [1014129]
- title: "Driver for Prestigio PMP5097PRO"
tickets: [1013864]
- title: "Add option to disable tooltips in the book list under Preferences->Look & Feel"
- title: "When customizing builtin recipes download the latest version of the recipe to customize instead of using the possibly out of date bundled version"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Output: Use the cover from the input document when no cover is specified during a conversion"
- title: "E-book Viewer: Printing now has proper pagination with top and bottom margins no lines partially cut-off at the bottom and full style retention"
- title: "KF8 Input: Handle files with incorrectly encoded guide type entries."
tickets: [1015020]
- title: "E-book viewer: Disable hyphenation on windows xp as Qt WebKit barfs on soft hyphens on windows XP"
- title: "Handle OS X systems with invalid palette colors."
tickets: [1014900]
- title: "Tag Browser: Fix regression that broke partitioning of hierarchical categories."
tickets: [1014065]
- title: "LRF Output: Handle negative page margins"
tickets: [1014103]
- title: "Template language: Fix arithmetic functions to tolerate the value 'None' as returned by raw_field()"
- title: "Fix custom title sort set in the edit metadata dialog getting reset by the conversion dialog"
improved recipes:
- The Economist
- Akter
- 24 Sata sr
- Novi List
- Metro Montreal
- Mode Durable
- CanardPC
- The Economic Collapse
- Our Daily Bread
new recipes:
- title: Akter Daily
author: Darko MIletic
- title: BBC Brasil
author: Claviola
- title:
author: rainbowwarrior
- title: National Geographic Magazine
author: Terminal Veracity
- title: Something Awful
author: atordo
- title: Huffington Post UK
author: Krittika Goyal
- version: 0.8.56
date: 2012-06-15
new features:
- title: "Make the new calibre style default on Windows and OS X."
type: major
description: "This change gives a more 'modern' feel to the calibre user interface with focus highlighting, gradients, rounded corners, etc. In case you prefer the old look, you can restore under Preferences->Look & Feel->User interface style"
- title: "Get Books: Add the new SONY Reader store"
- title: "Read metadata from .docx (Microsoft Word) files"
- title: "Allow customizing the behavior of the searching for similar books by right clicking the book. You can now tell calibre to search different columns than the traditional author/series/publisher/tags/etc. in Preferences->Searching"
- title: "Add option to restore alternating row colors to the Tag Browser under Preferences->Look & Feel->Tag Browser"
- title: "Update to Qt 4.8.2 on windows compiled with link time code generation for a small performance boost"
bug fixes:
- title: "Get Books: Update plugins to handle website changes at, project gutenberg, and virtualo"
- title: "AZW3 Output: Fix TOC at start option not working"
- title: "AZW3 Output: Close self closing script/style/title/head tags explicitly as they cause problems in webkit based renderers like the Kindle Fire and calibre's viewers."
- title: "Fix the current_library_name() template function not updating after a library switch"
- title: "AZW3 Output: Handle the case of a link pointing to the last line of text in the document."
tickets: [1011330]
- title: "Fix regression in 0.8.55 that broke highlighting of items matching a search in the Tag Browser"
tickets: [1011030]
- title: "News download: Handle query only relative URLs"
improved recipes:
- Christian Science Monitor
- Neue Zurcher Zeitung
- Birmignham Post
- Metro UK
- New Musical Express
- The Independent
- The Daily Mirror
- Vreme
- Smithsonian Magazine
new recipes:
- title: NZZ Webpaper
author: Bernd Leinfelder
- version: 0.8.55
date: 2012-06-08
new features:
- title: "Add a new 'Calibre style' interface look that is more modern than the default look. You can select it via Preferences->Look & Feel->User interface style."
- title: "New, subtler look for the Tag Browser"
- title: "Driver for Trekstor Pyrus and Pantech Android Tablet"
tickets: [1008946, 1007929]
- title: "Conversion pipeline: Handle guide elements with incorrectly cased hrefs. Also handle guide elements of type coverimagestandard and thumbimagestandard."
- title: "Allow user to customize trekstor plugin to send books into sub directories."
tickets: [1007646]
- title: "EPUB Input: Add support for EPUB files that use the IDPF font obfuscation algorithm. Apparently, people have started producing these now."
tickets: [1008810]
- title: "Save single format to disk: Only show the format available in the selected books."
tickets: [1007287]
bug fixes:
- title: "MOBI Output: When using the insert metadata at start of book option, do not use a table to layout the metadata, as the Kindle Fire crashes when rendering the table."
tickets: [1002119]
- title: "Device detection: Fix a bug that could cause device detection to fail completely if devices with certain vendor/product ids are connected."
tickets: [1009718]
- title: "MOBI Output: When rasterizing svgs only compute style information when an actual svg image is present. Small speedup when converting large svg-free documents to MOBI."
- title: "SONY T1 driver: Fix support for collections of books placed on the SD card"
tickets: [986044]
- title: "Fix partitioning problems in tag browser with fields that have no name, such as identifiers and formats"
- title: "Welcome wizard: Preferentially use the kindle email address set as default when more than one such address exists."
tickets: [1007932 ]
- title: "Fix regression in 0.8.54 that broke the use of the shortcut Alt+A to select books by the same author"
improved recipes:
- Various Polish recipes
- Vice Magazine
- EL Mundo Today
- Haaretz
- Good Housekeeping
- El Pais
- Christian Science Monitor
- Marketing Magazine
- Instapaper
new recipes:
- title: Various Philippine news sources
author: jde
- title: and
author: fenuks
- title:
author: timtoo
- version: 0.8.54
date: 2012-05-31
new features:
- title: "E-book viewer: The Table of contents panel now tracks the current position in the book. As you scroll through the book, the entry you are currently on is highlighted."
type: major
description: "To see this feature in action, open the Table of Contents panel in the viewer by clicking the button with three blue lines on it. As you page through the book, the chapter you are reading currently is highlighted in the Table of Contents Panel. Obviously, this will only work if the book you are reading has a Table of Contents. You can also use the Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn keys to quickly skip between chapters."
- title: "calibredb: Allow setting metadata for individual fields with the set_metadata command"
- title: "Make it a little harder to accidentally change the sorting of items in the Tag Browser. Also frees up more vertical space for the Tag Browser itself."
- title: "The calibre user manual is now available in AZW3 format as well as EPUB"
bug fixes:
- title: "Automatic titlecasing: No longer try to capitalize scottish names, as there are too many special cases."
tickets: [775825]
- title: "Never crash when reading metadata from PDF files (reading now always happens in a worker process)"
tickets: [1006452]
- title: "EPUB Input: Do no skip the valid children of an NCX node that has no text/href"
- title: "Archos driver: Detect SD card"
tickets: [1005650]
- title: "When bulk downloading metadata and the user deletes one of the books for which metadata is being downloaded, just ignore it, instead of erroring out"
- title: "When deleting books from the bottom of the booklist, ensure that the bottom book after deleting is selected"
- title: "Fix regression in 0.8.53 that broke sending APNX files to older Kindle devices"
- title: "Use correct text color for selected rows in the list of matches when downloading metadata and showing results in get books."
tickets: [1004568]
improved recipes:
- The Independent
- Welt der Physik
- China Daily
- The Grid
- Prospect Magazine
new recipes:
- title: La gazetta del Mezzogiorno
author: faber1971
- version: 0.8.53
date: 2012-05-25
new features:
- title: "Kindle Touch/4 driver: Upload cover thumbnails when sending books to device by USB to workaround Amazon bug of not displaying covers for sync-enabled books"
- title: "Support for updating metadata in FB2 files"
- title: "Set a different background color when choosing formats to not delete as opposed to choosing format to delete."
tickets: [ 1001741 ]
- title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to prevent the up and down arrow keys from scrolling past page breaks"
- title: "Get Books: Remove at the website's request"
bug fixes:
- title: "PDF Input: Support image rotation commands in PDF files. Fixes the long standing problem of some images being flipped when converting from PDF in calibre."
- title: "Fix a regression in 0.8.51 that caused conversion to HTMLZ to not have any CSS"
- title: "Get Books: Fix website change at causing prices not to be found"
- title: "Edit the time in the 24 hour clock when calibre's interface language is set to German."
tickets: [ 1001809 ]
- title: "MOBI Output: When generating joint KF8/MOBI6 .mobi files set the text length field in the MOBI 6 header correctly. "
tickets: [ 1003489 ]
- title: "ODT Input: More workarounds for LibreOffice 3.5's habit of inserting pointless margin:100% directives everywhere."
tickets: [ 1002702 ]
- title: "Fix regression that broke smarten punctuation when quotes were next to html tags."
tickets: [ 998900 ]
- title: "Fix published date from wrong in some timezones"
tickets: [ 975338 ]
- title: "Catalogs: Handle the use of custom columns with non-ascii names correctly"
tickets: [1001437]
- title: "Conversion pipeline: Remove the attempt to detect and autocorrect if text will go off the left edge of the page, as it was a rather crude heuristic. Also do not remove fake margins if the book uses negative text indents on the margined elements."
- title: "KF8 Output: Set offsets to tags in the skeleton the same way kindlegen does. Also linearize non linear ToCs to ensure section to section jumping works."
- title: "Conversion pipeline: Use correct default value of 'inherit' for font-family and font-size when normalizing the shorthand font property."
- title: "When running python scripts via calibre-debug ensure that user plugins are loaded"
improved recipes:
- Business Week Magazine
- Metro Nieuws NL
new recipes:
- title:
author: Marc Busque
- title:
author: Damian Granowski
- title:
author: Dave ASbury
- title: National Geographic (es)
author: vakya
- version: 0.8.52
date: 2012-05-18
new features:
- title: "EPUB Input: When setting the cover for a book that identifies its cover image, but not the html wrapper around the cover, try to detect and remove that wrapper automatically."
tickets: [ 999959 ]
- title: "When deleting books of a specific format, show the number of books with each format available"
- title: "Linux install: No longer create MAN pages as all utilities have more comprehensive command line --help anyway"
- title: "Add a tweak Preferences->Tweaks to control the default choice of format for the Tweak Book feature"
- title: "Conversion: Allow setting negative page margins. A negative page margin means that calibre will not specify any page margin in the output document (for formats that support this)"
bug fixes:
- title: "Tweak book: Fix handling of covers when tweaking KF8 books"
- title: "KF8 Output: Handle input documents with out of sequence ToC entries. Note that currently section jumping in the KF8 output produced by calibre for such files does not work."
tickets: [1000493]
- title: "Edit metadata dialog: Fix the edit values button for custom tag-like columns showing a unneeded warning about changed values"
- title: "EPUB Output: Be a little more conservative when removing <form> tags. Only remove them if they have actual forms inside. "
tickets: [ 1000384 ]
- title: "EPUB Input: Correctly update the Cover entry in the ToC even when the entry has a fragment reference. "
tickets: [ 999973 ]
- title: "Update ImagMagick DLLs in all calibre binary builds to fix security vulnerabilities in ImageMagick"
tickets: [ 999496 ]
- title: "Advanced search dialog: Fix equals and regex matching not being applied for custom column searches."
tickets: [ 980221 ]
- title: "RTF Input: Handle old RTF files that have commands without braces."
tickets: [ 994133 ]
- title: "Get Books: Diesel, fix results not showing when only a single match is found"
- title: "Get Books: Fix DRM status indicators for Kobo and Diesel stores. Fix smashwords not returning results."
tickets: [ 993755 ]
- title: "Fix regression in 0.8.51 that broke viewing of LIT and some EPUB files"
tickets: [998248, 998216]
improved recipes:
- Clarin
- Spiegel
- Spiegel International
- Montreal Gazette
- Gosc Niedzelny
- Ars Technica
new recipes:
- title: "Army/Navy/Air force/Marine Times and News busters"
author: jde
- title: "Ads of the World, Heavy Meta (Italian) and Juve La Stampa"
author: faber1971
- title: "Revista Summa"
author: Vakya
- title: "Strategic culture"
author: Darko Miletic
- title: Stars and Stripes
author: adoucette
- title: Nackdenkseiten
author: jrda
- version: 0.8.51
date: 2012-05-11
new features:
- title: "When switching libraries preserve the position and selected books if you switch back to a previously opened library."
tickets: [994514]
- title: "Conversion pipeline: Filter out the useless font-face rules inserted by Microsoft Word for every font on the system"
- title: "Driver for Motorola XT875 and Pandigital SuperNova"
tickets: [996890]
- title: "Add a colour swatch the the dialog for creating column coloring rules, to ease selection of colors"
tickets: [994811]
- title: "EPUB Output: Consolidate internal CSS generated by calibre into external stylesheets for ease of editing the EPUB"
- title: "List EPUB and MOBI at the top of the dropdown list fo formats to convert to, as they are the most common choices"
tickets: [994838]
bug fixes:
- title: "E-book viewer: Improve performance when switching between normal and fullscreen views."