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EPUB Input: Recognize the calibre:title-page property when converting…

…, so as to be able to replace an existing titlepage in an EPUB 3 book
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kovidgoyal committed Jul 6, 2016
1 parent 614e304 commit 3eaaa85e1fbe65fcf08feecf9e12dbc0d7d37f45
Showing with 47 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +47 −9 src/calibre/ebooks/conversion/plugins/
@@ -76,6 +76,50 @@ def process_encryption(self, encfile, opf, log):
return False
def set_guide_type(self, opf, gtype, href=None, title=''):
# Set the titlepage guide entry
for elem in list(opf.iterguide()):
if elem.get('type', '').lower() == 'titlepage':
if href is not None:
t = opf.create_guide_item(gtype, title, href)
for guide in opf.root.iterchildren('guide'):
guide = opf.create_guide_element()
return t
def rationalize_cover3(self, opf, log):
''' If there is a reference to the cover/titlepage via manifest properties, convert to
entries in the <guide> so that the rest of the pipeline picks it up. '''
from calibre.ebooks.metadata.opf3 import items_with_property
removed = None
raster_cover_href = opf.epub3_raster_cover
if raster_cover_href:
self.set_guide_type(opf, 'cover', raster_cover_href, 'Cover Image')
titlepage_id = titlepage_href = None
for item in items_with_property(opf.root, 'calibre:title-page'):
tid, href = item.get('id'), item.get('href')
if href and tid:
titlepage_id, titlepage_href = tid, href.partition('#')[0]
if titlepage_href is not None:
self.set_guide_type(opf, 'titlepage', titlepage_href, 'Title Page')
spine = list(opf.iterspine())
if len(spine) > 1:
for item in spine:
if item.get('idref') == titlepage_id:
log('Found HTML cover', titlepage_href)
if self.for_viewer:
item.attrib.pop('linear', None)
removed = titlepage_href
return removed
def rationalize_cover(self, opf, log):
''' Ensure that the cover information in the guide is correct. That
means, at most one entry with type="cover" that points to a raster
@@ -149,14 +193,7 @@ def rationalize_cover(self, opf, log):
# Set the titlepage guide entry
for elem in list(opf.iterguide()):
if elem.get('type', '').lower() == 'titlepage':
t = etree.SubElement(guide_elem.getparent(), OPF('reference'))
t.set('type', 'titlepage')
t.set('href', guide_cover)
t.set('title', 'Title Page')
self.set_guide_type(opf, 'titlepage', guide_cover, 'Title Page')
return removed
def find_opf(self):
@@ -229,7 +266,8 @@ def convert(self, stream, options, file_ext, log, accelerators):
for elem in opf.iterguide():
elem.set('href', delta+elem.get('href'))
self.removed_cover = self.rationalize_cover(opf, log)
f = self.rationalize_cover3 if opf.package_version >= 3.0 else self.rationalize_cover
self.removed_cover = f(opf, log)
for x in opf.itermanifest():
if x.get('media-type', '') == 'application/x-dtbook+xml':

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