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Unicode search by name crash for 🔥 emoji #1035

AlexandreRio opened this issue Sep 28, 2018 · 0 comments

Unicode search by name crash for 🔥 emoji #1035

AlexandreRio opened this issue Sep 28, 2018 · 0 comments


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When searching for unicode by name (Ctrl+Shift+u) and searching for "fire" produce the following stacktrace when typing the r.
It works fine for every other search terms (as far as I know).

Exception in callback Loop._read_ready(<kittens.unic...x7fd9ddf7e3c8>, 6)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/asyncio/", line 88, in _run, *self._args)
  File "/usr/bin/../lib/kitty/kittens/tui/", line 188, in _read_ready
    self.read_buf = self.parse_input_from_terminal(self.read_buf, self.in_bracketed_paste)
  File "/usr/bin/../lib/kitty/kittens/tui/", line 211, in _on_text
    self.handler.on_text(chunk, self.in_bracketed_paste)
  File "/usr/bin/../lib/kitty/kittens/unicode_input/", line 389, in on_text
  File "/usr/bin/../lib/kitty/kittens/unicode_input/", line 385, in refresh
  File "/usr/bin/../lib/kitty/kittens/unicode_input/", line 381, in draw_screen
    self.write(self.table.layout(self.screen_size.rows - self.table_at, self.screen_size.cols))
  File "/usr/bin/../lib/kitty/kittens/tui/", line 89, in write
    data = data.encode('utf-8')
UnicodeEncodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't encode character '\ud800' in position 867: surrogates not allowed

Press the Enter key to quit

Kitty version: kitty 0.12.1 created by Kovid Goyal
OS version: up to date Archlinux

I think I'm using the default conf or with minor changes:

font_family      DroidSansMono
italic_font      auto
bold_font        auto
bold_italic_font auto
font_size        11.0
font_size_delta 2
adjust_line_height 0
adjust_column_width 0
box_drawing_scale 0.001, 1, 1.5, 2
cursor           #cccccc
cursor_shape     block
cursor_blink_interval     0.5
cursor_stop_blinking_after 15.0
scrollback_lines 2000
scrollback_pager less +G -R
wheel_scroll_multiplier 5.0
url_color #0087BD
url_style curly
open_url_modifiers ctrl+shift
open_url_with default
copy_on_select no
rectangle_select_modifiers ctrl+alt
select_by_word_characters :@-./_~?&=%+#
click_interval 0.5
mouse_hide_wait 3.0
focus_follows_mouse no
repaint_delay    10
input_delay 3
sync_to_monitor yes
visual_bell_duration 0.0
enable_audio_bell no
remember_window_size   yes
initial_window_width   640
initial_window_height  400
enabled_layouts *
window_border_width 1
window_margin_width 0
window_padding_width 0
active_border_color #00ff00
inactive_border_color #cccccc
inactive_text_alpha 1.0
tab_bar_edge bottom
tab_separator " ┇"
active_tab_foreground #002a34
active_tab_background #eee
active_tab_font_style bold-italic
inactive_tab_foreground #444
inactive_tab_background #999
inactive_tab_font_style normal
foreground       #dddddd
background       #002a34
background_opacity 1.0
selection_foreground #7e9092
selection_background #FFFACD
color0   #073642
color8   #002b36
color1   #cc0403
color9   #f2201f
color2   #19cb00
color10  #23fd00
color3   #cecb00
color11  #fffd00
color4  #0d73cc
color12 #1a8fff
color5   #cb1ed1
color13  #fd28ff
color6   #0dcdcd
color14  #14ffff
color7   #dddddd
color15  #ffffff
shell .
close_on_child_death no
allow_remote_control no
term xterm-kitty
map ctrl+shift+v        paste_from_clipboard
map ctrl+shift+s        paste_from_selection
map ctrl+shift+c        copy_to_clipboard
map shift+insert        paste_from_selection
map ctrl+shift+o        pass_selection_to_program
map ctrl+shift+up        scroll_line_up
map ctrl+shift+down      scroll_line_down
map ctrl+shift+k         scroll_line_up
map ctrl+shift+j         scroll_line_down
map ctrl+shift+page_up   scroll_page_up
map ctrl+shift+page_down scroll_page_down
map ctrl+shift+home      scroll_home
map ctrl+shift+end       scroll_end
map ctrl+shift+h         show_scrollback
map ctrl+shift+enter    new_window
map ctrl+shift+n        new_os_window
map ctrl+shift+w        close_window
map ctrl+shift+]        next_window
map ctrl+shift+[        previous_window
map ctrl+shift+f        move_window_forward
map ctrl+shift+b        move_window_backward
map ctrl+shift+`        move_window_to_top
map ctrl+shift+1        first_window
map ctrl+shift+2        second_window
map ctrl+shift+3        third_window
map ctrl+shift+4        fourth_window
map ctrl+shift+5        fifth_window
map ctrl+shift+6        sixth_window
map ctrl+shift+7        seventh_window
map ctrl+shift+8        eighth_window
map ctrl+shift+9        ninth_window
map ctrl+shift+0        tenth_window
map ctrl+shift+right    next_tab
map ctrl+shift+left     previous_tab
map ctrl+shift+t        new_tab
map ctrl+shift+q        close_tab
map ctrl+shift+l        next_layout
map ctrl+shift+.        move_tab_forward
map ctrl+shift+,        move_tab_backward
map ctrl+shift+alt+t    set_tab_title
map ctrl+shift+equal    increase_font_size
map ctrl+shift+minus    decrease_font_size
map ctrl+shift+backspace restore_font_size
map ctrl+shift+f11      toggle_fullscreen
map ctrl+shift+u        input_unicode_character
map ctrl+shift+f2       edit_config_file
map ctrl+shift+e        run_simple_kitten text url_hints
macos_titlebar_color system
macos_hide_titlebar no
macos_option_as_alt yes
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