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Rounded box-drawing characters not rendering properly with modified line height. Option to disable? #2907

CKolkey opened this issue Aug 10, 2020 · 0 comments


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CKolkey commented Aug 10, 2020

The new rounded box-drawing don't work in all cases. The "top-to-left" and "top-to-right" seem to work fine, but the "bottom-to-left" and "bottom-to-right" don't line up well. Is there an option to disable the rounded-ness of this? I suppose I could just replace the file with the older version, but this feels hacky.

To Reproduce

  1. View box drawing elements with modified line-height.

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 11 46 25
Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 11 46 29

Environment details
MacOS 10.14.6, running latest Kitty 0.18.2

active_border_color        Color(red=239, green=174, blue=97)
active_tab_background      Color(red=239, green=174, blue=97)
active_tab_font_style      (False, False)
active_tab_foreground      Color(red=40, green=44, blue=52)
adjust_line_height         9
background                 Color(red=28, green=32, blue=38)
background_opacity         0.92
bold_font                  Operator Mono Medium
bold_italic_font           Operator Mono Medium Italic
color0                     Color(red=24, green=26, blue=27)
color1                     Color(red=224, green=108, blue=117)
color10                    Color(red=195, green=232, blue=141)
color11                    Color(red=255, green=203, blue=107)
color12                    Color(red=130, green=170, blue=255)
color13                    Color(red=199, green=146, blue=234)
color14                    Color(red=86, green=182, blue=194)
color15                    Color(red=62, green=68, blue=82)
color2                     Color(red=195, green=232, blue=141)
color3                     Color(red=255, green=224, blue=130)
color4                     Color(red=130, green=170, blue=255)
color5                     Color(red=199, green=146, blue=234)
color6                     Color(red=86, green=182, blue=194)
color7                     Color(red=171, green=178, blue=191)
color8                     Color(red=75, green=82, blue=99)
color9                     Color(red=190, green=80, blue=70)
copy_on_select             clipboard
cursor                     Color(red=171, green=178, blue=191)
cursor_text_color          Color(red=28, green=32, blue=38)
editor                     nvim
enabled_layouts            ['splits']
font_family                Operator Mono Book
font_size                  16.0
foreground                 Color(red=196, green=199, blue=209)
hide_window_decorations    2
inactive_border_color      Color(red=28, green=32, blue=38)
inactive_tab_background    Color(red=40, green=44, blue=52)
inactive_tab_foreground    Color(red=239, green=174, blue=97)
italic_font                Operator Mono Book Italic
macos_custom_beam_cursor   True
macos_show_window_title_in window
macos_thicken_font         0.4
placement_strategy         top-left
selection_background       Color(red=253, green=215, blue=64)
selection_foreground       Color(red=21, green=29, blue=30)
strip_trailing_spaces      smart
symbol_map                 {(57344, 65535): 'Hack Nerd Font Regular'}
tab_bar_background         Color(red=40, green=44, blue=52)
tab_bar_edge               1
tab_fade                   (1.0,)
tab_title_template         {index} • {title}
window_padding_width       FloatEdges(left=1.0, top=1.0, right=1.0, bottom=1.0)
Added shortcuts:
	shift+enter KeyAction(func='send_text', args=['all', b'\x1b[13;2u'])
	shift+f3 KeyAction(func='launch', args=['--location=hsplit'])
	shift+f4 KeyAction(func='launch', args=['--location=vsplit'])
	control+enter KeyAction(func='send_text', args=['all', b'\x1b[13;5u'])
	super+less KeyAction(func='move_tab_backward', args=())
	super+j KeyAction(func='neighboring_window', args=['bottom'])
	super+k KeyAction(func='neighboring_window', args=['top'])
	super+l KeyAction(func='neighboring_window', args=['right'])
	super+y KeyAction(func='neighboring_window', args=['left'])
	super+left_bracket KeyAction(func='previous_tab', args=())
	super+right_bracket KeyAction(func='next_tab', args=())
	shift+super+j KeyAction(func='move_window', args=['bottom'])
	shift+super+k KeyAction(func='move_window', args=['top'])
	shift+super+l KeyAction(func='move_window', args=['right'])
	shift+super+t KeyAction(func='set_tab_title', args=())
	shift+super+y KeyAction(func='move_window', args=['left'])
Changed shortcuts:
	super+1 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(1,))
	super+2 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(2,))
	super+3 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(3,))
	super+4 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(4,))
	super+5 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(5,))
	super+6 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(6,))
	super+7 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(7,))
	super+8 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(8,))
	super+9 KeyAction(func='goto_tab', args=(9,))
	shift+super+w KeyAction(func='close_window', args=())

Additional context
Problem does not exist with with --config NONE

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