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Some keyboard shortcuts using super on Mac stopped working #3246

sheriferson opened this issue Jan 15, 2021 · 2 comments

Some keyboard shortcuts using super on Mac stopped working #3246

sheriferson opened this issue Jan 15, 2021 · 2 comments


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Describe the bug

I have two keyboard shortcuts using super (which is/was the Command key on Mac) that stopped working or being detected somewhat recently (I pull and build kitty locally often). This hasn't affected all super shortcuts, I see a few in the output of kitty --debug-config. I am very open to the idea that I caused this bug by doing something stupid, but I haven't changed these shortcuts in a long time.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add this to the conf file:
map super+t             new_tab
map super+w             close_tab
  1. Have multiple tabs open.
  2. Press Command + w to close one tab.
  3. The entire window with all its tabs is closed.

Expected behavior

Until recently, this would close only the current tab.



Environment details

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

kitty 0.19.3 (f00ec0ff60) created by Kovid Goyal
Darwin Sector.domain 18.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 18.7.0: Tue Nov 10 00:07:31 PST 2020; root:xnu-4903.278.51~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64
ProductName:	Mac OS X ProductVersion:	10.14.6 BuildVersion:	18G7016
Loaded config files: /Users/sherif/.config/kitty/kitty.conf

Config options different from defaults:
active_border_color        Color(red=0, green=95, blue=135)
active_tab_foreground      Color(red=0, green=95, blue=135)
background                 Color(red=238, green=238, blue=238)
color0                     Color(red=255, green=255, blue=255)
color1                     Color(red=203, green=39, blue=53)
color10                    Color(red=5, green=151, blue=125)
color11                    Color(red=254, green=195, blue=29)
color12                    Color(red=0, green=125, blue=188)
color13                    Color(red=224, green=92, blue=132)
color14                    Color(red=5, green=151, blue=125)
color15                    Color(red=61, green=71, blue=82)
color2                     Color(red=121, green=182, blue=63)
color3                     Color(red=254, green=195, blue=29)
color4                     Color(red=0, green=125, blue=188)
color5                     Color(red=224, green=92, blue=132)
color6                     Color(red=5, green=151, blue=125)
color7                     Color(red=80, green=92, blue=106)
color8                     Color(red=230, green=230, blue=230)
color9                     Color(red=242, green=140, blue=0)
cursor_beam_thickness      2.0
cursor_shape               2
font_family                PragmataPro Mono Liga
font_size                  13.0
foreground                 Color(red=80, green=92, blue=106)
inactive_tab_background    Color(red=238, green=238, blue=238)
inactive_tab_foreground    Color(red=124, green=138, blue=143)
macos_custom_beam_cursor   True
macos_option_as_alt        3
macos_show_window_title_in none
macos_titlebar_color       1
scrollback_lines           20000
startup_session            /Users/sherif/.config/kitty/./startup.conf
tab_bar_min_tabs           1
tab_bar_style              separator
tab_separator               · 
tab_title_template         {fm.fg.purple}{index}{fm.fg.normal}: {title}
url_style                  2
window_padding_width       FloatEdges(left=4.0, top=4.0, right=4.0, bottom=4.0)
Added shortcuts:
	 f1 KeyAction(func='create_marker', args=())
	 f2 KeyAction(func='remove_marker', args=())
	 control+h KeyAction(func='previous_window', args=())
	 control+l KeyAction(func='next_window', args=())
	 shift+control+y KeyAction(func='new_window', args=['@ansi', 'less', '+G', '-R'])
	 shift+super+l KeyAction(func='set_tab_title', args=())
Changed shortcuts:
	 super+minus KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '-', 1.0))
	 super+equal KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '+', 1.0))

Additional context

In the debug output one can see a couple of super-based shortcuts, but not the tabs related ones.

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This will be because of #3240

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sheriferson commented Jan 16, 2021

Ah, that makes sense.
I left a comment on the pull request with an argument for a different shortcut, since I think ⌘w is one of those muscle-memory shortcuts for Mac users that should be protected. But, if the merge is final, I can deal with my muscle memory by turning confirm_os_window_close on so I can protect my work from my thumb and index ring finger.

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