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0.20.1 does not start with "unimplemented feature" #3506

bronsen opened this issue Apr 20, 2021 · 5 comments

0.20.1 does not start with "unimplemented feature" #3506

bronsen opened this issue Apr 20, 2021 · 5 comments


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bronsen commented Apr 20, 2021

Describe the bug
Version 0.20.1 for x86_64 does not start. When trying to start kitty from a running terminal window I see:

fast_data_types.FreeTypeError: Failed to load face, with error: unimplemented feature
[110 11:07:54.812000] Failed to convert descriptor to face for italic font

However, version 0.19.3 will start at once.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. download and extract kitty-0.20.1-x86_64.txz from the releases page
  2. execute ./kitty-0.20.1-x86_64/bin/kitty
  3. See error

Expected behavior
I expected a kitty window to appear with my auto-connected tmux session inside.

Environment details
OS: Ubuntu 20.10 groovy

./kitty-0.20.1-x86_64/bin/kitty --debug-config

kitty 0.20.1 (f3726023c2) created by Kovid Goyal
Linux pasiphae 5.8.0-50-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 12 17:18:36 UTC 2021 x86_64
Ubuntu 20.10 \n \l
Loaded config files: /home/bronsen/.config/kitty/kitty.conf
Running under: X11

Config options different from defaults:
copy_on_select             clipboard
cursor_stop_blinking_after 0
disable_ligatures          1
enable_audio_bell          False
font_family                JetBrains Mono
font_size                  13.0
update_check_interval      0.0
url_prefixes               ('http', 'https')
window_border_width        (1.0, 'pt')
Added shortcuts:
	 f2 KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--customize-processing'])
Removed shortcuts:
	 shift+ctrl++ KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '+', 2.0))
	 shift+ctrl+, KeyAction(func='move_tab_backward', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+- KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '-', 2.0))
	 shift+ctrl+. KeyAction(func='move_tab_forward', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+0 KeyAction(func='tenth_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+1 KeyAction(func='first_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+2 KeyAction(func='second_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+3 KeyAction(func='third_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+4 KeyAction(func='fourth_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+5 KeyAction(func='fifth_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+6 KeyAction(func='sixth_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+7 KeyAction(func='seventh_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+8 KeyAction(func='eighth_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+9 KeyAction(func='ninth_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+= KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '+', 2.0))
	 shift+ctrl+[ KeyAction(func='previous_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+] KeyAction(func='next_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+` KeyAction(func='move_window_to_top', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+a > 1 KeyAction(func='set_background_opacity', args=['1'])
	 shift+ctrl+a > d KeyAction(func='set_background_opacity', args=['default'])
	 shift+ctrl+a > l KeyAction(func='set_background_opacity', args=['-0.1'])
	 shift+ctrl+a > m KeyAction(func='set_background_opacity', args=['+0.1'])
	 shift+ctrl+b KeyAction(func='move_window_backward', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+f KeyAction(func='move_window_forward', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+h KeyAction(func='show_scrollback', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+j KeyAction(func='scroll_line_down', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+k KeyAction(func='scroll_line_up', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+l KeyAction(func='next_layout', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+n KeyAction(func='new_os_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+o KeyAction(func='pass_selection_to_program', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+p > h KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--type hash --program -'])
	 shift+ctrl+p > l KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--type line --program -'])
	 shift+ctrl+p > n KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--type linenum'])
	 shift+ctrl+p > w KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--type word --program -'])
	 shift+ctrl+p > y KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--type hyperlink'])
	 shift+ctrl+p > shift+f KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['hints', '--type path'])
	 shift+ctrl+q KeyAction(func='close_tab', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+r KeyAction(func='start_resizing_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+t KeyAction(func='new_tab', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+u KeyAction(func='kitten', args=['unicode_input'])
	 shift+ctrl+w KeyAction(func='close_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+escape KeyAction(func='kitty_shell', args=['window'])
	 shift+ctrl+enter KeyAction(func='new_window', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+backspace KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, None, 0.0))
	 shift+ctrl+delete KeyAction(func='clear_terminal', args=['reset', True])
	 shift+ctrl+left KeyAction(func='previous_tab', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+right KeyAction(func='next_tab', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+up KeyAction(func='scroll_line_up', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+down KeyAction(func='scroll_line_down', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+page_up KeyAction(func='scroll_page_up', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+page_down KeyAction(func='scroll_page_down', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+home KeyAction(func='scroll_home', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+end KeyAction(func='scroll_end', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+f2 KeyAction(func='edit_config_file', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+f10 KeyAction(func='toggle_maximized', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+f11 KeyAction(func='toggle_fullscreen', args=())
	 shift+ctrl+kp_subtract KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '-', 2.0))
	 shift+ctrl+kp_add KeyAction(func='change_font_size', args=(True, '+', 2.0))
	 shift+alt+ctrl+t KeyAction(func='set_tab_title', args=())

Additional context
Trying --config NONE will start kitty.

@bronsen bronsen added the bug label Apr 20, 2021
@bronsen bronsen changed the title 0.20.1 does not start with "uninplemented feature" 0.20.1 does not start with "unimplemented feature" Apr 20, 2021
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What font are you using? Run kitty with --debug-font-fallback

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bronsen commented Apr 20, 2021

I am using "Jet Brains Mono"

Running ./kitty-0.20.1-x86_64/bin/kitty --debug-font-fallback yields

[110 12:54:14.785003] Preloaded font faces:
[110 12:54:14.785034] normal face: /home/bronsen/.local/share/fonts/Jetbrains_Mono/fonts/variable/JetBrainsMono[wght].ttf:0
[110 12:54:14.785050] bold face: /home/bronsen/.local/share/fonts/Jetbrains_Mono/fonts/variable/JetBrainsMono[wght].ttf:393216
[110 12:54:14.785063] italic face: /home/bronsen/.local/share/fonts/Jetbrains_Mono/fonts/webfonts/JetBrainsMono-Italic.woff2:0
[110 12:54:14.785076] bi face: /home/bronsen/.local/share/fonts/Jetbrains_Mono/fonts/ttf/JetBrainsMono-BoldItalic.ttf:0
fast_data_types.FreeTypeError: Failed to load face, with error: unimplemented feature
[110 12:54:14.827233] Failed to convert descriptor to face for italic font

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Remove the woff2 variants, the version of freetype bundled with kitty
does not support them.

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well actually the bundled freetype should support it, since it is version 2.10.4, but, it isnt for whatever reason, so just remove it and you should be fine.

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aaah its because it is built without libbrotli

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