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<?php tha_head_top(); ?>
<title>This is an example page</title>
<?php tha_head_bottom(); ?>
<?php wp_head(); ?>
<?php tha_header_before(); ?>
<div id="header">
<?php tha_header_top(); ?>
<h1>This is an example page</h1>
<p class="dscription">This is to demonstrate a simple implementation of Theme Hook Alliance hooks.</p>
<?php tha_header_bottom(); ?>
</div><!-- #header -->
<?php tha_header_after(); ?>
<?php tha_content_before(); ?>
<div id="content">
<?php tha_content_top(); ?>
<!-- This roughly encapsulates The Loop portion of the layout -->
<?php tha_entry_before(); ?>
<div class="entry">
<?php tha_entry_top(); ?>
<h2>This is the title</h2>
<div class="itemtext">
Lorem ipsum and all that rot.
</div><!-- .itemtext -->
<?php tha_entry_bottom(); ?>
<?php tha_entry_after(); ?>
<!-- Close The Loop -->
<?php tha_comments_before(); ?>
<!-- comments_form() or similar goes here -->
<?php tha_comments_after(); ?>
<?php tha_content_bottom(); ?>
</div><!-- #content -->
<?php tha_content_after(); ?>
<?php tha_sidebars_before(); ?>
<div id="sidebar">
<?php tha_sidebar_top(); ?>
<li><h4>Sidebar Widget #1</h4>
<p>Widget #1 content</p>
<li><h4>Sidebar Widget #2</h4>
<p>Widget #2 content</p>
<?php tha_sidebar_bottom(); ?>
</div><!-- #sidebar-->
<?php tha_sidebars_after(); ?>
<?php tha_footer_before(); ?>
<div id="footer">
<?php tha_footer_top(); ?>
<p>This is some sample footer text.</p>
<?php tha_footer_bottom(); ?>
</div><!-- #footer -->
<?php tha_footer_after(); ?>
<?php wp_footer(); ?>
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