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cabal-macosx: Cabal hooks for Mac OSX
This package provides a Cabal post-build hook for building application
bundles for GUIs on Mac OSX.
Under Mac OSX, graphical applications require certain infrastructure
in order to run properly: you can't just build an executable and run
it (as on Linux, say), but must instead wrap it up in an application
bundle, which is a directory having certain structure and marked as an
app using a particular tool. This package provides Cabal post-build
hook infrastructure for creating such bundles automatically,
optionally including icons, other resources, and even local copies of
shared libraries (for building apps which may be distributed
This code was branched from
The package is extensively documented, including internally. If
you're interested in modifying it, you may want to runghc Setup
haddock --hyperlink-source --internal to produce full internal
Andy Gimblett
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