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if [ "$rev" == "" ]; then
cat << KONEC
./ <revnumber>
This will check, if the given revision was compilable (using irstlm).
These tasks will be performed:
svn update -r <revnumber>
compile and install irstlm to a temp directory
compile moses with irstlm
delete the temp directory
exit 1;
function die() {
rm -rf $tempdir
echo "$@"
exit 1
if svn status | grep '^[^\?]'; then
die "Will not go to a different revision, please synchronize with a revision in repository first"
svn up -r $rev || die "Failed to update to rev. $rev"
# dump the information
svn info
./ || die "Failed to regenerate makefiles in mosesdecoder"
cd irstlm || die "Failed to chdir to irstlm"
./ || die "Failed to regenerate makefiles in irstlm"
./configure --prefix=$tempdir/irstlm || die "Failed to configure irstlm"
make clean || die "Failed to clean irstlm"
make || die "Failed to compile irstlm"
make install || die "Failed to install irstlm"
cd ..
./configure --with-irstlm=$tempdir/irstlm || die "Failed to configure moses"
make clean || die "Failed to clean moses"
make || die "Failed to compile moses"
rm -rf $tempdir || die "Failed to remove tempdir $tempdir"
echo "Moses successfully compiled"