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// Name: wx-config-win
// Purpose: A wx-config implementation for MinGW/DMars/VC
// Author: Takeshi Miya <takeshimiya at gmail dot com>
// Created: 2006-03-23
// Copyright: (c) Takeshi Miya
// Licence: wxWidgets licence
// $URL$
wx-config-win is a tiny implementation of wx-config for Windows compilers.
wx-config is a helper tool used when compiling applications that makes use of the wxWidgets library.
It helps you insert the correct compiler options on the command line so an application can use
g++ -o test.exe test.cpp `wx-config --libs --cflags` for instance, rather than hard-coding
values on where to find wxWidgets and it's configurations (monolithic, debug, unicode, wxuniversal, etc).
Note that backticks is a property of the shell or the build system used.
Fortunately the Code::Blocks IDE supports backticks natively on windows.
For other Windows IDEs and build systems there are workarounds, commonly using "response files".
Usage: wx-config [options]
--prefix[=DIR] Path of the wxWidgets installation (ie. C:\wxWidgets2.6.3)
--wxcfg[=DIR] Relative path of the build.cfg file (ie. gcc_dll\mswud)
--cflags Outputs all pre-processor and compiler flags.
--cxxflags Same as --cflags but for C++.
--rcflags Outputs all resource compiler flags. [UNTESTED]
--libs Outputs all linker flags.
--debug[=yes|no] Uses a debug configuration if found.
--unicode[=yes|no] Uses an unicode configuration if found.
--static[=yes|no] Uses a static configuration if found.
--universal[=yes|no] Uses an universal configuration if found.
--compiler[=gcc,dmc,vc] Selects the compiler.
--release Outputs the wxWidgets release number.
--cc Outputs the name of the C compiler.
--cxx Outputs the name of the C++ compiler.
--ld Outputs the linker command.
-v Outputs the revision of wx-config.
Note that using --prefix is not needed if you have defined the
environmental variable WXWIN.
Also note that using --wxcfg is not needed if you have defined the
environmental variable WXCFG.
The currently supported compilers are:
* GNU MinGW [gcc]
* MS Visual C++ [vc]
* Digital Mars [dmc]
Advantages of using wx-config-win:
* Same commands for build in linux, mac, and windows.
* Doesn't need cygwin (there is a wx-config for cygwin already).
* The projects of the IDE will be exactly the same in all systems for most cases.
* Separates the user library configurations entirely from the project.
* The makefiles exported by the IDE (if any) will be a lot smaller and easier to handle.
* Can be used from the console (redirecting the output) or from an IDE that supports backticks (like Code::Blocks).
* Source code is 1 single cpp so you can include and compile it as a dependency easily in your project if you want.
* No dependencies, only ISO/C++ standard code.
* Feel free to hack it :)
Disvantages of using wx-config-win:
* Only works on something (IDE, build system, console, etc) that supports backticks or redirecting the output
(though there are workarounds for IDEs that doesn't, like Visual Studio IDE).
* The whole "*-config" scripts are dying on linux (ie. sdl-config, wx-config, gtk-config, ...).
There is a strong standard on *nix now called pkg-config, developed by FreeDesktop, and is being used
in a lot of packages, like gtk, glib, sqlite, etc (and there is a pkg-config.exe for windows too).
So this solution is a temporal relief (I hope) so that when in future versions of the library uses the pkg-config
standard, there wouldn't be any need for this.
Here's the FR:
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