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Created by Tomasz Kowalczyk
# You will probably want to remove or comment below line
from _wikimapia_keys import *
from wikimapia_api import API
import csv
import argparse
# You will probably want to uncomment below line
places_data_filename = 'places_data.csv'
def save_csv_file(filename, array):
with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
writer = csv.writer(f)
def process_place(place):
place_id = 'NA' if 'id' not in place.keys() else place['id']
title = 'NA' if 'title' not in place.keys() else place['title'].encode('utf-8')
urlhtml = 'NA' if 'title' not in place.keys() else place['urlhtml'].encode('utf-8')
lon = 'NA' if 'title' not in place.keys() else place['location']['lon']
lat = 'NA' if 'title' not in place.keys() else place['location']['lat']
return (place_id,title,urlhtml,lon,lat)
def get_places_from_bb(apitoken, lon_min, lat_min, lon_max, lat_max):
API.config.key = apitoken
API.config.language = 'en'
API.config.compression = False
places = API.places.inside(lon_min, lat_min, lon_max, lat_max)
places_data = []
count = 0
for place in places:
count += 1
if count % 25 == 0:
print "%s places downloaded" % count
save_csv_file(filename = places_data_filename, array = places_data)
print "\nAll of the %s places downloaded and saved to %s." % (count, places_data_filename)
if __name__ == '__main__':
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser()
ap.add_argument("-lon_min","--longitude_minimal",default=20.9977,help="Place minimal longitude")
ap.add_argument("-lat_min","--latitude_minimal",default=52.2283,help="Place minimal latitude")
ap.add_argument("-lon_max","--longitude_maximum",default=21.0132,help="Place maximum longitude")
ap.add_argument("-lat_max","--latitude_maximum",default=52.2334,help="Place maximum latitude")
args = vars(ap.parse_args())
longitude_minimal = args['longitude_minimal']
latitude_minimal = args['latitude_minimal']
longitude_maximum = args['longitude_maximum']
latitude_maximum = args['latitude_maximum']
lon_min = float(longitude_minimal),
lat_min = float(latitude_minimal),
lon_max = float(longitude_maximum),
lat_max = float(latitude_maximum))