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Autocomplete for pydantic
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A JetBrains PyCharm plugin for pydantic.

(See Auto-completion when instantiating BaseModel objects #650 for motivation.)


type check1




  • Model-specific __init__-signature inspection and autocompletion for subclasses of pydantic.BaseModel
  • Model-specific __init__-arguments type-checking for subclasses of pydantic.BaseModel
  • Refactor support for renaming fields for subclasses of BaseModel
    • (If the field name is refactored from the model definition or __init__ call keyword arguments, PyCharm will present a dialog offering the choice to automatically rename the keyword where it occurs in a model initialization call.
  • Search related-fields by class attributes and keyword arguments of __init__ with Ctrl+B and Cmd+B


  • Support same features as pydantic.BaseModel

How to install:


The plugin is in Jetbrains repositry (Pydantic Plugin Page)

You can install the stable version on PyCharm's marketpale (Preference -> Plugins -> Marketplace) Offical Document

Complied binary

The releases section of this repository contains a compiled version of the plugin:

After downloading this file, you can install the plugin from disk by following the JetBrains instructions here.


Alternatively, you can clone this repository and follow the instructions under the "Building the plugin" heading below to build from source. The build process will create the file build/distributions/ This file can be installed as a PyCharm plugin from disk following the same instructions.


Building the plugin

You can build and run the plugin either via the command line or through IntelliJ IDEA:

Shell on Linux or MacOS

$ ./gradlew buildPlugin

Command Prompt on Windows

$ gradlew.bat buildPlugin

JetBrains IDE on any platform

Official documentation

Running the IDE with the built plugin

$ ./gradlew runIde


JetBrains Plugin Page

Pydantic Plugin Page

This project is currently in an experimental phase

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