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Dumb xinput Emulator

This is an xinput dll reimplementation compatible with DirectInput controllers. Think of x360ce without the configuration.

  • download and extract the latest release
  • if you are using Wine run winetricks --force setup_dumbxinputemu.verb
  • otherwise copy all xinputXYZ.dll's next to the game executable and start the game
  • on Wine, dumbxinputemu uses evdev and ignores jsdev devices by default. That should work with almost everything, but you can control this behavior using XINPUT_NO_IGNORE_JS and XINPUT_IGNORE_EVDEV environment variables.
Why in the...?

This is meant mainly for using a Steam Controller or XBox 360 pad with Wine.

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  • grab mingw-w64-gcc package or your distro equivalent containing an i686-w64-mingw32-gcc binary
  • navigate to the directory with Makefile
  • run make, or make 64bit for the 64-bit version

Based on xinput1_3.dll implementation in Wine, wine-xinput patch by 00cpxxx and xfakeinput by NeonMan.

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