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Bookmarks backend

This is the backend for a centralized storage of bookmarks on various devices, I'm using the simplenote api to store to bookmarks in a single note.

On the device part (mainly in Android) I'm using Tasker and AutoShare to intercept share intent from the apps and send a post to this code and store the bookmark in simplenote.

This same code could be use to store the data on any storage service, but I really love the simplenote app on mac, is really light so for me was the best choise.

Bookmarks recorder (android)

For sending the links that I want to read later on Android, I use the AutoShare and tasker apps.

With the AutoShare When I press on share on any application, you can share with the AutoShare and configure Tasker, to create a post request with the link and title.


You have to add your credentials from simplenote in the config.json (just copy the template and change your credentials)

Also on the simplenote, you must create a empty note with the tag bookmarks

To install do a:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This is the curl command I use to test the code

curl -H "Content-Type: text/plain" -X POST -d 'For example たとえば - The Japanese Page' http://localhost:5000/

Building the container

First be sure to create and fill the config.json file with the credentials, then:

docker build --rm -t bookmarks:latest .

To start the container simply:

docker run -d -p 80:80 bookmarks:latest

If you are using the jwilder/nginx-proxy to various containers on diferents subdomains you can use this:

docker run -d -e VIRTUAL_HOST="" -e VIRTUAL_PORT=80 bookmarks:latest