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ATAG One API is a Java library and command line tool to easily get diagnostic data from or set the target temperature at your ATAG One thermostat.

It has two modes of operation; i.e. Local and Remote. When in local mode, it finds the thermostat in the local network automatically. When in remote mode, it connects to the ATAG One portal.

See also the project website for more details:

API Features

  • Get diagnostic data (Local and Remote)
  • Set target temperature (Local and Remote)


Find the Atag ONE device within the local network and display all available diagnostic options.

$ java -jar atag-one.jar

Display the list of all options possible:

$ java -jar atag-one.jar --help

Programming Languages

The ATAG One API library is written in Java and can run on any device where a JVM is available. It requires Java version 6 or above.


A brief example how to get diagnostics and insert some values from it into the database.


Some examples. From simple to more advanced.

Link to repository:

Protocol Details

For technical details see Thermostat Protocol

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