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Slides showing a walkthrough of the tutorial by kozyrkov and bkungfoo available at
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Step-by-Step Deep Learning Tutorial Walkthrough

Author: Cassie Kozyrkov (@kozyrkov, Twitter: @quaesita)

Help yourself to the code

These walkthrough slides help guide you through the code demo I wrote with Brian Foo (@bkungfoo):

Where did these slides come from?

They're a mix of:

My original day-long ML workshop ("Making Friends with ML") did not have a hands-on component, so the next step was to write code following the same step-by-step structure as the workshop. I had a lot of fun collaborating with the amazing Brian Foo (@bkungfoo) to make that code for you here. Then I captured screenshots to help you along in case you get stuck following our instructions. Hope you have fun learning some deep learning!

How do you get started?

How do you get started if you want to do the hands-on Deep Learning Tutorial?

Open Demo00.pdf from this repo in one browser tab and the from the Step-by-Step Deep Learning Tutorial in another tab. Whenever you see instructions in the README, follow along in the slides. If you get stuck, hopefully the slides will help you get unstuck. When you're done with Demo00.pdf, move to Demo01.pdf, and so on...

How do you get started if you want to see the demo without doing anything hands-on?

Open Demo00.pdf from this repo. Think of it as watching over my shoulder while I open my console, click around, and write code. When you're done with Demo00.pdf, move to Demo01.pdf, and so on... Enjoy!

If this was useful, where can you find more?

I post info about talks and fun things I make for you on Twitter:

Classic learning resources for beginners


These screenshots were captured in winter 2017/8, so there's no guarantee things still look the same whenever you find this, dear reader. We strive to continually improve, so future experiences on Google Cloud Platform might differ from my slides.

Advice and process is based on my experience as a data scientist. Naturally, different practitioners have their own preferred ways of doing things.

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