CLI tool for sending files via email to your Amazon Kindle device
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CLI tool for sending files via email to your Kindle device.


You can run the tool directly simply by:

$ ./ FILE...

or by:

$ python FILE...

(use --help option of course if you don't know this tool yet)


You can install this tool using distutils, easy_install or pip and have it in your PATH that way.

The recommended way:

# pip install sendKindle

That will find, download and install the latest available version of the program.


This program is a free software, licensed under GNU AGPL 3+.


If you like this program, please Flattr it.


Visit program homepage at:

Please report all bugs to the issue tracker, but don't request new features unless you have a patch for it. This is a small personal project and I don't plan to spend much more time on it. I will gladly merge your patches if they look reasonable.