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Colin Wood cwood

Bitbucket @ Atlassian San Francisco, CA

Jefferson Kirkland numberwhun

ParsedContent Solutions NH

Kir Shatrov kirs

@Shopify Ottawa, ON

Andrew Nesbitt andrew

Creator of @Librariesio, @Octobox, @24pullrequests, @DependencyCI and @splitrb 🚢

@librariesio Somerset, UK

Sho Mizutani lowply

Enterprise Support Engineer at @GitHub

GitHub Tokyo

Suriyaa Kudo SuriyaaKudoIsc

Founder of @iSCGroup & of many startups. Coder. :heart: @Git & @GitHub :octocat:. He is making open web technologies accessible to everyone.

iSC Enterprise Group (iEG) Munich & San Francisco + ✈

Arthur Nogueira Neves arthurnn

:soccer: :computer:

GitHub Toronto

Aaron Brown aaronbbrown

SRE @ GitHub

GitHub Saratoga Springs, NY