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cjdns swiss army knife

yrd n # show peers
yrd r # show routing table
yrd peer add mypeer - # read peering string from stdin,
                      # add to running cjdroute and store as future peer

How to install cjdns with yrd

If you're running arch:

pacman -S yrd
systemctl enable --now yrd

If you're running debian/ubuntu:

git clone
cd yrd
# install dependencies
apt-get install python3-argh python3-requests
# install yrd
python3 ./ -v install
# install the service
cp init/yrd.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl enable --now yrd

Sample Output

Shows cjdroute ipv6

$ yrd a -i

Show your neighbors (peerStats)

$ yrd n
fcc7:f439:fe7e:2c87:8bc9:caee:87a7:79ec 0000.0000.0000.0015  v13  13465394 8787880   ESTABLISHED  0/563/0
fc4b:2571:aa1a:d4d1:67d6:2d57:c2d2:a329 0000.0000.0000.1935  v13         0   49160  UNRESPONSIVE  0/0/0

Show your neighbors and their neighbors

$ yrd n -n
fcc7:f439:fe7e:2c87:8bc9:caee:87a7:79ec 0000.0000.0000.0015  v13  13483150 8798940   ESTABLISHED  0/563/0
   fc9b:6269:cbae:3e26:31e1:8f68:8cea:337b   0000.05f7.ba69.3555  v13
   fcee:8f6d:f866:da17:364f:4ade:08f7:3248   0000.0000.bbab.3555  v13
   fcc8:834d:f4e5:77e6:1415:81e7:bd0b:e1c0   0000.0000.0000.0135  v13
fc4b:2571:aa1a:d4d1:67d6:2d57:c2d2:a329 0000.0000.0000.1935  v13         0   49200  UNRESPONSIVE  0/0/0
   fcc8:834d:f4e5:77e6:1415:81e7:bd0b:e1c0   0000.0000.0000.0135  v13
   fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa   0000.0000.000a.e935  v13
   fccd:390e:90fb:e785:f26b:18dd:6344:d182   0000.0000.000a.6935  v13

Ping a node (5 times)

$ yrd ping fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa -c 5
Reply from fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa@0000.0000.000a.e935 105ms
Reply from fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa@0000.0000.000a.e935 135ms
Reply from fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa@0000.0000.000a.e935 113ms
Reply from fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa@0000.0000.000a.e935 96ms
Reply from fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa@0000.0000.000a.e935 164ms

Dump nodestore (first 3 entries)

$ yrd r | head -3
fc49:4bb0:30f4:5ea5:0eaa:1484:7d37:68ef 0000.0000.6779.a935  v13    17782483   45415
fc90:8d45:cb0e:48b7:0bc1:60f8:4215:36cf 0000.0004.d339.a935  v13    14307405   82707
fcd1:ea5d:24e5:cc7a:0ada:8d93:ebf7:22b7 0000.0000.0531.a935  v13    12322684   31373

Count nodestore

$ yrd r | wc -l

Show uplinks of a node

$ yrd uplinks fc42:0af2:018d:3505:7506:d730:49ae:2ffa
fc48:6c0f:a8ab:c0b1:1f2c:5de7:378d:9da6   0000.0000.000a.2935  v13
fc4b:2571:aa1a:d4d1:67d6:2d57:c2d2:a329   0000.0000.0000.1935  v13

How to pronounce this

Like "wired"

Thanks goes to

  • anthraxx - for heavily contributing bug fixes
  • appa - found some bugs and rough edges
  • prurigro - testing and building aur packages


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Do your changes
  3. Run ./ to check if your changes are ok
  4. Open a pull request