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stage-inspect : Multi-stage webOS inspector selector
This tool selects the inspect target stage on the emulator. This tool should be run before
launching the Palm Inspector application.
Usage: inspect-tool [--appId appId | -i appId | --all] [--list] [stageIndex | stageId]
* stageIndex: Index of stage to inspect. This index is relative to the list output by --list
* stageId: Id of stage to inspect i.e. 1007
* --list: Lists the currently running processes. This option is implied if neither stageIndex
nor stageId are specified.
* -i appId: Application ID to display associated processes
* --appId appId: Application ID to display associated processes
* --all : Display all running processes
If none of --all --appId, or -A options are explicitly specified, the all operations
will used the application id defined in ./appinfo.json.
* Palm SDK
* JSON gem
The palm-launch inspect option should not be used in conjunction with this tool.
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