An alternative to Sugar-JHbuild for Fedora 17 to get Sugar Desktop Environment on your local
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Sugar-build: an alternative to Sugar-JHbuild for Fedora 17

We have seen a complex process involved in building sugar on fedora 14 using JHBuild. Now we have an easy way out to build and run sugar by using sugar-build.

sugar-build it is an alternative of sugar-jhbuild developed by Daniel Narvaez that allow us to get a development version of Sugar easier than with sugar-jhbuild. Also, it works on Fedora 16, 17 and Ubuntu 12.

These are the steps to build and run sugar on the fly using sugar-build: Get the source code

You need to get the latest repository of sugar using git

$ git clone git://


Then run the make command to build it( It usually takes 20-30 mins depending on processor and RAM)

$ make

you will see such message once make is complete:


Once the make process is complete you should be able to run your sugar environment

$ make run

and here you go....your sugar desktop environment is up and running! You can switch between your fedora environment and sugar by Ctrl+Alt+F1 and Ctrl+Alt+F3