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DayVsNight - A Xamarin.Forms UI Challenge
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LICENSE Update Readme Aug 11, 2019

RottenUI - A Xamarin.Forms UI Challenge

This UI Challenge is based on the fantastic dribble designs by Ghani Pradita.

Dribbble Design

Dribbble Design

Watch me code it live

If you are so inclined you can watch me code this live, which is what I do on my Twitch channel. I have uploaded the recordings of the relevant sessions over to Youtube:

Session 1

Session 1

Join me Live Coding

I live code these UI Challenges over on Twitch, so please feel to join me there. Also feel free to smash the follow button and turn on notifications so you know when I'm doing more challenges.

Kym's Twitch Channel

Also, if you have designs you think might be interesting to implement feel free to shoot them through to me on twitter @kphillpotts.


All the designs I implement are intended to be for learning more about techniques to create beautiful Xamarin.Forms interfaces.

I welcome pull requests and suggestions to improve the solution. Please just raise an issue or submit a pull request.

Feel free to take this code and do what you will, but please make sure you acknowledge myself and also the original designer.

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