The implementation of my blog, using Pelican.
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The implementation of my blog, powered by Pelican.

The current theme is yapeme. To check out all the plugins used, please, visit the plugins path.

The blog is nowadays hosted at Github Pages (but it's not an obligation). The project structure is very simple:

  • content: All the articles written
  • plugins: Custom Pelican plugins used to power up the blog
  • vendor: Pelican plugins installed via git submodule


You can install the project using make:

make setup

It'll install Pelican, Python 3 dependencies, and Pelican plugins.

Development environment

You can serve the blog using Pelican's development server:

make run

If you are managing dependencies through pipenv, don't forget to activate it:

pipenv shell
make run

Now, accessing localhost:8000 everything should be fine.

Contributions are very welcome!