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A Slackbot for avoiding parking tickets in Lancaster, PA
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Street Cleaning Slack Bot

A Slack Bot for keeping track of street cleaning days in Lancaster so you can avoid parking tickets.

Up and Running

Clone the repo and install dependences wth yarn.

$ git clone
$ cd street-cleaning-slack-bot
$ yarn

Create a .env file in your project root for loading environment variables. Here's an example file:



The bot expects a SLACK_API_TOKEN environment variable to be defined. You can define this variable in a .env file. You'll need to create a Slack "Bot" user and use the provided token to authenticate. See Slack's documentation for more information.

For now, the bot's user name is hard coded to street-cleaning-bot, but this may be moved to an environment variable at a later date.

The bot performs two functions: responding to mentions and a sending alert messages on street cleaning days. There are two NPM scripts provided for running each of these functions.

# To start the bot in the background for responding to messages
yarn start

# To run a one time alert for a street cleaning day
yarn alert

Sample Crontab Entry for Alerts

To run every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 AM, use the following crontab entry:

30 7 * * 3,4 cd /path/to/street-cleaning-slack-bot && yarn alert
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