Python/C++ library implementing Cartesian Genetic Programming
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CartGP - Cartesian Genetic Programming Library for C++ and Python

CartGP is a very simple and minimalistic C++/Python library implementing Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP). The library currently supports classic form of CGP where nodes are arranged into a grid and no recurrent connections are allowed.

Python binding

Python version of the library can be installed using standard python install or python pip . commands, from the project's directory. You will also need to have CMake and a C++11-compatible compiler installed.

Check this jupyter notebook to see how to use the library from Python.

C++ Interface

CartGP is a header-only library that does not require building. Simply add files from cpp/include to your project and #include <cartgp/genotype.h> to your code. C++11 or newer is required.

Potential issues

If you see error Symbol not found: __Py_ZeroStruct on import pycartgp, check that you're running your program using the same Python interpreter you used for installing PyCartGP.