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@kpreid kpreid Kevin Reid


    forked from google/caja

    This is a fork for experiments! All branches here may be stale or subject to rebasing!

    Updated Apr 17, 2015

    JavaScript 0 0


    CapTP (from E) implemented on top of (old) Caja. GSoC 2009. Defunct.

    Updated Aug 19, 2015

    Python 0 1


    (Dusty old) simple spooky background noise generator using OS X speech synthesizer

    Updated Mar 2, 2016

    JavaScript 42 3


    Block-based WebGL game engine where the blocks are made out of blocks. Trying not to be yet another Minecraft clone.

    Updated Oct 6, 2014


    Toy example of distance field ray marching in JavaScript with ascii-art output. Context: Live:

    Updated Jul 14, 2013

    Eiffel 1 0


    User interface framework for E based on views directly corresponding to objects; borrows ideas from Self and CLIM. (Note: This is currently a very rough import from Darcs of a very old project, which I have not tested. I reserve the right to rebase all branches other than master.)

    Updated Feb 19, 2012

    Eiffel 2 0


    Tool for benchmarking E implementations

    Updated Feb 19, 2012

    Shell 1 0


    Early prototype of a “proper” module system for E. (Note: This is from 2006, and is merely being moved.)

    Updated Oct 4, 2012

    Java 2 0


    Multi-user interactive evaluator for the E language.

    Updated Aug 22, 2011

    Common Lisp 7 1


    E language implementation targeting Common Lisp

    Updated Feb 19, 2012

    Java 3 2


    My git-svn mirror of E-on-Java

    Updated May 26, 2012

    JavaScript 8 0


    E language implementation targeting JavaScript

    Updated Feb 16, 2012

    Java 1 0


    XML manipulation library for E (not yet usable)

    Updated Feb 16, 2012


    TextMate bundle (editing support) for the E programming language.

    Updated May 10, 2012

    Haskell 1 0


    Fire Worms From Outer Space! — Simple physics game written in Director — (Class project)

    Updated Feb 16, 2012

    JavaScript 6 0


    Porting GLToy <> to WebGL. Work in progress.

    Updated Sep 2, 2012


    My customized Mac OS X keyboard layout.

    Updated Jan 13, 2012

    JavaScript 1 0


    Streamlined single-web-page math formula error-spotting quiz.

    Updated Jun 23, 2011

    JavaScript 2 0


    Performance measurement UI for Web games and animation

    Updated Sep 11, 2012

    Objective-C 0 0


    A MUD client for Mac OS X.

    Updated Aug 8, 2012

    JavaScript 2 9


    forked from sjmulder/nbt-js

    NBT.js – a JavaScript parser for uncompressed NBT archives

    Updated Nov 6, 2011

    Eiffel 2 1


    samselpla gi'e cusku lo jufra be fi la lojban poi no'e se smuni (Lojban random sentence generator chatbot)

    Updated Oct 4, 2012


    No code; a wishlist in issue-tracker form for GNU Radio and other software-defined radio libraries and applications.

    Updated Aug 9, 2015

    Python 356 28


    Software-defined radio receiver application built on GNU Radio with a web-based UI and plugins. In development, usable but incomplete. Compatible with RTL-SDR.

    Updated May 3, 2016

    Python 0 137


    forked from tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs

    The Tahoe-LAFS decentralized secure filesystem.

    Updated Jan 11, 2014


    þreader — web-based thread-emphasizing feed-and-other-content reader

    Updated Sep 2, 2011

    JavaScript 1 2


    Browser-based 3D block puzzle game. (Based off a class project)

    Updated Feb 16, 2012

    Java 5 1


    User interface experiment: multiple mini-apps combined into a single timeline view. (Class project)

    Updated Feb 16, 2012

    Python 0 19


    forked from MostAwesomeDude/txWS

    Twisted WebSockets (fork for contributing patches)

    Updated Jan 14, 2014

    JavaScript 25 3


    An animated slide deck providing a tour of digital signal processing topics relevant to implementation of software-defined radios, focusing on building visual/geometric intuition for signals.

    Updated Aug 11, 2015

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