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PSP Emulator done in Kotlin Common Platform with Korge targeting JVM and JS for now

Build Status

Running from source-code:

JVM: ./gradlew runApp JS: ./gradlew compileKotlin2Js && http-server kpspemu/js/web

Or open build.gradle with intelliJ and open kpspemu/common/src/com/soywiz/kpspemu/Main.kt and execute the fun main method

Running tests:

./gradlew check

More advanced homebrew working:

Previous works:

Youtube Coding Video Blog

Current state:

Right now it is capable to run some homebrew in interpreted mode and starts to run some early simple commercial games.

The aim is to create a portable emulator that can run fast in JVM (generating bytecode), JS (generating JavaScript), Android (generating dex or in interpreted mode), C++ targets (using libjit or in interpreted mode).

To achieve this, I have created a library called dynarek that will provide an IR that will generate JS code, JVM bytecode and relevant native code for each supported platform.

The rest of the code is kotlin common and uses korge and all the korlibs libraries to do accelerated portable rendering, input, audio, ui, timers, logging, zlib...