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#include "preprocess/fields.hh"
#include "util/buffered_stream.hh"
#include "util/threaded_buffered_stream.hh"
#include "util/file_piece.hh"
#include "util/fixed_array.hh"
#include "util/murmur_hash.hh"
#include <sstream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <boost/program_options.hpp>
#include <boost/program_options/positional_options.hpp>
namespace preprocess {
struct Options {
std::vector<FieldRange> key_fields;
char delim;
std::vector<std::string> outputs;
util::WriteCompressed::Compression compression;
void ParseArgs(int argc, char *argv[], Options &out) {
namespace po = boost::program_options;
po::options_description desc("Arguments");
std::string fields;
std::string prefix;
std::string compression_string;
unsigned int number;
("help,h", po::bool_switch(), "Show this help message")
("fields,f", po::value(&fields)->default_value("1-"), "Fields to use for key like cut -f")
("delim,d", po::value(&out.delim)->default_value('\t'), "Field delimiter")
("prefix,p", po::value(&prefix), "Prefix and count of outputs")
("number,n", po::value(&number), "Number of shards")
("output,o", po::value(&out.outputs)->multitoken(), "Output file names (or just list them without -o)")
("compress,c", po::value(&compression_string)->default_value("none"), "Compression. One of none, gzip, or bzip2");
po::positional_options_description pd;
pd.add("output", -1);
po::variables_map vm;
po::store(po::command_line_parser(argc, argv).options(desc).positional(pd).run(), vm);
if (argc == 1 || vm["help"].as<bool>()) {
std::cerr <<
"Shards stdin into multiple files by the hash of the key.\n" <<
"Output is specified as --prefix prefix --number n or just listing file names.\n" <<
desc <<
"Examples:\n" <<
argv[0] << " a b #Shards stdin to files a and b using the whole line as key.\n" <<
argv[0] << " a b c #Shards stdin to files a, b, and c using the whole line as key.\n" <<
argv[0] << " -f 1 a b #Shards stdin to files a and b using tab-delimited field 1.\n" <<
argv[0] << " -d ' ' -f 1 a b #Shards stdin to files a and b using space-delimited field 1." << std::endl;
ParseFields(fields.c_str(), out.key_fields);
if (out.outputs.empty()) {
UTIL_THROW_IF2(!vm.count("prefix"), "Specify outputs using --outputs or e.g. --prefix pre --number 2");
UTIL_THROW_IF2(!vm.count("number"), "--prefix specified but we need to know how many shards with -n");
// How many digits will be in the 0-indexed representation?
unsigned int digits = 0;
for (unsigned int compare = number - 1; compare; ++digits, compare /= 10) {}
std::ostringstream stream;
stream << std::setfill('0') << std::setw(digits);
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < number; ++i) {
stream << std::setw(digits) << i;
out.outputs.push_back(prefix + stream.str());
} else {
UTIL_THROW_IF2(vm.count("prefix"), "Specify --prefix or --output");
UTIL_THROW_IF2(vm.count("number") && number != out.outputs.size(), "Number of outputs does not match");
if (compression_string == "none") {
out.compression = util::WriteCompressed::NONE;
} else if (compression_string == "gzip") {
out.compression = util::WriteCompressed::GZIP;
} else if (compression_string == "bzip2") {
out.compression = util::WriteCompressed::BZIP;
} else {
UTIL_THROW(util::Exception, "Unknown compression algorithm " << compression_string);
} // namespace preprocess
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
preprocess::Options options;
preprocess::ParseArgs(argc, argv, options);
uint64_t shard_count = options.outputs.size();
util::FilePiece in(0);
util::StringPiece line;
util::FixedArray<util::ThreadedBufferedStream<util::WriteCompressed> > out(options.outputs.size());
std::string output(argv[1]);
for (const std::string &o : options.outputs) {
out.push_back(util::CreateOrThrow(o.c_str()), options.compression);
while (in.ReadLineOrEOF(line)) {
preprocess::HashCallback cb;
preprocess::RangeFields(line, options.key_fields, options.delim, cb);
out[cb.Hash() % shard_count] << line << '\n';
return 0;