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# Start up a Chef environment with:
# screen -c scripts/features-screen
# from the chef base directory.
hardstatus alwayslastline '%w'
screen -t "couchdb" 0
stuff "sudo rake dev:features:start:couchdb\012"
sleep 3
screen -t "rabbitmq" 1
stuff "sudo rake dev:features:start:rabbitmq\012"
sleep 3
screen -t "chef_solr" 2
stuff "sudo rake dev:features:start:chef_solr\012"
sleep 3
screen -t "chef_expander" 3
stuff "sudo rake dev:features:start:chef_expander\012"
sleep 3
screen -t "chef_server" 4
stuff "sudo rake dev:features:start:chef_server\012"
sleep 3
screen -t "chef_webui" 5
stuff "sudo rake dev:features:start:chef_webui\012"
sleep 3
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