Config files for bash, ruby, gem, etc used by Dmytro Shteflyuk & Alexey Kovyrin
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Dot files used by Dmytro Shteflyuk & Alexey Kovyrin

This package contains a set of our startup scripts, configuration files to setup a system the way we like it.


There are several pre-requisites needed before you install these package:

  1. You have to install Homebrew, the missing package manager for OS X. I prefer to keep everything not directly installed with Max OS X in the /opt folder, so Homebrew should be installed to /opt/homebrew, or you will have to tune bash/paths script so the $PATH environment variable will point to the right folder.

  2. Install bash and git from Homebrew. This is necessary because the bash version in Max OS X really outdated.

     brew install git bash bash-completion

Now you are ready to go:

mkdir -p /opt/dotfiles
curl -Lsf | tar xvz -C/opt/dotfiles --strip 1
(cd /opt/dotfiles && rake install)

That's all, it's time to start a new shell! To update scripts from a repository use following command:


This command will bind you local checkout of dotfiles to a github repository (if it isn't bound still), fetch latest version, and install it. Any changes you made will not be touched (but there are could be collisions, and you will have to resolve them manually).

Usage & Features


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Ruby & Ruby on Rails

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